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I remade this painting for printing!
It will be available at all my artist alley events and is also available on my online shop:

My other social media!:
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Hello! I'm trying to help someone on my discord server find a profile picture and explaining about asking artists for permission to use their art so I wanted to ask if they could use your art first!

I bought this poster at sakura con, but I lost it when I moved, I hope to one day get another copy cause omg this so good.

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Nice touch with the glimmer and sparkles. Highlights Midoriya's optimism all things considered xD

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PinkNinjaJediIzzy05 check this out!! Its so cute!!!!!!! ^_^
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Wow! That's amazing!
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DEKUUU <3! Your shading is so good ;v;. Amazing work!
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asdfdgh thank youuu!
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Aaaahhh yes!! I just started watching this show *u*
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lol yeah good show!
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Hehe, I love his excited expression!
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Ah. Is it just me or does he look feminine? Eh. Either way, 'Tis art is amazing!
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And his eyes are so sparkly~sparkles emoji 
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This is so cute!! :heart:
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OMFG HIS SOO KAWAII Happy Tears|Midoriya Izuku|Boku No Hero Academia Smile|Happy|Midoriya Izuku|Boku No Hero Academia 
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One word, amazing, just wow, I love it. You are so talented
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Hi, just wanted to let you know that @ _.deku.gorgon._ on instagram used this picture on his fan account. I've been trying to find some of the artists but you're only the second person I've been able to find so please spread around that he's stealing bnha fanart!
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hey there!
thank you so much for letting me know ;v;
I really appreciate you telling me! that is super helpful! ^^ I've contacted them
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woah! this is very nice! the eyes threw me off a little, but I would have loved this Deku! I bet this would be deku if he had had powerful quirk since beginning, a happy boy who was not bullied by his childhood friend!

In short, I love this!
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