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A winter version of my other campfire-picture Dream. Such a fire makes more sense when it's cold outside, doesn't it? First pic in weeks. I hope you like it. :)

Original image: [link]

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Wow, this is such an awesome scenery! <img src="…" width="26" height="17" alt=":love:" title="Love"/>
Initially, It's imperative that I say that this art piece is quite spectacular. The method you have gone with is undeniably average. It is apparent to me that you hammered away diligently with your undiluted collection of talents. The fore-shortening of this picture is greatly suitable for the message that I see you are trying to capture, but however, in saying that this statement is likely nongermane. But, I contemplate that your use of construction could have used some improvements as I think that it doesn't duplicate the elegance seen in the remainder of the art work. In conclusion I would like to say that it has been a thrill to jot down this appraisal for you and I think it will enable you to increase the power level of your excellent piece.
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The almost seamless and atmospheric environment of the winter tundra. A place where nature seems to be at complete peace as it rest in silence under its frozen white blankets of snow. Trees stand proudly as they appear as wooden sentinels silently and carefully looking over the land as well as its many inhabitants that hope to find a suitable source of life. This feeling of peace is only magnified further when one traverses through the frozen land under the stars of the winter night. Watching the sky as clear as looking glasses, invites the mind to travel through the night sky more clearly than one would normally imagine. You see the night clouds resting in the air like frozen blankets of fluffy snow hills riding on the black ocean that is the night sky. Countless stars floating above your head as if they were astral snowflakes decorating the sky, glow warmly and as brightly as the campfire before you. You slowly begin to take it all in. The atmosphere, the environment and even the quiet. It generates something within you that you have not felt in quite some time. Balance. You feel completely balanced and relaxed under this frozen land. A land that one would think to be devoid of welcome and peace underneath its icy, clawed fingers, has revealed to be warmer than any place in the world. For once you feel completely at ease and slowly drift peacefully to sleep, its frozen hills slowly rock you to sleep. Glade, created by the very talented `taenaron, provides us with such a view of peace and environmental serenity as well as the two individuals who bask quietly in its atmosphere and warmth.

On a visual standpoint, the artist has once again brought us a visually enticing and genuinely believable piece. Each and ever element of the composition springs forth almost seamlessly and brings the viewer something few other images like have brought before. Capturing the beauty of the winter forest scene as if the artist hardly tried at all makes this image that much more of spectacle. A depth of field effect on the foreground compositional elements adds that extra dimension of immersion to the piece that gives the viewer that much more to take in. The piece also carries that calm and quiet atmosphere of the winter forest and truly resonates a calming feeling from the viewer's screen and envelops them in an inviting and relaxing light before it. They feel transported before the landscape, with all of its natural beauty, and can feel as if they are truly standing upon it. It is no small task that is for sure.

However, I couldn't simply look at a piece such as this without suggesting something that could improve it that much more. One thing that could be done to improve the composition, is to perhaps better emphasize the scale and size of the trees surrounding the two campers. Perhaps making the trees climb that much higher around them could add a feeling of somber isolation while at the same time emulating silent protectors around the campers, hoping to keep them safe from whatever lurks within their woods. A slightly smaller nitpick would be toward the lighting of the moon. Shouldn't the back of the moon be just a bit darker in comparison to the rest of it? At the moment it appears to be a bit back-lit which makes it look almost bio luminescent. If you could, maybe draw a cloud near the back of it or alter its contrast slightly.

In itself, this piece really shows off the natural beauty of the winter season with all of its natural silent tranquility. The composition is still great and the piece itself can stand proudly on its own. Good work, Tobias! <img src="…" width="20" height="20" alt=":clap:" title="Clap"/>
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You're very welcome Tobias. :D
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awesome :D i can join on that planet ?
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haha :D you have a beautifullgallery :D awesome imagination
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awesome work. absolutely beautiful!
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Oh so you left it with the trees and such in a way, it gives it a nice fell. Well done. :P
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My pleasure.
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Really impressive work!
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Sehr schönes Bild, hätte aber wahrscheinlich angst da draussen zu sein, auch wenn eine 2. Person da wäre :D
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really gets the moment and lighting just right imo :)
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Captured the winters of my hometown up north perfect, love this!
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Really nice work :)

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