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The Juno probe (JUpiter Near-polar Orbiter) will leave its orbit around Jupiter after the end of the mission in July 2021 and will crash/burn in the Jupiter atmosphere. For the first time it will go into the inner area of the moons of Jupiter, which it has previously avoided because of the high radiation levels there. The image also includes (with a certain level of artistic freedom) the Galilean moons (from left to right: Ganymed, Io, Callisto, Europa) and the very thin ring system around the planet.

Wallpaper (widescreen and normal sizes up to 4k) available on my homepage:

I am available for commissions. Feel free to contact me:

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The marvel of strange new worlds. Through the telescope Io rather looks like somebody tried to make pancakes but messed up by using blood instead of milk, and then burned it for good measure. But she is the most beautiful burning bloody pancake in our little backwater of the Milky Way.

Hmm... Just realised that didn't sound like a compliment, so you will just have to trust when I say it is.

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Wow das sieht echt klasse aus.

Juno soll ja in den Jupiter reinfliegen. Auch ne art seinen restmüll zu entsorgen XD. Aber schon krass wie weit wir mit der Raumfahrt gekommen sind.

infinitely stunning

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When you make the finding yourself - even if you're the last person on Earth to see the light - you'll never forget it.

~Carl Sagan

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Fantastic😍😍 Please take a look on my artworks too🙏🙏I am 18 year old practicing sketching since 2 years! Hope you like them and if you do please follow me 🙏🙏
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Neues Hintergrundbild! :thumbsup: =)

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Super cool! Great work as always! :la:

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