Swamp Things

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Published: July 4, 2015
    “This can’t be right.”

    Jeb turned in the boat to look at his brother. “What can’t be right, Obediah?

    “The water level.” To demonstrate, he took his oar and jammed it down into the water. It barely got halfway in when it thunked on something under the surface.

    “Oh, don’t worry about that. It’s just that global warming everyone’s been going on about. The swamp’s just drying up because there hasn’t been any rain lately.”

    Obediah scratched his head and looked around. “But, Jeb, that can’t be right. The swamp don’t look any lower. It’s just right underneath us.”

    “I’m telling you it’s just the swamp drying out. Look, I’ll show you.” Jeb climbed over the side of the boat and into the water.

    “No, Jeb. What about the gators?”

    “I’m telling you, Obediah, the water’s too shallow for gators here. You’d see ‘em coming at you.”

    He stood in the water, which didn’t come up as far as his waist. “Now can we let this go?”

    “Jeb, it don’t feel like mud down there. Listen.” He thunked his oar down a few more times to demonstrate.

    “Listen, you big ninny. It’s just a rock or something. I’ll walk out and scoop up some mud and show you. Then will you be satisfied?”

    Before Obediah could stop him, Jeb strode out away from the boat and promptly disappeared under the surface.

    “Jeb? Jeb, where’d you go?”

    A hand broke the surface, but before Obediah could get his hands on the oars to row over, the water under his boat exploded upward, blinding him and flipping his boat over. Obediah came up sputtering and flailing for the safety of the boat.

    He clung there, bobbing and gasping for air, and he looked at the place where he had been just a moment before. Instead of the placid water of the swamp, there was now a giant gator grinning down at him and his brother.

    The gator threw back its massive head and bellowed, “You see, Ezekiel? I told you it would work! That means I get the big one.”
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Here, have something short and weird, straight outta the swamp.

Written for FFM Day 3. 348 words.
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WindySilverHobbyist Writer
Wow! Sure did not see that coming!
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Lmao! I love that ending. :D
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ThornyEnglishRoseHobbyist Writer
Nice twist - didn't see it coming.. Reminded me a lot of Of Mice and Men.
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distortifiedHobbyist Writer
Hahhaa short and weird and awesome. Also, you used two of my favorite names ever.
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Hawkheart29Hobbyist General Artist
So the gators were people fishing?
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CrioathieHobbyist Digital Artist
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