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The Colossus is the stony guardian of a secret land and only a few chosen ones are allowed to enter it. If you are getting too close, you are gambling with your life. And at the end this could be tougher than David's fight versus Goliath.

Fantasy wallpaper with some elements.

Wallpaper (widescreen and normal sizes) available here:…

I am available for commissions. Feel free to contact me:

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So, where do I start? The technique of this picture is really good. The shadows, the fire, the texture of the stone: It is all really detailed and I cannot anything off about them. The yellow grass and the clouds look particularly realistic and I really adore the look of the sky. The problem, I feel, with this picture is just that it fails to get the point across. The view across the dry and grassy plains, the mountains high and scary left and right, the giant statue at the end of the plain that looks down on the small people wandering by. The idea is good. (Not necessarily new but good!) It's just that the statue while looking quite menacing on its own, just comes across as really tiny beside the mountains. The fire at its bottom look out of place and unnatural and it makes you wonder what weird scene you are looking at if you take your first glance at the picture.
After all of this I have to address two more things: First, the hills and the castle in the background, because they are just beautiful! The light beams breaking through the clouds and that lonely castle on the edge of a cliff is just a really nice picture of its own. The second thing is the shadows on the left mountainside. They look realistic and the texture and composition of the mountainside are pretty, but it doesn't serve the overall look of the picture. It just draws in your eyes because of the many different colors. And since that is then the first thing you look at when seeing the picture, if you look over to that colossus in the background is seems really small in comparison.
Well, those are just my thoughts about this piece of art. Thanks for reading and hopefully caring!