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ABP 1.2

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Published: August 1, 2010
Need help?
Take a look at the ABP support thread on the Rainmeter forums: [link] or write a comment here on deviantART.

Rainmeter 1.3 or higher is needed for this skin to work.
Get the latest version here [link]


ABP 1.2:

-completely refined white skin

-new search skin for multiple search engines and the command line with text-input

-new "all-in-one" skin - featuring System, Weather, RSS, ToDo and Apps in smallest space

-some fixes and minor changes here & there

ABP 1.1:
-Tabs now stay open even after refreshing Rainmeter/rebooting/etc.

-Volume control in music skin

-Added more functions to slideshow

-Bug fixed: No more error messages saying "Settings.ini doesn't contain any meters"

-Several small fixes and updated graphics here and there ...

ABP 1.01:

Launcher bug fixed. Thanks to ~ufo01fr for the hint.

ABP1.0 (first public release):

This is ABP for Rainmeter, the suite comes in black and white and has a configure-tool pretty much like Tabmeter2.

You also find kinda tabs in there, for example in the RSS or Launcher skins. These are meant to be small but still featuring a lot of functions.

Here are some tips:
The launcher has space for 21 shortcuts, but I personally liked to have some of them launch a website instead a program. You can do this by clicking "Advanced Options" in the configure-tool and then just put in things like Link1-1="h t t p://w w w. deviantart. com" (of course without the spaces - I only did this so deviantART doesn't see this as an URL :D)

Questions and Answers:
I always get an error when I try to open a tab in the System skin, but that doesn't happen with the Launcher :confused:
Answer: Get Rainmeter1.3

Is your skin compatible to Foobar/WMP/etc.?
Answer: nope. But you can get a CAD skin fitting the suite perfectly here: [link]

As always, I'm very happy about every comment, :+fav:, :+devwatch: and llama, even if I don't write a comment on your profile ^^;

Feedback and (feature) suggestions appreciated. :peace:

Credits / thanks to:
[link] (Fiftyfootshadows for Wallpaper in preview),

Thanks to =karmat111 and =bendenfield for beta-testing.
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dotrung1992New Deviant

It'great. The feature hide when click make my screen more simple and easy for me to change the notes. I love it.

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DutchGloryHobbyist Digital Artist
How do i set location for weather? its possible to get location with Yahoo weather website
Example: www.yahoo.com/news/weather/uni…
but isn't set within configuration
HowlingCurve's avatar
This is probably an easy fix but I'm still new to rainmeter setups, so my question is how do i change the time format from 24h to 12h?
lf's avatar
lfHobbyist Photographer
LATEST WEATHER FIX (Thanks to balazslaci.deviantart.com/ who made it possible):
Make sure to use m for metric and i for imperial units.
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jindix1Hobbyist Artist
thank you man.....
ylfaer's avatar
If you are having problems with the Weather widget, follow this instructions (from user eclectic-tech):

war-fool's avatar
war-foolHobbyist Digital Artist
The Rainmeter forum link didn't work so.. how do I change the height of the standalone note widget? Tried changing 130 to 550 in Notes.ini, but the graphics didn't follow. Couldn't find any value that corresponded. The images didn't look as though they mattered either. Why so small notes to begin with?
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AidenDrewHobbyist General Artist
Featured :
Rainmeter Skins
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Looks like the weather feature needs some TLC :-(
Alas, Yahoo has changed its rules and it will require some effort to get the weather RSS / widget working again:

"Yahoo effectively shut down its Weather API by forcing OAuth 1.0 and crippling it"
nayrccr's avatar
Ah, here is a solution to the weather problem (at least for now):

In the Weather.ini file, replace  

Thanks to moshi for the fix forum.rainmeter.net/viewtopic.…
and jsmorely for clarifying it forum.rainmeter.net/viewtopic.…
and making it visible on the RainMeter home page. 
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Chaela911Hobbyist General Artist
Yahoo weather seems to have some issues with this in the last couple of days. I'm not sure if a URL has changed or there's just a server down.

regardless, awesome skin :) don't think I've said so and I've been using this forever!  good stuff
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Hey, Its my first time as a rainmeter user. Can any one help me how to install this skin? I love this skin.
Johiny's avatar
I really dunno how to setting the weather here... :/
RRRRAKJI's avatar
Thank you for this wonderful skin!! 

I use this skin and I wanna add more categories on Luncher.

Now, there are only 3 categories, apps1/apps2/apps3, but I need more.

So, how can I add more it??? plz reply to this.
oldwoman45's avatar
I just downloaded and tried it. It's simple yet so beautiful and elegant. I found the perfect one on my first try. Bunny Emoji-87 (Thanks) [V5] 
Coastian's avatar
I absolutely love this, my friend. I'm having a problem though, how do I use spotify with the music player? It's defaulted to itunes but I can't figure out how to change it. I really hope you see this and can respond.
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GamerEnthusiastHobbyist Digital Artist
Really like this Success fella (Reactions) 
   ...but wonder could make it bigger?
           Looks small in 1920x1080 or higher. 
RebeccaVillalobos's avatar
Oh sorry but I wanted to ask you something if it's not a problem: You see I clicked right on the slideshow and clicked "Click through" in the settings so I was wondering how do I undo it?

Also THANKS is an awesome skin.
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kuntal627Hobbyist Photographer
Just go to the rainmeter control panel (click the icon on the notification area). Select the proper skin from the left sidebar and uncheck "Click through". There you go.
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Very nice skin, it fits for lot of wallpapers, well done!
CASTLE-DEVIANCEHobbyist Interface Designer
Really nice work.  Thanks for the share.
viking9969's avatar
I know you did this skin a looooong time ago, but I just got into rainmeter and found it. Congrats!!! ...and thanx for sharing!!! And I gotta say your TO-DO list is one of the funniest things I've read! Almost don't want to erase it ;) (...hope you milked the cows during these 4 years). 

So in order to cross it off the list, I wanna give you a llama...just don't know how to :/

So congrats again on such f***cool work!!!

All the best...
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