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Earth 2250

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Earth 2250

Second picture of my Earth-Series. The years are randomly chosen. This time earth is completely covered by ice and snow. Maybe caused by changes of climate or by third worldwar and atomic bombs. Just some people survived this progress, concentrated in the last big cities. And some tried the escape to moon. There's always hope

Moon -> Terragen
Details -> painted
Ship/Earth -> C4D
I especially like the window :D :P


(but also all other sizes possible... just put it centered on a black background ;))

:bulletred: Future Earth
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Very striking and effective concept. Great detail.
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Oh, I'd like to be there!
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Your ideas is always the best man'~ :D
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heh snowball Earth. The Snowball Earth hypothesis posits that the Earth's surface became entirely or nearly entirely frozen at least once, some time earlier than 650 million years ago. The geological community generally accepts this hypothesis because it best explains sedimentary deposits generally regarded as of glacial origin at tropical paleolatitudes and other otherwise enigmatic features in the geological record. Opponents to the hypothesis contested the implications of the geological evidence for global glaciation, the geophysical feasibility of an ice- or slush-covered ocean, and the difficulty of escaping an all-frozen condition. There are a number of unanswered questions, including whether the Earth was a full snowball, or a "slushball" with a thin equatorial band of open (or seasonally open) water.
The geological time frames under consideration come before the sudden multiplication of life forms on Earth known as the Cambrian explosion and the most recent snowball episode may have triggered the evolution of multi-cellular life on Earth. Another, much earlier and longer, snowball episode, the Huronian glaciation (2.4 to 2.1 billion years) may have been triggered by the oxygen catastrophe.
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You know, this is gonna happen. The moon keeps our current weather patterns in check. And it's going away, 1.5 miles a year. Once its gone, weather is going haywire.
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Actually it's moving in centimeters a year.
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ya but that would be in like a million years
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Awesome, I like this one a lot. There's something eerie about it.
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Thank god these perfectly fit my computer desktop! :) :) :) :)
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Simply great mate. Did you paint also the window?
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i'm not sure its is possible to describe how fantastic these images are!!!!
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I have no words to describe how awesome this pic is!
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Positivley Stunning.
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That window is very nice :giggle:
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This work has been featured
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hi .. i like the concept very much

can you help me a little ? .. i like to make space wallpapers .. but im quite beginner at photoshop .. you can see my gallery if you want and take an idea of what my level on photoshop is ... and i want to make something like this ... but i dont know how to make the buildings .. i try to find some renders but .. nothing ..

thx in advance
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