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May 17, 2011
Nightfall by `taenaron kimmie1987 said of this artwork: "Brilliant details, a realistic space scene." I couldn't agree more. Tobias never ceases to amaze us with his realistic scenes, his attention to detail is superb. What I love most about this piece is the sense of motion of the asteroids. Like any second they will crash through the monitor onto my desktop. Just marvelous!
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Suggested by kimmie1987
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I had to do something quick for myself in order to feel better. The scene isn't that original. I tried to make it look kind of realistic (especially by chosing the colors). I haven't done many scenes like this before so I thought it was about time to try one again.

I hope you like it. Comments and favs (especially in case you are using it as wallpaper) are very appreciated like everytime! :handshake:

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It's supposed to be a desktop wallpaper for your personal use. If you want to use the image for other things as well, please contact me. You are not allowed to use it without my written permission.

Wow a DD :O I can't believe that I got another one. Thank you kimmie1987 Casperium!!! Let's go guys. Send them some love :)


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Whenever one looks into the sky, one must wonder if there are things that we see that are taken for granted. For many of us, the veil of nightfall is simply a veil that is put over the world for a set period of time before moving on to the break of dawn. It is almost as if many of us have stopped noticing the beauty and depth that it holds. So many different spectrum of intricacies and detail that align our skies before us is what makes it so unfortunate that the aesthetic beauty of the night will never really be viewed as it truly it. Is the sight of a comet cascading through the sky truly something amazing and wonderful to see, or is it merely a light that flickers in the dark sky above our heads that we wouldn't really care if we missed it or not? Are the stars above our heads the genuine ignition of beauty in our minds and hearts or just hanging light bulbs in the air? The night of space may seem like a double negative, but in truth, it is not so different from night on earth. Some of the most exuberant things mankind have never experienced exist outside of our blue planet's atmosphere. The stars seem brighter and more vibrant, the nebula's clouds glow resonates through the silent air of space, yet seem more brighter than they ever would. Shooting stars soar through atmospheres and asteroid belts; scarring the skies. With each and every passing second, their vast sizes and forms traverse vast distances of space on incredible speeds. Much like the nights on Earth's cities and the clearest skies over the countries skies, outer space truly lights up at night. Nightfall, created by Luminarium artist and resident space master `taenaron, presents us with yet another view into the deep dark beauty of outer space and allows us the immersive freedom to move amongst what is laid before us.

As per usual with this artist, the level of detailing placed in this piece is nothing short of incredible. The foreground planet's surface is simply a sight to behold when one's eyes scan over its well sculpted surface. The shadow over it really does an even better job of focusing light sources in the piece as well as presenting a good simulation of habitation on the planet. One can almost imagine the nebula clouds in the background slowly illuminating brighter and brighter as one approaches closer to them with each passing second. However, one of the best features of the piece would have to be the perspective of the meteors and asteroids in the foreground. The blurring effect on them perfectly emulates the feeling of movement on each and every single rock as they rocket through space to wherever their momentum will take them. Each and every one of the compositional elements placed in this peace all work together and function harmonically as if they were all solitary notes in a chorus; easily displaying exactly what a good space art piece needs to become something great and shine forth from the rest.

Now while I do love this piece, there is something that I have to point out that could be done a bit better for this piece. Its no secret that space artwork has been seen countless times and many similar scenes have bee used before. Sure the execution of the design carries quite a bit of weight, but the sight of asteroids moving over a planet has been done before; many times I might add. Perhaps there could be a different element added to this piece that would make it stand out a bit more. For example, a few of the asteroids could be comets and even flaming meteors amongst the rocky storm. You could highlight a few of them and design them as comets and meteors as a type of incredible torrent of fire and ice. Perhaps you could even change the resolution into a more widescreen format to give a more cinematic feeling to the piece and would present that much more for the viewer to take in as well a better immersion of their imagination on your design. Keep experimenting with it, as there are so many different variables to take into thought that would really make this into something more than outstanding.

The universe will always be here to stay, no one is denying that. However, we won't always be here to admire the beauty that it presents us with. Just one night look up at the stars around you and just take in how much is out there for us to take in. Nightfall not only shows us how much beauty and skill that the artist has put into the piece, but serves as a reminder that on the horizon of space, there is always going to be something to look forward to seeing; the only difference is that sometimes you have to go out and find it yourself. Nice work Tobias! <img src="…" width="20" height="20" alt=":clap:" title="Clap"/>
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It was a short personal project in between the commissions I have to do. I like your ideas and actually already have a vision of this myself.

In case I'm opening the image again, I'm definitely going to add something more special.

Thanks a lot for your critique. Very well written (like everytime :)) :manhug:
SkillZombie's avatar
You are very welcome as always, my friend. :)
sevenxlives's avatar
really very nice.
I like totally. >w<
BrandonDBelisle's avatar
Love this so much!!
noconflicts's avatar
MOST of my computer wallpaper is made up of your work!
VintageEyeshooter's avatar
This is the greatest Sci-Fi Artwork ever. This must be real life, If it isn't i would cry in the midnight. but this.....I would never cry in my midnight. Its so peacful, I will cry in my midnight again....for joy! I cry for joy because of this artwork you made. thank you for creating this. I would really love you if you make more! (Also I put some of you're artwork because it reminds me of midnight.) - Eye. :clap: :favlove:
tadp0l3's avatar
mindfu*ck perv you! :p
thyrt's avatar
I have tried using other images as my backgrounds. With all respect to those great artists, yours are the best. The details, and the way it makes you feel surpass all others. A tip of the hat to you sir.
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Hope this made you feel better! It made me feel better! Great job as usual. Keep it up.
awsome! again
Burning-Liquid's avatar
Superb! great sense of mation and scale in this one. Gr8 job m8:)
LordCastigator's avatar
Nice work. I can see this used as a background to a space race, high speed battle, or even someone blowing off some steam.

Come to think of it, would you allow someone to use this like that?
TobiasRoetsch's avatar
hmmm what do you mean by "would you allow someone to use this like that" ?

thank you :)
LordCastigator's avatar
Sometimes people take an existing pic such as this, then add their own elements such as a fighter dodging around the rocks, a ship on patrol, a machine using the cover of the rocks to cover their sneaking up, etc. I'm curious what you would think if someone asked you if they could. Of course using without asking is a no-go, that's your property & that's actually illegal, but if they asked...
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