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A very dynamic scene of a planet which is breaking into two parts. I wanted to try a different look this time with more vibrant and fluid core activities. I hope you like it.
Some wallpaper included in the wp-package.

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Hello `taenaron.

This image of an asteroid colliding on a planet is an apocalyptic image that truly shines. Since it's 2012 which many people believe to be the end of the world, your apocalyptic art really defines what December 21, 2012 will be. I am a sceptic on believing the end of the world will be on that date. But images of space collisions are beautiful to see - it gives us a wonderful impression of the heavens. This is one danger that our astronauts are finding ways to avoid such catastrophe. The shining light is beautiful but actually firing up the whole planet to barrens. Good work, so I'm giving you FIVE STARS.
You're wrong. The world did in in 2012.
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Um, what do you mean? The world never ended in 2012.
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:star::star::star::star: Overall
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Well this work has set me to thinking, so I'll offer a critique. Bear in my mind now that I'm not a scientist and I'm not offering facts, just my own opinion, take them whatever way you want.

We have no clues as to what caused the calamity, being a collision with or struck by another body...or, as if the forces came from within, such as nuclear forces overwhelming gravity.

The cause of the destruction is not my main point. What I wanna talk about is what you see, or what is being seen by the position of this camera.

Have you ever seen a movie of an exploding atomic bomb over Yucca Flat? If so, what is the first thing that you see on the movie? Nothing. Absolutely nothing. That is because for the first 30 seconds or so so much energy is released that the film is completely overexposed and the viewer is blinded.

Now multiply that energy by a billion times and you might guess what the camera would see in visible light (which is all the unaided Human eye can see)- nothing. Nothing, probably for a good 10 minutes at least. What you could see FINALLY after 10 minutes (assuming you weren't blown away by the debris) would be the aftermath which would not correspond with this picture. Initially, during the explosion, if you were really this close, even if you put your hands over your eyes to protect them, the visible light would be so bright it would be as if you had no hands at all and you would be blinded a hundred times over by the brightness. And, if it weren't the visible light that killed you, the rest of the electromagnetic spectrum surely would.

But who can say where this is, or when it is? What technology may be available to protect spacefarers from current thinking?

For its time, I think the creators of the Star Trek genre probably produced the best motion graphics in protraying the energy wave produced by an exploding planet, at least it was very popular with viewers at the time. Ah, the miracles of ship shields for protection.

No, BTW I don't call myself a Trekkie or Trekker by any means, lol.

Kudos to the artist however, I like it very much. Thanks for creating it. Uncreating?? LOL
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Personally I like your critique, but for me, I think he has some special suit to protect his eyes but to see clearly on the astronaut. Anyway, your critique is good. I think your critique is FAIR.
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ReminDs me Of a show I watch called How the Universe Works when Earth was forming how a Mars sized planet smashed into the Earth and blew like half the crust and mantle into space which formed two moons that eventually merged into our moon... this picture of yours reminds me of that Theia impact with Earth from the show

(Excuse the weird capitalization at the beginning there... my phone glitched right there...)
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awe, very dynamic image, and it really brings the movement sensation! =) congrats!
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you are welcome!
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Hi! Your work has been featured here [link]
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Very nice. Quite the explosive artwork I would say. :+fav:
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This is really cool.
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Not bad. It's so dynamic...
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This artwork is feature in my last article : This week in my MC #3
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I liked this one :)
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Well this one is great as usual! You do such good work. I always look forward to seeing what you do next.
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Amazing work!! :wow:

Just perfect :worship:
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