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Earth 2584

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Earth 2584

I know that this looks some kind of empty, but space around the earth is very boring and I wanted this to be as realistic as possible. It's a possible future view on earth. All the forest nearly were killed, no more ice in the arctis but more and more in the antarctis (expanded to soutafrica, australia and southamerica).
Europe is burning because of a huge war between UK, Germany and French. USA still are fighting against terrorism (bombing the middle east). And finally the new world powers are India and China.

I think about making a series of possible scenarios. So be prepared (or not :P) Hope you like it, althought it's just a boring earth :)

This is one of my entries for #theluminarium's second art-pack. Gallery --> dA-Link


:bulletred: Future Earth

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his photo is very nice. Can I use to be the background of the company brochure? Thank!!!
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HI,my boss let me find a picture of earth as the background of the company brochure.Can I?? please.
If can't use, we are willing to pay the right amount. think!
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autsch! armes europa
ziemlich colles bild, es gibt so viele details, in denen man sich verlieren kann
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Lovely man :) (Smile)  Heart - Free Heart - Free Heart - Free Heart - Free  Heart - Free Heart - Free Heart - Free  +fav +fav +fav +fav 
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I really love Earth DX such a beautiful Homeworld we live in but at the same time, Humans are destroying it's beauty :(
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This Earth looks gorgeous at first but a bit hostile!
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Awesome looking picture. Here's to hoping that our future is a little less bleak than this *drinks*
Too beautiful, I really like your work of art, but also hope you will visit my space!
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May I use this picture as part of a faded background for a banner I created? I will give you credit for it. Like: "" or "taenaron.deviantart" Or what ever you prefer.
Please let me know. Thank you!
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Great picture- details, colours and the whole idea of possible conflicts on the Earth
I hope our future won't be so catastrophic
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a wonderful planet...
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a war for more than 500 years??>! i really hope not,., im sure our wars and achievements then will just seem as petty as we think of the massive achievements and wars 500 years ago.
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Smartly done :]
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What about the Middle East ? Especially Turkey ?
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What about the Middle East ? Especially Turkey ?
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May I take your picture for my blog. If you agree, I will put a link of this page. Please answer me. If you want go on my blog (in French), it's Thankk you!!
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ok :) you can use it
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Simply amazing. Pretty accurate too ^^. But I do think that by 2584 there'll be much more space-junk in orbit around earth, broken down sttelites and space stations and that sort of thing.
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This is fantastic! I have to agree that the space around Earth is rather boring, but you did a great job of creating a scenario of a future Earth.
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