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My part of Desktopography's 2017 exhibition and the first pure space image in a while. The scene shows my vision of a dual star system and the correlation that might happen there.

Wallpaper (widescreen and normal sizes) available here

I am available for commissions. Feel free to contact me:

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© 2017 - 2021 TobiasRoetsch
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The big planet or moon on the bottom left, there is a big grater wich means a short while ago there was an impact of a meteorite? There should be way more particles above the impact zone. Since either the object got turn to pieces or parts of the planet itself would be.

The small sun has a smooth path around the big one but it seems like it hit the moon in this path. Since it didnt go straight through the moon it would be of path right after the impact. And either fall into the big sun or move away from it.

I know its just physics but its bugging me out.

Other than that the amount of detail is stunning. From the dust around the impact zone of the big planet to the destruction of the small moon near the big sun. The small and very big solar flare from the big sun and naturally the cute little spaceship.

I hope to see more pictures like this in the future, have a nice day.
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The binary star system with accretion between the two stars is a rare subject even in the space art genre, probably because it is quite difficult to portray the process in a visually appealing way (if you don't believe me, just google pictures of "type 1a supernova"). Using perspective and some artistic licences TobiasRoetsch succeeded in making this scene look cool in my opinion. Details like the broken moon are stunning to look at.

Here are a few suggestions that I believe could make the image a bit more interesting:
- while more realistic, the monotonous colors - for me - take away from the impact of the scene. For the sake of visual appeal I would consider moving the dark tones to a cooler color pallet (why this makes sense is explained for example here:…)
- a few more solar flares of different sizes wouldn't hurt I think, just to make the big red giant more interesting to look at. I would also give the flares and the accretion a bit more substance, as there is actual matter being transported through space and not just light. This is a good example of what I mean:…
- the large asteroid in the corner takes up a lot of space but isn't all that pretty to look at. As far as I know, asteroids actually aren't that 'edgy', unless this piece of rock really just broke off the moon a short while ago.

I conclude with that the close-up planet and the starfield may appear simple, but they are among the best I've seen in a while.
Keep up the good work. <img src="…" width="15" height="15" alt="8-)" data-embed-type="emoticon" data-embed-id="371" title="8-) (Cool)"/>
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thanks for your thoughts mate :) really appreciated them!

all the things you've mentioned made sense. due to my workload I was just too lazy for more flares. more would definitely help I guess.

the colors are a special thing here... It was looking different before I moved to the monotone setting. I liked it more that way. maybe just personal taste.

yeah :D lets say the asteroid is quite fresh ;)
It took me several seconds to process that that is a cyclone on a planet and not some whirlpool shaped 'black hole', but once that clicked, the whole image suddenly became even better, and went from mere WOW to AWESOME.

The dual star system and the accretion of gas from the bigger one to the denser (more massive, if smaller in size) one is excellently done. The flares, the shades of intensity on the larger star... it seems like it's a red giant. The smaller one is so much more intense. I can easily imagine the x-rays it's shooting out. The inhabitants of the planet must be treated to a slowly changing but ever moving show with the accretion spiral of gas. I imagine it changes over days, with occasional sudden flares as larger blobs get absorbed.

The background starscape is subdued and realistic. The stars are random (really, some clumped, some far apart; not everybody understands and does 'random' properly). The nebula is just enough, and does not (like some other cases that I have seen) look like a local fog, or lit by the star system alone.

The planet is excellently portrayed. The storm is superb.

The rock flying apart (moon? asteroid? space rock within the Roche limit?) is wonderfully done. The hint of motion blur in some pieces, the deliberately out-of-focus fragment in the front, the shading and the highlights on the nearer pieces, all that go to make it a tense and dynamic snapshot.

I disagree with ErikShoemaker's critique to this extent: the monochrome makes the tiny spacecraft stand out, which would otherwise have been missed as a detail. I really fear for the occupants, what with chunks of space debris raining down on them. They probably went up there thinking radiation shielding was their worst problem.

In fact, I express my strong gratitude to TobiasRoetsch for putting a very heavy filter on this image so that we are not blinded by the sheer amount of visible light and other radiation that would have come our way had he not been so thoughtful.

AWESOME awesome.
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thank you very much for your thoughts :) I really appreciated your words!
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Wow, very nice.
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I probably haven't piped in for a while, but I wanted you to know that I still greatly enjoy gazing at your amazing works! I hope you continue to captivate my imagination with your glorious scenes! :heart:
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thank you very much :)
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The sapce setting have a wonderful look,and also is scary,with a planet been destroyed. :omg: The spaceship should have a bravest crew of the universe,to fly on this hell.  Shocked nod  Or so,everyone that are inside it is totally crazy.... :dizzy:
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You're welcome!Congratulations by this good work! Thumbs Up! 
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Mal wieder großartig!!
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