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:bulletred: What is this? How does it work? :bulletred:
Acrylic charms are small keychain accessories! When you request one, it will be delivered to you in around 2 months. Why does it take so long? You'll get the art file right away, but the keychain making process is more complicated. It needs to be drawn, formatted in design files, custom printed from a supplier, and sent back to me for assembly and quality check before I can mail it to you.

:bulletorange: Acrylic charms info: :bulletorange:
  • [NEW] Size: 2 ~ 2.5 inch
  • Transparent clear Acrylic
  • Vibrant Double-sided print
  • [NEW] 1 side sparkly glitter finish
  • [NEW] Mini strap OR rose gold star clip.
:bulletorange: Each charm commission includes: :bulletorange:
  • High res. artwork file(s)
  • Charm(s) + strap/clip accessories
  • Free untracked shipping
More charm pictures on my shop: toasterkiwi.shop
F9296a45-af88-4a8f-9398-b4b39d26b55a by ToasterKiwi5b956814-c961-41ce-89d2-e3af2a96a796 by ToasterKiwiUntitled by ToasterKiwi
Glitter finish close up: (it’s still a little hard to see in photos ;-;)
C94143d1-6fc4-45c6-9bc9-d8cf9e3f142a by ToasterKiwi

:bulletyellow: CHARM DESIGN (2 ~ 2.5")
  • Same back/front: 120 USD (12000:points:)
  • Different facial expression on back: 140 USD (14000:points:)
  • Different face / outfit / colors on back: 200 USD (20000:points:)
Different front/back example:
Doubleside by ToasterKiwiSs+(2018-12-27+at+12.59.08) by ToasterKiwi

:bulletyellow: QUANTITY OF CHARMS
  • 3 charms are included free.
  • Additional charms: $2 each. 

:bulletyellow: SHIPPING
  • Please allow me some time to draw and make the charms before I can ship them. Thank you! If you ordered anything from my shop, I can ship it together to save you shipping $. www.ToasterKiwi.Shop
  • North America untracked (~2 weeks): FREE
  • North America tracked shipping (~1 week): $10
  • International untracked shipping (~3 weeks): FREE
  • International tracked shipping. (~2 weeks): $15
YOU MUST AGREE TO THIS: Lost packages are very rare, but because this is a custom one of a kind artwork, I may not be able to give refunds/replacement in the rare event of lost untracked packages. Shipping may take up to 6 weeks in very rare cases.

:bulletblue: ORDER FORM
Please fill out this form and send a note/comment to me. By commissioning, you agree to my Terms and Conditions
  1. Character Reference Picture:
  2. Character pose/facial expression: (optional)
  3. Double sided design?:
  4. Strap or star clip?: 
  5. Quantity of charms: (includes 3 free, additionals are 2$ each)
  6. Shipping method + address: (regular or tracked?)
  7. PayPal email: (or pay with points. 100points=1USD)
**Please send payment within 3 days

:bulletgreen: SLOTS :bulletgreen:
© 2017 - 2021 ToasterKiwi
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AtlantisHetalia's avatar
Any chance you'll reopen these one day?
ToasterKiwi's avatar
one day, yes! ^^
PumpkinPromise's avatar
Will you reopen these?
ToasterKiwi's avatar
yepp! i hope so! ^^
thesopralto's avatar
Will you ever think about opening this again? ;-;
ToasterKiwi's avatar
yes of course! :>
I will open them again sometime in the next few months! thank you for your interest!
KWVS's avatar
hello! do you mind if i asked where you had them printed? 
ToasterKiwi's avatar
its zap creatives
send me a note if you want a discount on charms :>
KWVS's avatar
noted! thank youu
ktensei's avatar
Sorry I forgot if you are alright with gore or not. If you are, could you save me a slot? At work rn sorry-
ToasterKiwi's avatar
:000 I actually love gore
Of course! Please note me the details whenever you can ^^
This second batch will be ready to ship in early september, if you want to wait until september to have all your things shipped together to save a few dollars on shipping, just let me know!
Poi-Frontier's avatar
I really want a slot! ! But I don't get paid  until next friday!!! QAQ
ToasterKiwi's avatar
I wont be able to hold slots until friday ;_; im sorry
Poi-Frontier's avatar
Lol i know! D'X 
Its a bummer, ill wait till the next time if you do it! :)
JusuHime's avatar
These are so creative ! ! !
ToasterKiwi's avatar
stardustsparkles25's avatar
When do you think you will open these again? o v o <333
ToasterKiwi's avatar
I think maybe in a couple months? ;v;
stardustsparkles25's avatar
ahhh hello! >//<"
I will keep a look out hopefully then---do you mind notifying me via note when you do reopen them? <333 ^^
ToasterKiwi's avatar
Sure :>
I'll try to remember!
it makes me really happy to know your interest in my charms TTvTT <3
rainubrew's avatar
zap allows you to order only one charm of one design??? :'0 omg thats so useful for personal things
ToasterKiwi's avatar
Yes! but its like 10$ if you only order 1 x.x
i just had extra design slots when i ordered 200 ;7;
kaitlynvang's avatar
A question for future reference, but when you do the custom acrylic charm commissions, do you only create charms for single characters only? Are you willing to draw a couple in a charm? 
ToasterKiwi's avatar
I can do couple, but I will have to charge more. 
thank you for asking!
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