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Parts of Infinity

Parts of Infinity

I proudly present you my entry for the latest exhibition of #theluminarium

I really put a lot of effort into this piece and it changed a lot since the very beginning. This is my third dual-screen wallpaper and I start to like this very wide format. I hope you'll enjoy it on your desktops. Please let me know :D

:bulletred: 2880x900
:bulletred: 3360x1050
:bulletred: 3840x1200


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Agree, this is just great dude. starting to make soms multidisplay wallpaper myself, i like u i start to enjoy the format. i was 16/9 or 4/3 lock since a while in my crea' i find a way out here, not so different but a start of change :D
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Belle image! Beau travail ! Félicitations !
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this wallpaper is so bad ass, thanks for making it
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Amazing. If it wasn't for the obvious danger, I would love to hitch a ride!
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Amazing work! I'll definitely give it a try on my computer :).
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You really do good work. I wish I was as talented as you are.
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Of only I could do something like that. I am a real SF fan and addore such images (woks) :)
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thank you :) I started as a sf-fan as well ;)
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It makes me feel all disoriented.......
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you made the aldready beautiful sun more beautiful
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I just love the depth of feel you create in these. It's really amazing and beautiful.
I want to ask permission to use ur picture on a Hompage.
can I use?
can I use the pic on
my Homepage?
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