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Lost World I

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The picture shows a surreal scene as if from a dream. As part of a series of dreams.


I am available for commissions. Feel free to contact me:

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Schöne Atmosphäre und sehr gute Umsetzung!

Freud'scher Traum? :XD:
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TobiasRoetsch , you are AWESOMELY talented.
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thanks for all your kind comments and the critique :)
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Woah, this is incredible.
I wanna know how that rock got there. XD
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I wanna know how the BUILDING got there. The rock? It was always there.
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no need to explain dreams :D thanks!
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Woah. this is amazing!La la la la 

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An atmosphere of melancholy yet not wholly "sad" because it evokes awe @ the same time; a smoothly accomplished ambiguity, always an element in well wrought art. The ghostliness of dream, the soft glow, like reality-waves of the dream*state flows throughout the field of vision here; also balances the harshness of "that" building b/w me/the figure/viewer and the mountainous horizon. Hmmm, is this what the future holds? is the dream precognition, deja vu , aka 1 or 2of those weird scenes we only recognize by seeing it again in the future? well, that's what this artwork stirred in MY brain ;) (Wink) , so merci!

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thank you for your thoughts :)
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*>gives me that good*weirdly warmth across my mind, drifting in....well done, my friend.+fav 
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That picture looks sexy
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War does not determine who is right, only who is left.
The Great War was no exception-- but were the parts left of his body and mind even worth preserving? These questions' answers drew farther away from him, along with the rest of the world he knew, during the infirm's last days.
Even his memories of Manhattan, the city he had spent most of his life in, were corrupted by borderless plains of ashes that now covered the landscape of his mind.

For this poor sod, World War I would never end.
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Vastly mysterious and super atmo.
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