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Blood Moon

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Fantastic image

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Nice Work


I don't know why , but it scares me xD , well done !

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:star::star::star::star: Overall
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Man I can imagine you'd be able to feel the heat from it all the way out here. The water on an atmosphere-less world gives a very surreal look that reminds me of scenes I used to create years ago (before I even joined dA and when I never would have imagined doing anything this good) that often had that. Because something about still water reflecting a cosmic sky is just cool-looking (even if physically impossible since I think water evaporates without any atmospheric pressure above it, but who cares, this is art <img src="…" width="17" height="19" alt=":shh:" data-embed-type="emoticon" data-embed-id="70" title="Shh"/>)

But one thing I noticed regarding the reflections is the placement of the planets within it. Using the lava moon for example (because it's the only "whole" sphere in the scene) the reflection of it suggests it should already be a quarter of the way below the horizon. I think if you can still see 100% of a body in the sky then you also see 100% of its reflection (we don't get any opportunities to try this on earth because water here over long distances is never that still) This could be passed off as an artistic choice since "accurate" reflections would mean you'd barely see any of the lava moon's reflection at all behind those rocks in the foreground. But just something I felt the need to bring up just in case.
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All what you're saying is totally valid only if one knows the planet enviroment........I mean this planet could be anywhere in the universe which means one thing: since we know nothing about dark cold matter, gravity in such enviroments (yes there could easily be a planet with no gravity at all which means all this scene might make sense but it could also be what you say. We still have to discover 80% of our planet let alone an infinite universe. We've been told universal cosmic laws are the same everywhere but it's obvious that these people don't know what they are saying and are only speculating with silly theories which means only one thing: imagination can be used as we see it fit in a sci-fi scene and since everything is possible in these mental enviroments (take dreams or even sci-fi movies where phisics and genetics gets changed according to the movie director's ideas:) take the matrix and inception for example - then even matter, time and space itself can be reinvented otherwise it is and always will be too mainstream, copied and a little boring. Great job Tobias

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Man look what the new dA did to my critique :nuu: Guess those aren't a separate thing from regular comments anymore.

Anyway I love to imagine physics-defying stuff too, and how much I abide by it depends on how realistic I want the piece to feel, so it's all up to the artist. But I must admit I can't imagine a planet not having any gravity at all in our real universe. Gravity seems to be present anywhere there's matter, just in different volumes.

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mmmmmm the big bang theory has been destroyed by the second law of thermodinamics and the theory of evolution has been quashed 2 decades ago by intelligent design you want me to go on? Scientists know nothing about the universe apart from the fact that there is no gravity or it's simply too different: it's enough to go to the moon to find that out so you can imagine outside this galaxy.......anything is possible over there including lack of black cold matter (scientists cannot prove even that........), gravity, elements etc etc What I'm saying is: when science fictions movies come out with different ideas like the matrix then we accept it and think it to be possible......same deal here! We have the same gifts of immagination as those elites, you know? Just 'cos they come up with some theories and thesis which are not truth but speculations then we can assume we can predict things as well especially with imagination!!!!!

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Glad I'm not the only one! I was starting to doubt everything I thought I knew about reflections :lol:
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I think because the work is so well done it's sorta miss-able. Even I took a moment to notice it and also questioned how reflections work. Tobias almost pulled a fast one on us :shifty:
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Thanks for your feedback Matt :)
the reflection bothered me a lot and at some point I just left it the way it was. it easily could be wrong...

about the water: think of it as liquid methane for example ;-)

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love this one!
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really good work. I'm still not able to make city lights correctly and you nail it, nice.
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The idea of employing reflection for this piece is simply brilliant :thumbsup:

Having said that, that red moon somehow reminds me of Jupiter's Io. You know, that hypervolcanic yellow ball =P
Wow.... I'm profoundly speachless. I will have to look through your gallery of the heavens above when i get home from work
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Spacious view! Imaginative art. Well done!
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So cool I like the sea space reflection thingy
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I love the contrast of the moon with everything else. 
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My God!
>> Amazing! <<
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Fabulous excellentI am a dummy! 
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