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Blue Wonder

Blue Wonder Bridge Dresden
Hope you like it :)
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Canon EOS 7D
Shutter Speed
30/1 second
Focal Length
17 mm
ISO Speed
Date Taken
Aug 12, 2012, 8:15:09 PM
Sensor Size
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This image sends a calm feeling through the viewer. The water, stable. The ripples, gentle. The sky light, smooth.

Just enough to reflect the light from the bridge, but at the same time, not enough to give it a clear reflection. Basically similar with the exposure: it's not overexposed, but it's not underexposed as well.

These are all down to the carefully selected camera settings: the 30 second shutter speed takes care of the reflections and the small, but not too small, F/9 aperture creates the rays we all love coming out streetlights.

All in all, a very nice picture.
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You really take good shots, this cityscape is breathtaking. I just wanna be able to sit right there, and enjoy life for a few moments hehe.
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This water looks wonderful! :omg:
head-in-the-cloud's avatar
Hi :aww:
You have been featured in my newest For evermore. August ' 12 part 3 :giggle:
Please check it out and fave it if you enjoyed it. ^^;
Have a nice day! :la:

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Amazing *o*
Nice Shot!
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sehr sehr schön :)
Lyrics-in-your-Soul's avatar
It's breathtaking. The lights look really pretty and the river is beautiful. Great picture. -Lyrics
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The river is so nice :d.
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That water is just beautiful...
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WOW!!! the water looks like a carpet you could just walk out on! great job once again with bringing in elements to lead your eye around the page. (the stone wall leading into the water, then the rocks in the water to the far bank, then the bridge back to the stone wall.) amazing job! I love it!!! XD
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such a nice shot :)
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Interessantes Photo.
Insbesondere das Wasser... wirkt irgendwie dickflüssig... fast wie Öl.
Sehr cool. :D
Jan-K-Fotografie's avatar
Wow, atemberaubende Aufnahme des Blauen Wunders! Gratulation! Muss unbedingt mal wieder nach Dresden :)
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Which camera did you use for that shot?
That picture is wonderfull.
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On the right side, under details and statistics, you've got Camera Data, like maker, model, shutter speed, ISO, software used, etcetera...
Just for future reference ;)
8bitDwarf's avatar
Ah... Found that. :D
I rarely scroll the page down, so i haven't seen that thing.
Thanks. It'll really help me to choose a camera.
webname05's avatar
Good luck choosing one! ;)
Although this one isn't exactly a budget camera :XD:
Generally for Canon it is, more numbers there are, the more budget it is, so 7D is like top of the line, 60D is also quite high end, 600D is kinda-budget, but still excellent and the 1100D is the budget one, although I haven't had hands-on that one. But those are all DSLR...
8bitDwarf's avatar
Well, i wanted to buy Nikon camera. D300s.
But if i'll work for the same salary i'm working now, i'll be able to buy D700.
I still don't know much about Canon cameras.
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They both look good, but to be honest, I've never held a Nikon, and the D700 looks really good.
Anyway,good luck choosing the right one!
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