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Lux Aeterna

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Lux Aeterna

english: eternal light
german: Ewiges Licht

I wanted to try something new. It's a monument of freedom. Don't ask me why, it was a spontaneous decision to draw this light. It started with terragen, I've played a lot with settings and I'm proud about the outcome. The rendering failed more than 3 times (three senseless nights -.-). So I hope you like it.

Technical informations
- 700mb psd
- 8000x6000 px
- Adobe Photoshop CS, Terragen, 3dsMax9, Wacom Graphire 4

Wallpaperpack (press download)
- 1024x768
- 1280x1024
- 1440x900
- 1600x1200
- 1920x1200

edit: changed details and colours
© 2008 - 2021 TobiasRoetsch
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HammerinInkminer's avatar the colors,..'s spectacular.
Green Lantern's light!
Kiora-chan4's avatar
o.e :iconimspeechlesplz:
xX-Bleed-It-Out-Xx's avatar
how do u make these? :3
Enigz's avatar
Awesome work. I like the lights to the sky most :)
Reminded me of Final Fantasy 7 for some reason. Awesome piece, taenaron.
cleardefination's avatar
Great work with the lights! This is the place for a dark psy party.
that's bad ass
0re0z's avatar
Love the colors!
FurryLover101's avatar
Dude i would Kill for this painting. Not joking. How long does it take to draw these?
E-Squid's avatar
Oh, wonderful Terragen... Do you use the paid-for or free version?
TobiasRoetsch's avatar
paid-for :) thanks ;)
E-Squid's avatar
Version 2 or 1? I hear version 2 is superb. I made some renders with v1/free, but they weren't spectacular...
TobiasRoetsch's avatar
1 :) it just depends on how much time you spend on it :)
E-Squid's avatar
Yeah, my computer took forever to render stuff on high settings because it's crappy like that. lol
Beautiful beautiful beautiful
i know im behind in the times, but did anyone else know Lux Aeterna was a piece of music? other then the fact that i want to go pick up a violin, this piece is just stellar(no pun intended :D:D)
TobiasRoetsch's avatar
hehe yea I know :) thanks!
veritaslux's avatar
this is really, really cool. this is my new wallpaper :D
StarAngelX's avatar
Awesome so amazing.
JackManRules123's avatar
TobiasRoetsch's avatar
yea :) Eternal light :)
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