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Old Bridge



Inspired by Perfume - movie I came up with this old looking inner city sight. Base image comes from my trip to Hamburg. I am working on a winter version of this one as well. Again no sci-fi, but I hope you like it anyway.

Different wallpaper can be downloaded here.


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Old Bridge Winter by taenaron
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Very nice rendering of the bridge TOBIASROETSCH. I believe it was a Dickens novel where I first learned about the London Bridge of My Fair Lady, of the nursery rhyme fame. We all knew that little ditty as kids but no-one ever suspected that it was NOT what I now know to be called the Tower Bridge! In his novel, which one I've forgotten, Mr. Dickens elaborates quite a bit as to the old London Bridge's construction and the problems of maintaining it. The entire length of the bridge had become as an actual street of the city on which were residences and businesses; these lined both sides of the bridge, as would they on a conventional city street, but all that was left as a thoroughfare across its length was a mere aisle of six feet's width - wide enough for a horse and buggy or carriage. When I saw the movie Perfume, and its bridge scene, I realized that it was exactly as the Olde London Bridge would have been! I was never able to find a decent rendering of it online. So . . . I wound up here just now after a Google search for a still shot from the film of the bridge.