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Study Like Athena Pencils by ToBeQuiteFrank Study Like Athena Pencils :icontobequitefrank:ToBeQuiteFrank 2 0 How to Support Your Favourite Artists by ToBeQuiteFrank How to Support Your Favourite Artists :icontobequitefrank:ToBeQuiteFrank 1 0 The House of Night by ToBeQuiteFrank The House of Night :icontobequitefrank:ToBeQuiteFrank 3 5
The Sea Witch's Revenge | Part III
The next day Roger didn’t cross paths with Jimmy once. Given the size of their school, this was a cause of mild concern. Perhaps Jimmy had made it home only to realise he was insane and hallucinating mythological creatures and skipped school to recover. That’s what Roger had considered. But at the end of the day, as Roger headed for the gates, Jimmy caught up with him.
‘Granddad gave me this.’ Jimmy pulled a small bronze telescope from his pocket. ‘I told him everything, and he admitted he had a ‘brief romantic encounter’ with a sea witch at some point during the 1940s. I refused to ask any more questions. He said that explained why I had refused to go fishing with him for the last six months. He was quite relieved, actually, he thought I was distracted over a girl.’
‘What a relief,’ Roger agreed. They did not speak again until they reached the beach.
There she was, lurking in the surf. Her hair, on second viewing, appeared to
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The Sea Witch's Revenge | Part II
‘Are you here to steal the coral?’
‘Maybe,’ Roger replied. Jimmy stuffed his hands in his pockets.
‘That coral carries a curse. If you touch it, you’ll never be able to go near the sea again.’
Roger found he was not surprised. In fact, if he examined his feelings, he would discover that he was more shocked that Jimmy knew his name.
‘I can prove there’s a curse,’ Jimmy said after one of those awkward silences that gets worse the longer you leave it. ‘I mean, if you want to know I’m not lying.’
‘All right.’ Roger followed Jimmy down the path he had taken from the beach as seagulls danced above them. Not ten feet from the shingle, Jimmy stopped. He gazed at the horizon as he waited for Roger to understand.
‘You got cursed,’ Roger realised. ‘You… can’t go near the sea anymore?’ To be honest, they were
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The Sea Witch's Revenge | Part I
Once upon a time, there was a boy who wanted to be a merman. He knew it was supposed to be the other way around — a mermaid wanting to become human — but the heart what it wants, and he wanted to own a tail, breathe underwater, and talk to fish.
After years of longing and days walking along the windswept grey harbour and unforgiving grey beach of his miniature coastal town, a chance encounter brought him a step closer to achieving his only desire. As he trudged home from school along the shore, boots hitting pebbles a hair’s breadth away from the water, a voice interrupted his thoughts.
‘Child, will you do me a favour?’
He whirled around and found himself nose to nose with a… a crone?
‘I’m a sea hag, dear,’ said the creature soothingly as if she (it?) could read his thoughts. ‘You know, a standard mythological being of the ocean with various magical powers and a penchant for deals with humans.’ Her chalky skin was speckl
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Redesign | The Imitation Game | #2 by ToBeQuiteFrank Redesign | The Imitation Game | #2 :icontobequitefrank:ToBeQuiteFrank 1 0 Redesign | The Imitation Game | #1 by ToBeQuiteFrank Redesign | The Imitation Game | #1 :icontobequitefrank:ToBeQuiteFrank 3 6
Everyday Acts of Murder: Dog Walking
On good days, Marlborough Park field was just the right side of pretty. Sun glinted off fences and goalposts while bright, bushy grass hid litter and dog excrement from immediate view. Although Marlborough Park was just off a main road, the traffic was strangely muffled, and walking one’s dog around the park’s perimeter was often surprisingly meditative. One could almost, almost, be somewhere other than a field with a large amount of dog excrement. On bad days, like today, Marlborough Park was hell. Rain beat down on Susie’s glasses while wind whipped her hood off her head. Her left Wellington boot had resigned its duties and she could feel mud seeping through her sock. She could hardly hear traffic, but that was only because the wind howled as it flew through the park, lashing rain in every direction as thunder clapped in the distance.
Diana, Susie’s large mastiff-crossed-with-something-else-big, had bounded into the car that morning without a sec
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No Brexit Zone Poster by ToBeQuiteFrank No Brexit Zone Poster :icontobequitefrank:ToBeQuiteFrank 1 0 Nine Worlds... by ToBeQuiteFrank Nine Worlds... :icontobequitefrank:ToBeQuiteFrank 16 10
Everyday Acts of Murder: Gardening
Finding a corpse in his compost heap was not what Graham Peters expected to do when he embarked on an afternoon of gardening one spring Sunday, but he had to admit it was more intriguing than deadheading.
Which was a funny choice of words, given that the corpse was dismembered.
A limb here, a digit there… he could count almost as many body parts as he could grass cuttings and vegetable peelings. He was grateful for the vegetable waste; it seemed to have soaked up most of the blood.
When he rang the police, there was an element of doubt in the voice of the young operator. Well, she might not have been all that young, but Graham suspected only a rookie would allow surprise to creep into their voice when repeating ‘there’s a chopped-up body in my compost bin.’
When the police arrived and trudged down the garden to inspect the scene, they concurred with Graham’s original assessment of disembodiment. In fact, they even suggested that the deed was done with gard
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I Would Die for You at Ragnarok by ToBeQuiteFrank I Would Die for You at Ragnarok :icontobequitefrank:ToBeQuiteFrank 30 11
Everyday Acts of Murder: Housework
‘Reg, dear, would you mind doing the washing up?’ Clarissa asked her husband as he slouched on the sofa. The TV was showing something sport-related, and the volume was one notch higher than Clarissa found comfortable.
‘The washing up,’ Clarissa repeated. ‘It’s just that Robbie and Hannah will be here soon.’ In fact, they would be here in precisely one hundred and forty minutes, allowing for traffic. Which meant that Clarissa had one hundred and forty minutes to finish making dessert, chop the vegetables, adjust the leg of lamb that had been simmering in the oven for hours already, have a shower and do her hair. And do the washing up. ‘I’ve done three lots already, and we’re going to need the counter space.’ What they really needed was a dishwasher and a kitchen that wasn’t the size of a small prison cell, but as Reg did not personally cook he couldn’t understand why his wife’s deepest
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Everyday Acts of Murder: Driveways
  ‘Did you know,’ Elisa announced from her perch at the bay window, duster hanging limply from one hand, ‘that number seven down the road have four cars? A Beetle, a transit van and a Range Rover. And a Beetle.’ Her husband, Anthony, wasn’t sure if the family at number seven had a fondness for Beetles or if Elisa’s contact lenses needed a new prescription. Either way, Mr. and Mrs. Number Seven’s teenage offspring needed to be thrown from the nest before they could purchase any more vehicles. ‘Oh,’ Elisa added, ‘across the road have their Mercedes back, and Theresa next door has got the carers in for her mum, so you’ll probably have to park along another road later. Don’t bother looking for spaces here.’
  In the five years since the couple across the road had moved in, Anthony and Elisa had never once received a hello, a Christmas card or an introduction. Anthony thought the wife
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Forget the Gym Carry Textbooks by ToBeQuiteFrank Forget the Gym Carry Textbooks :icontobequitefrank:ToBeQuiteFrank 3 4


Alex Fierro, Fashion Icon by allarica Alex Fierro, Fashion Icon :iconallarica:allarica 85 12 I need Percy Jackson by EurekaRysuje I need Percy Jackson :iconeurekarysuje:EurekaRysuje 47 10 Blue Sargent (The Raven Cycle) by BLuwish Blue Sargent (The Raven Cycle) :iconbluwish:BLuwish 340 24 Blue and her Raven Boys by Moozy6 Blue and her Raven Boys :iconmoozy6:Moozy6 132 10 Fan Art - The Raven Boys by The-Troglodyte Fan Art - The Raven Boys :iconthe-troglodyte:The-Troglodyte 77 5 The Raven Cycle by BLuwish The Raven Cycle :iconbluwish:BLuwish 100 12 Reyna's Day-off by tasiams Reyna's Day-off :icontasiams:tasiams 82 12 Alex_Fierro 1 by MartAiConan Alex_Fierro 1 :iconmartaiconan:MartAiConan 15 2 The Thinker Skull Black by Jtaah The Thinker Skull Black :iconjtaah:Jtaah 5 0 Hazel Levesque by Dreamsoffools Hazel Levesque :icondreamsoffools:Dreamsoffools 92 4 quests are hard and nerve-wrecking things by viria13 quests are hard and nerve-wrecking things :iconviria13:viria13 2,937 94 Arachnophobia by ShawnCoss Arachnophobia :iconshawncoss:ShawnCoss 262 13 Huginn and Muninn by SulaimanDoodle Huginn and Muninn :iconsulaimandoodle:SulaimanDoodle 45 16 P O I S O N by Wicketcity P O I S O N :iconwicketcity:Wicketcity 57 4 Frank Iero by KaterinaBayer Frank Iero :iconkaterinabayer:KaterinaBayer 42 2 Puppies! by Lizlemay Puppies! :iconlizlemay:Lizlemay 36 5




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Hey hey, 

It was my birthday this week so I thought I'd celebrate by doing something nice. Get 40% off my Folksy, NuMonday and Etsy shops until Monday 17th September!

xo F.
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