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First Snow

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First Snow

First work for some weeks. I just wanted to learn more about terragen. And that's the result. I know, it's no big innovative monster artwork, but I like the mood in it. It's like the first day of winter, snow at evening and everything's just silent and peaceful. Lovely :D

I hope you like it too. :+devwatch: :+fav: and Comments welcome like everytime.

Technical Informations:
- 4000x3000 px 300dpi
- rendertime of terragenpart: 6hours
- some of my own stocks
- Adobe Photoshop CS + 3dsMax9
- 70 layers, 500mb psd

Wallpaper is available in 5 sizes


edit: deleted river on planet, improved the moon and the lighthouse
edit²: added promised widescreen.sizes
© 2007 - 2021 TobiasRoetsch
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At first glance I thought this was a pretty neat sci-fi image. The composition is very good, and the artist know how to guide your eyes thru his visuals. An overall feeling of emptiness (the bare rocks and no sign of life anywhere), loneliness (am I stuck on this planet? Who left me there?) and unwelcoming atmosphere (the mountains look icy and cold) is the first thing I register.
But then, as your eyes go exploring you notice a small beacon on top of the the most prominent mountain. There is life after all! Perhaps I am not stuck here anyway? Perhaps I live here...I may even be on a trip exploring this planet?
I always love when an artwork tells more than just the apparent story, and this one does so very well.
But the single detail that sucked me into this image, was the small planet or moon situated between "my" planet, and the large Earth-like planet in the back.
That globe makes the whole picture 3-dimensional, believable and lifelike.
The only hickup I have are the distant white mountains and their surrounding white "glow", atmosphere or mist.
They look like they don´t really belong.
Other than that, this is a great piece of artwork that looks like an image pulled out of the NASA archives 2167 A.D.
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Thanks a lot for your critique :) I'm glad it inspired you somehow!
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No problem, my friend! You do really amazing work. Keep it up! :)
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Mind blowing.
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I think this is brilliant, I wish I had this kind of skill and imagination. I am new to this kind of art could you please explain Teragen. Thank you and well done.
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Thank you :) I havent used terragen in ages though. This has been done with TG1... while there is Terragen 3 today.
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Broke my silence of many months for this

Hello, how can I use your images? I would make a lovely cover for a music album. Is what I can use it for free? And give credit to your name on the album?
Thx :)
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I sent you a note :)
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Hi bruv, sorry for using your photo on one of my designs. I found it googling for a specific image and it came up on a website giving away free wallpaper. It did'nt mention your name or the origin of the designer so I could credit them. I'm just letting you know so you don't think I intentionally used it without respecting your work. Hope you don't take offence to it. Thanks.
ChronicCookie's avatar…; Can i use this on my fb page?  i will state i got it from this site and provide the url if you let me use a few photos for the page?
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Which version of terragen did you use and how much did it cost? cause this is amazing
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it fantastish!
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It's like the view from Palavien...
Just gorgeous !
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Nice image, nice use of terragen :D
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Fantastic work! It pulls me right in.
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every bit you look at, it seems unreal to think that someone DRAWN it. i looks more like a photo from an astronaut or an alien. it is an absolute beauty
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