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This image has taken quite a while and I was struggling for long about what concept would work the best. From the versions I tried I liked this setting the most. About the image itself: I leave it up to your imagination what is going on there.

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Theres a white-blue nerve burning
across my night sky

I wish it hurt to watch

because then
I might stop.

-Comets part I by Dorothy Porter

Amazing and really outstanding. The job done here its completely outstanding every little detail from the earth and leave, background. Making us feel we are near to other worlds able to reach without much effort. The thought that we can reach and see planets near us.

Lets get technique. The details with the plants and the earth and the rock must be hard since I gues you have to consider the perspective. And an outstanding detail of the picture will be the glacier. The time it should take to make it look so detailed and to get the right texture to make it real and the detail of the extractor really otstands the picture. The background its also something that always outstands in your pictures the planets at the back, The brids at the background. Everything outstand in your pictre.
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I always want to draw something like this but it turns out with a circle above scraggly lines. XD
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Finde die "Eiskristalle" sehen richtig geil aus :thumbsup:
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It's eerie, ominous, beautiful and masterfully executed!
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Now featured in Charlie Hoover's Geekscape of the Day… and

Looking at this piece now, after so many days, I think it's very prophetic! Recently, there was news of the discovery of megatons of diamond in the depths of the Earth, beyond our mining ability. Perhaps, on some planets, those mountain-sized diamonds would be more accessible. 
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thanks a lot for the feature! :)
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THis is very Sci-fi MMO invoking,

Honestly I'd be the twat who's break-jumping to get to the top of those glowing pillars to see the view. Possibly getting my guildies up after I do because the view is fucking kick ass.
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Beautiful as always.
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Looks great, cannot see the story yet, but feel it behind..
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Woah. this is amazing ^^
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