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It's time for a thank you give-away. You can use this artwork for whatever you want (except two little points you can read about on the image page on gtgraphics).
Full resolution download is available here:
Ordinary wallpaper sizes are available for download too of course 😁

Wallpaper (widescreen and normal sizes) available here:

I am available for commissions. Feel free to contact me:

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Beautiful! My laptop's new background!

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Excellent great art work I am a dummy! 
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Just incredible! The textures add a lot of depth.
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This was back 4.7 billion years ago! Awesome job!
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You’re welcome 
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The subtle blue in the background gives a nice contrast to the orange. Would love to be in the middle(but protected) of a view like this!
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Pretty awesome!

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Carl Sagan smiles upon you. :clap:
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Very nice Cool EmoticonHeart Emoticon Thumbsup EmoticonBravo #2
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It captures the fast and chaotic nature of the early solar system, and since I'm freezing my fingers off right now I'd sure like to warm them up on this piece - you said  could use it for anything after all :XD:
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maybe I should send you some of the °C we got in Europe atm ;) Would help both of us I guess :P :D
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Our solar system consisted of a forming star and protoplanets including our early Earth.

Nice job with the design, by the way. It looks realistic.

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thank you very much :)
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