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Name taken from Tolkien. I always wanted to do another black hole scene and that is the result. Again it's quite a dark scene but I think it's only working that way ;)

I hope you like it. I'm looking forward to your feedback and comments :)


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Loooooooooooooooooove it!!!!!! I feel so good about myself when I look at it. You are awesome!!!! Ummmmmmm,hello, yeah, Pablo Picasso,sorry,but I think this guy just replaced you, we've got a new world famous artist!!!!! Awesomeness is what this picture is made out of! To be honest, I think this picture is pretty darn fair. Beautifulness struck my world when I first saw this. Okay efjkfg fjg fgdfj djsf g fdgi dfu fgfu f fgfg fhgfg gffgh fuhh fhf f h h hhu hfg fuhghu gf gf gf hfgfg hgfgfh fg.Sorry I ran out of words (embarrassed emojicon).K,byeee! Got true talent!!
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sorry,I meant to write "Sweating a little... your welcome" somewhere else
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WaitPeridot emote  no I didn't sorry
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your welcome:happybounce: 
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This image is extraordinarily striking, it creates the sense of awe one feels when viewing an awesome natural scene. As a photographer I am always intimately aware of the power that the photgraphed scene has over the process of photographing it - there is an intimate and tight link between the act of photographing and the subject. That is the only thing I think this image lacks, and with that it would be truly awesome. Consider the person taking this image - what would the black hole's effect be on them in their vessel? It's likely that the vessel would be undergoing violent gravitational disturbance, therefore the image would most probably not be steady and the subject might not be so perfectly centred. If you break down the barrier between the audience and the image by introducing that kind of imperfection I think the image would be utterly immersive.
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Love the effects love space astronomy looks great and wondrous with a slightly bleak touch that makes you remember that your still screwed cuz of the black hole XD least the view is nice right? and the star gives you the sense of one last fight till the end and the red horizon great addition even the cracked ground..Wow nothing really bad to say about this one <img src="…" width="15" height="15" alt=":o" title=":o (Eek)"/> you must've did some home work on black holes. Not to forget the detail on the mountains.Heck you made smaller rock in a subtle layer making it actually look like things are being sucked in.Great piece. :3
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thanks a lot for your feedback :)
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Beautiful. A thought that comes into my head when I'm alone in a bus or when I'm in a room full of people I love.
The name is appropriate to the scene in the Silmarillion, well done sir well done.
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your very welcome!(again)YOOSUNG ICON 
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Love this! It is so dramatic.
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Epic pic!
I love looking into the sky from an alien planet.
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Not quite sure what to say for this one, other then it is fantastic.
Interesting and well constructed idea, and it looks just great.
Very Nice.
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Perfect color choice and I like the darkness. Interesting interpretation.
This would also make perfect Fusion Linux wallpaper!
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