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This wallpaper started as little cloud training. As I liked the result I thought about what else I could add. In this case I decided to go for a sci-fi topic with a large starting ship that is causing atmospheric distubances resulting in lightnings. ;-)

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Canon EOS 50D
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1/60 second
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10 mm
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Jun 13, 2010, 11:45:52 AM
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Wow, this is precisely the kind of pin up image that I absolutely love. Science Fiction in nature, expansive in scale and raising many questions about the world it was drawn from while also providing hint with with to go off of.

Now, allow me to move away from broad praise and move into the specifics. What I really like is how you've managed to compose this shot, with everything pointing towards the structure without making it feel staged or unnatural (to a point, I'll get to that in the next paragraph). I also like the design of the tower itself, evoking the feeling of something like the Combine tech from Half Life 2, which was equally as monolithic. I like the level of detail you've gotten into this scale is what I'm driving at.

That being said, there is a perspective problem. The mountains just fee wrong, either because they're too small or just given the wrong perspective in comparison to the tower. It might just be me, but they look more like another image that was copy pasted over the field rather than drawn in there.

Another issue I have is that the actual POV of the image doesn't seem to exist. We're looking straight at it, apparently over mountains, but we're still looking up the tower somewhat. Where is the viewer in this image? It goes back to what I said about the mountains in that they're kind of messing with things.

Overall, I do like this image and I certainly do look forward to seeing more stuff from you.