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Orbital Fight

Picture was done as a tutorial for Advanced Photoshop magazine Issue 94. Mixed media like always. Ship, station and astronauts are stocks taken from

They also took it as cover image. Maybe you like it ;)
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Hi Taenaron. At first, i'd like to congratulate you on your work, and having your artwork printed on the magazine-cover. I think your work is truly amazing and you should continue ferfecting your work.

There are some things that catch my eye in this artwork of wich i think are a little odd though... the astronauts for instands, are not really in scale with the space-crafts. I don't know if it was your intention as some other race, but this catches my eye.
Allso the falling debris while there's less gravity in orbit, creating the smoke-tail, is falling a bit too fast I think.
The impression you give of the objects destruction still taking place and such falling debris takes longer to get there then a mater of a second, in wich the object is exploding.

Still, these are only small points of attention, wich i see when being critical, trying to give my point of vieuw. The overall artwork is no less than impressive en very nice!
Once again, my congratulations!
grtz, Mar\/<img src="…" width="15" height="16" alt=":+fav:" title="+fav"/>
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YW ^^ :)

still think its aa very impressive piece!
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Thanks a lot for your thoughts :)
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:star::star::star::star-half::star-empty: Vision
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Hello taenaron, great piece, love the lighting technique and the background is really well done. A couple things that I would like to comment on though. For one there are some things which don't make complete sense; for instance, the orientation of the tri-lazer ship, it would make more sense if it was pointing where it's shooting. Also, the blue lights trailing the ship below the main one sort of end in an awkward place, not like the other ones which gradually fade,(compared to the farthest away ship, these lights end very quickly). One more thing, the piece of debris from the explosion shouldn't be that far away if the ship that destroyed it is still shooting at it. The only other thing is that there are a lot of criss-crossing lines near the mille of your piece which pull the viewer in different directions, which could be changed. Otherwise this is a great piece and congrats on the cover!
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Thanks a lot for your critique ;)
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You're welcome, hope it helped!
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Love everything about this! Faved!
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This is really unfair, but why do future people have such difficulty aiming with lasers? The ships are only about a mile apart; don't they have computers in the future? :D
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what kind of airplane is that?
Guy you don't want to be: the two on the right with the explosion between them.

Spectacular piece sir :D
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how the fuck you made those ships awesome
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Uh..remember me the Starmax Bomber from '80 cartoon Starcom !
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fantastic! i haven't been to dA in like 8 months. you keep getting better!
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Amazing. Is the background digital painting?
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I would like to contact you on doing and using some of your work for my kids fantasy book series. I can be contacted @ or 832-723-7156. I really love your work.
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Perfectly Amazing
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LOL niceeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
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This piece of artwork is bloody fantastic. Amazingly done and congratulations on having your work as a cover image.
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I feel for the random astronaut.
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Congrats on the print mate, glad you get your art shown as much as possible!

Now, let's talk!
Wouldn't say this is one of your better ones, the opposite on the contrary. I think it's way too messy and mixed quality on the content. For example the explosions feels almost pasted, they're too dark for space, needs more light I'd say. Background nebula takes up too much notice for the overall image. All the "trails and lasers things" feels done in last second, I can't feel any proper work added in the trail path of the space ship for example.

Glad you've hit good with this piece but content wise and how I know what you're capable of, this is not one of your better ones mate, sorry.

Keep it up!

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