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There should have been a more action-packed wallpaper for some time now and I finally got the motivation for it. Working on the planet was a lot of fun and I am quite happy with the result. All in all, this has become a decent wallpaper and I hope you like it.

Shuttles: DM7/Shutterstock

Wallpaper (widescreen and normal sizes up to 4k) available on my homepage:

I am available for commissions. Feel free to contact me:

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Incredible!!! What software do you use to make these renders so realistic?

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WoW! Great work!

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Not sure how I missed this on here, but its a great piece Tobi!

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sehr sehr geil geworden. Der Planet sieht wirklich hammermäßig aus, aber auch die Wolken etc müssen sich nicht verstecken. :thumbsup:
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vielen dank :) man kann ja nicht immer nur käse produzieren xD
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haha naja ich sehe selten Käse von dir ;P
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That planet is shedding its cskin! Very different way of portraying a planet meeting its violent end. The foreground looks very good too. Funny how what impresses me most of all is the exhaust trails from the spaceships :thumbsup:
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a lot of attention to detail in that one for sure 8-)

Great image, my friend! <3

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thanks a lot Gary :)
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This is awesome as always!!

cheers to you too
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This reminds me of all those fun scrolling ship shooters. 
Thank you for sharing.
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You are welcome.
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Sehr dynamisch und herausragende Qualität :clap:

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amazing :clap: love the details
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I can't help but wonder what you though process was when making the planet. What did you imagine happening to that planet for it to break apart like that?

Also I cannot help but shift my head 45 degrees to get the horizon even, which in itself looks just as breathtaking.
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