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Don't forget to get Rainmeter 1.2 from [link] to use this :)

You can also suggest this skin as a SOTM (skin of the month) at the #Rainmeter Group, although the Topbar has already been suggested!

Finally it's here. The complete Tabmeter2-Suite with all its tabs.

The config-tool is pretty self-explaining, so I guess there shouldn't be a big problem using it. Anyways, if you got any questions, don't hesitate to ask.

A little tip btw: you can open the config-tool by simply middle-clicking any skin of Tabmeter2 :)

-Background: Nature Wallpack by Skorpion 24 [link]

-some code or helper programs by:
Kaelri [link] Poiru [link] fediaFedia [link]

-Icons: Inspirit by dnw-s9 [link]

Thanks everyone for permission to use things :hug:

Anything else to know?

Well, I'm always happy about favs comments and :llama:

I also got a donation pool on my site, if that's something you like :shrug:

Are there any updates coming?

Yep, make sure to check my Twitter [link]

-Planned for 2.1:
-More media player support (WinAmp, etc.)
-deviantWATCH tab
-Other stuff, bug fixes, etc.

Thanks to =karmat111 for beta-testing.

You should totally go check out this skin for Tabmeter2 by ~whattoput [link]

And of course this wooden skin by ~Psychybrid as well! [link]
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awsome ....thank you

Hey nice skin ! It would be nice if you could add a Google Search Bar in it, that could hide / show or something ;)
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I cant place wallpapers or change my things to do DD: how do I do so? hahaha
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Nice work! Here's what I've done with it, Keep up the great work!
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Awesome work !! Although to let you know some of the right tab background's are out of alignment.
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When will you upgrade to version 2.1? I need the updated version of the music player (winamp :D)
You could add more shortcuts or do that either side be configured separately? Thank you!
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can you make the cpu for 8cores to please? :peace:

this is so nice !!
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very clean and very well put
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Love this! Very clean and organized.
Nice but.. errors, errors, everywhere :S

-------------------------------> Need Help!
same as me.
Is there support for foobar 2000 ?
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fabulous, recommendable, excellent work boss..:)
but... is there a problem with the rss tab ???

i am just able to vie the rss feeds but its not clickable... i mean to say that...
the feeds in rss tab do not open in the browser upon clicking...
it means we cant read the feeds although we can se them... :(

is there a work around for this problem...?

plz reply :)
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excellent,fantastic,recommendable work...:) but a small doubt... :(
how come the links on rss feed side tabs are not clickable.... i mean to say that...
the links doesnt open in the browser... :(

is there any work around... or we can just view the feeds and not actually read them ??

plz reply :)
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i really want the top bar except 100% transparent and down the screen vertically... ohh well
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woooow very nice thank you
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It's a beautiful theme :) I like it a lot :)

I have only one trouble with it: I can't make it work with my music player. I use latest winAmp with WinXP. Is there any solution or is this skin not supporting winAmp?
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I can't change colors!.
someone help me please
anyway thank you, nice work.
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I can't change color too.
with the latest version of rainmeter (v2.2),
nothing happens on mouseover or clicking
on the color bar.
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Can I translate it to PL and upload to a Polish forum [link] ??
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If you're not making any money with it and credit me, sure :)
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...Install thead failed.
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