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Orbital Fight

Picture was done as a tutorial for Advanced Photoshop magazine Issue 94. Mixed media like always. Ship, station and astronauts are stocks taken from

They also took it as cover image. Maybe you like it ;)
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Hi Taenaron. At first, i'd like to congratulate you on your work, and having your artwork printed on the magazine-cover. I think your work is truly amazing and you should continue ferfecting your work.

There are some things that catch my eye in this artwork of wich i think are a little odd though... the astronauts for instands, are not really in scale with the space-crafts. I don't know if it was your intention as some other race, but this catches my eye.
Allso the falling debris while there's less gravity in orbit, creating the smoke-tail, is falling a bit too fast I think.
The impression you give of the objects destruction still taking place and such falling debris takes longer to get there then a mater of a second, in wich the object is exploding.

Still, these are only small points of attention, wich i see when being critical, trying to give my point of vieuw. The overall artwork is no less than impressive en very nice!
Once again, my congratulations!
grtz, Mar\/<img src="…" width="15" height="16" alt=":+fav:" title="+fav"/>