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By toastbrotpascal   |   Watch
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Published: December 16, 2009
This is Tabmeter.
Tabmeter is a suite for your desktop which uses Rainmeter, Litestep and TrueTransparency.
Please note this is currently ONLY Rainmeter, although the screenshot shows the whole suite as it will be looking when it´s finished.
More information and a ZIP-based version can be found here:

Tabmeter comes in two color schemes, black and white.
It uses an intelligent installer that makes installation pretty easy and with the help of RainConfigure and help-files included, even people not familiar with Rainmeter can use it.

Please also note, that my nickname on is "P2C". Since it wasn´t available on deviantART anymore, I had to choose an other one.

You need a special plugin to get DesktopIcons working.
You can download it here:

Credits go to:
- albinozz- for some code [link]
-Kaelri - for some code [link]
-elestel - for FileListPlugin
- JSMorley- for RainConfigure [link]
-chrfb for ecqlipse 2 icons [link]
-animation method shown by kenz0
-Firefox Theme shown in Screenshot is "rein 3.5.1"
-legacee for help with the installer [link]

Current version is 0.7

features in upcoming version [0.8]:
-version for right side of screen [currently in progress]
-Tabbed picture viewer (with the ability to change width of the picture)[done]

If you´re using this theme, I´d be very glad if you just post an screenshot on dA, so I could make a little gallery which makes this skin more popular :)
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klr1956Hobbyist General Artist

A suite that is freakin' sweet!

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Hey im having some trouble setting the file location for the mozilla TabShortcuts, i want to change it to chrome but editing the location in the ini file didnt work, how do i change the file location so it opens chrome instead. Thanks in advance :)
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klr1956Hobbyist General Artist

Since you posted this in 2015, I guess the correct answer is; You don't. That's how, MF'er!

klr1956's avatar
klr1956Hobbyist General Artist

Those aren't my words. I just chose to speak for the unspoken.

dtuzr's avatar
Great Work!Thx!
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ForbiddenDubstepStudent Digital Artist
Do you know where I can get that wallpaper?
Jointmaster's avatar

Übrigens - hab mir erlaubt den skin hier ([link]) zu verwenden... Für deine Gallerie... :)
toastbrotpascal's avatar
coole sache.
Aber du verwendest den neuen (tabmeter2) skin :P
Jointmaster's avatar
*Räusper* :stupidme:
Hab den Link geändert...
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Wizardry333Student Writer
Thank you for making this. It is the best rainmeter setup I've found in a looooooong time. Its awesome!
Wizardry333's avatar
Wizardry333Student Writer
You deserve it! Thanks again.
355mL's avatar
Your link to FileListPlugin appears to be broken. Least when I tried it, I got Page Not Found.
toastbrotpascal's avatar
The link has changed :(

Here's the new one. Just scroll down a bit, there's the download:
yuki2785's avatar
how could i change the tab from right to left?
Awesome skin by the way ^^
toastbrotpascal's avatar
Thanks :)
Sorry, not possible without modifying the whole skin. If you're familiar with making Rainmeter skins it isn't hard, only a bit boring maybe.
But the next version of Tabmeter will have tabs for both sides. Though, the new version will be very different, and I'm not sure how much time it'll take me to finish it :)
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mikemartin1200Professional Interface Designer
got a link to the wallpaper? note me back if you can
bun-z0's avatar
i'm pretty new to rainmeter, but i was wondering why the desktop icons skin doesn't really update/refresh on its own.

I've tried tinkering with the update value but it doesn't seem to change anything

sorry if this seems to be too noob a question xD

apart that minor problem i love this skin =)
toastbrotpascal's avatar
Thats a good question ^^;
And I'm actually not really finding an answer to it.
I just tried it out, and it's the same on my PC. The only thing I can think of is, that this is because of elestel's filelist-plugin. Try to ask the creator himself about this "problem" over at the Rainmeter forums [link]

Maybe a newer version of the plugin fixes this? You should try out the latest version of it here [link]

Hope this helps :)
bun-z0's avatar
Thanks, will continue looking into then
again, very nice skin ^^
project-noah's avatar
Is there any easy way to change the topbar to use Winamp and not iTunes?
toastbrotpascal's avatar
There isn´t such a function included. But probably you can change the code, to do what you want.

I´m not using Winamp and never created a Rainmeter skin that controls it. If you´re finding another Rainmeter skin that actually does this, and the author specifies that I can use the code, I could mix them together.

If not, I´m sorry :(
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