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My home town is always giving a beautiful view when you are coming home from a voyage. It gives you a warm feeling only a home can give you (at least to me). In a far future you might have this feeling too when you come back to your home planet.

The wallpaper is free for use for background on your personal desktop as usual.

The image is part of the exhibition "Illuminate VII" by The Luminarium

Wallpaper (widescreen and normal sizes) available here:…


I am available for commissions. Feel free to contact me:

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How do you make your planets?

Great art, worth a story!
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I like this!
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Great job. The detail and use of light is superb.
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So the window loaded and I saw this which literally cut my breath for a few seconds. Very very beautiful :)
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Nothing like a return flight from your holiday to the lava world of hell, coming back with one hell of a tan to show off when you get back to the ground :D
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good to be back :D
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1) Awesome!

2) If the red one is a planet and is at least 20% mass of the blue one, then both objects" are screwed. The small moon also has a few days left in orbit and 2 months in the solar system before leaving or crashing. 
TobiasRoetsch's avatar
Well then lets hope the red planet has 19% mass of the blue one ;-)
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I really like your works but I have to say that I like your old stuff much more than your newer deviations. I hope u don't feel offended by me saying that. I think you had a much better understanding of scale and a realistic look in your older works. The composition was much more simple but more realistic and natural. In this case I dont understand why u had to / wanted to put a wing into the image. I don't like the surface of the planets/moons...they don't look that real. The sun isn't that cool aswell..You put things together that dont really merge...they look like pasted in....

Don't get me wrong. U have produced some of the best wallpapers (maybe THE best one?) that I know...I'm a fan xD.
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Haha I don't feel offended :) It's perfectly fine if you don't like the image at all.
Thank you :)
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Glad to hear that! =)
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I like how you take a common image--a photo taken out the window of a plane--and put a completely different spin on it!
It's like a space plane. A... splane?
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thank you :) splane sounds good xD :woohoo:
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