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The end of a beautiful day

So what? What if everything is fine or even nearly perfect and then the worst case happens. How to react? Just accept it or try to fight against it?

And no... everything is fine (at least for me. just a bit busy but who isn't) It's just a question I'm asking myself from time to time. I had a lot of dreams in which the world ends (my world). And my brain explores different ways of handling the situation. Sometimes I just gave up. Sometimes I tried to reach the persons I love before the end. Sometimes I just enjoyed the last days of my life and they were beautiful.... peaceful and warm. And sometimes I experienced the feeling of dying. The heaviest dream I can remember was the one where a nuclear bomb detonates above my hometown. I was feeling the fire burning my skin. I don't know how it feels if your skin is burning because I never experienced it in reality. But if it's like in my dream, I never never never want to die this way.

Some deeper thoughts this time, I'm sorry for bothering you. But that's what art is for, isn't it? Expressing feelings.

I hope I'm not the only one having such dreams... that would scare me :D

:bulletred: Back to the picture:
base is one of my panorama shots that can be seen here: [link]
Rest is Photoshop and done with my graphic tablet.

:bulletred: 12000x7500px original (caused by the panorama)
:bulletred: 1,5gb psd before merging :O (I should merge it earlier, I know... but that's the advantage of digital art... to work with layers)

:bulletred: Wallpaperpack

Pls fav/comment it if you use it :)
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This picture is really mind blowing in nature. I love the otherworldly nature of it, and I love how powerful it is. The planet exploding, I feel like I might as well be watching it from the surface of the planet on the bottom. So the vision is a perfect score.

The originality? I have seen things on this note before, displaying the incredible beauty and power of outer space. But I like what you have done with this one. The colors in this one really bring out the intensity of the situation, and you really look like you put a lot of thought and work into making it perfect.

I am going to do impact first. I love the fireball that is careening down toward the planet. I can just imagine the inhabitants watching the fireball coming toward them, knowing they are going to die, and knowing they can do nothing about it. I am not certain what destroyed the planet. But it really is an amazing portrayal of it.

Technique? I really have nothing to add. The picture of the sun rising or setting in the distance and the planets in the sky and the moon to the right of it, it is really all just incredible. I love it. I am really impressed.
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Your work is very, very good!!

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Its amazing 
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Deep thoughts like this are the ones that are truly interesting, and also the ones that most choose to hide from. From when I've discussed this with others, most are very uncomfortable with anything even remotely resembling the end. But I feel that when their time comes, they will be surprised, maybe even less prepared simply because they avoided thinking about it.

I like to imagine that I would fight back, assuming the scenario was one that allowed such. At the same time, I also know that I'm a coward, and would more likely run until there was no where left to run. 
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It has been a fine day indeed, but it has been a little dull. :|

So let's spice it up with a little..... SPONTANEOUS COMBUSTION!!!!! :iconmushroomcloudplz:
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You have works!!! I like them very much!)

And about dreams... Once in the dream I saw explosion of the moon. (There were two moons in the sky: our usual moon, and a red one, wich had exploded). It was an amazing show, so beutiful and scary. It looked like on your art. (But the doomsday was strange... Moon-debris were falling on the Earth, they were looking like very big drops of lava, and on the Earth they turned into some strange deadly insects. Everyone started to hide, and in this part of dream I woke up.)
Another my dream had three full moon's in the sky over a big city, painted gold. The view was so beautifull and so familiar to me, what I'll remember it always. And the city on your art looks like the city in my dream.
May be, our sleeping souls get scene for dreams from a single source?

(I hope my English together with Google translater is not so bad ^^ )
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You're good at expressing your feelings :]
it looks like the planet is blowing up!!!!!!!
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Amazing! Love the planet smashing into the atmosphere(I suppose).. The meteors you painted look very nice. But when I do them they look like crap ._.
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if this is actually what would happen on the end of days I would probably one among the handful all across the planet staring up at it and thinking:

Well, it was a nice ride while it lasted.

Despite all the screaming and running around me.
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Nice Work, the quality is really good!!
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Ironic, was listening to "Komm, susser Tod" when I found this, lol. Two good examples of the end of the world ^.^
best wallpaper
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impresionante, asombroso, muy talentoso
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man another inspiring work
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i feel i would accept it, and with my curiousity i would watch it happen, i would rather die knowing what happened and see something truly amazing such as this then not know what happened at all.
great piece, as always, they always make me think.
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