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Collab: Nightly Journey

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Nightly Journey in collaboration with ^taenaron and ^gucken.

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The wonderfully painted landscape is the result of ^gucken's new wacom-skills. I really like the outcome and I'm very proud about this collaboration. The spacepart was up to me. It is simple, but a different space-scene needs an other environment.

Technical details:
original sizes: 4000 x 3000
programmes used: photoshop cs2, 3ds max9
wacom intuos3 a5

Wallpaper is available in 3 sizes


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Cool pic!
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"Have you ever been there?" I asked her, pointing toward our sister planet as it hung over the horizon, just behind the moon.

She followed my gaze and then smiled. "No. I haven't been able to travel through the Great Divide yet. But I hope that one day we will be able to visit."

The scene was calm, the water on the lake almost mirror still, reflecting the heavenly bodies. Two swans flew along the shore to our far right, the only witnesses apart from us to this place which was surely taken from a sweet dream.

And then it happened.

A glow of light, like that of a fire, suddenly streaked across our view from out of nowhere. It was over before we could react, but the image burned into our minds and hearts so intensely that, to this day, we both can close our eyes and envision it.

We sat together, silenced and awed, wondering at what we had seen.

It was that night, two weeks after meeting the love of my life, that the events leading up to our greatest adventure began...

Written by The Master of Chronicles.

(My own way of expressing gratitude for your hard work. It is inspiring.)
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nightly123Hobbyist Digital Artist
so nightly
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Smash1987Professional General Artist
nice one, but is there a chance to get a larger resolution?!
like for 2560x1440 ?v ;)
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I really liked this wall and recommended it in my blog, together with a Chinese poem. [link]

Thanks for your great work.
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TobiasRoetsch Digital Artist
nice :)
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someone made something simmilar to this
note the [link]
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wow this is quite amazing, hmm, odd, it looks almost the exact same as this guy's one: [link], maybe he based it off your work or something, but hey, yours looks like 100x better xD so much more detail and it's
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TobiasRoetsch Digital Artist
hmmm yea he ripped us :/
thanks :)
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hey... did u know that a site called tagged is using this pice of art on there site??? if u have an account or know someone who has one, there calling it "space art" for one of there wallpapers. just thought u ought to know
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TobiasRoetsch Digital Artist
could u give me a link pls?
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thats as bout as direct as i can get. if u scrowl down some ull see
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2560x1600 version would be nice :)
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pyt0Hobbyist Photographer
o.o"! WOW!
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Atemberaubend :jawdrop:
Zumal Blau meine Lieblingsfarbe ist --> :+fav:
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TobiasRoetsch Digital Artist
danke :D
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wow that's good
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TobiasRoetsch Digital Artist
thanks :D
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i like your signature XD
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TobiasRoetsch Digital Artist
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