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PR Pokeball in Tawog: The Mistake Chapter 17
Chapter 17, The Diversion
Devin runs up to Nicole, shouting, “What just happened?”
“I don’t know!  The boys and Richard got in the car with the sheriff and suddenly, they disappeared!”
“Mom, didn’t you notice that huge laser shooting from the aircraft?  The impact was so strong it flung the car through the air and out of sight!” exclaims Anais.
“Well, considering the many unlikely things I’ve seen happen in this town, they probably landed back at home,” Devin remarks.  “Since you can’t get back home, you two better stay clear and out of the way, while we take care of business.”
As Devin leaves to rejoin the other Rangers, Nicole ponders what to do.  “Hey, Killer, come over here,” she says.
“How can I help you?” asks Killer.
“Well first off, what are you doing with that lighter and that stick of dynamite?” Nicole asks.
Killer looks back and forth be
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PR Pokeball in Tawog: The Mistake Chapter 16
Chapter 16, The Alliance
Aboard the aircraft, Savior looks over the situation in a panic.  “Ok, my army has the city overrun,” he says, “six out of nine Rangers got here before the field was put up, which means they can’t call for reinforcements.  Next thing I knew, Team Omega is working with the Rangers to defeat my army.  The two forces are formidable, but few in numbers, meaning that the enemy would eventually be overrun.  But now I find out that there’s a slight flaw in the set up.  The other three Rangers enter the city by coming through a portal outside of it.  And they brought with them not just any Pokémon, but the Legendary Weather Trio, the ancient masters of land, sea, and sky.  There’s no way my army can beat those old monsters.  I better order the troops to retreat; otherwise I won’t have an army to lead much longer.”
“Sir, incoming message,” says one of the crew member
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Big News by Toaoflight3690 Big News :icontoaoflight3690:Toaoflight3690 13 29 Devin's Design Update by Toaoflight3690 Devin's Design Update :icontoaoflight3690:Toaoflight3690 11 30
PR Pokeball in Tawog: The Mistake Chapter 15
Chapter 15, The Reinforcements
The battle in Elmore continues to escalate.  The Rangers and Team Omega are completely surrounded by enemy soldiers.  But even with the odds against them, they don’t back down.  They fight with everything they’ve got.
“I’ve never seen so many Inorbit Soldiers!” shouts Slammer as she fires off her gun.  “They’re everywhere!”
“We’re well aware of that!” comments Dustin as he side kicks a soldier.  “We have to cover each other’s backs, or will be completely overrun!”
As Nicole keeps shooting from the convenience store, she notices a soldier firing a missile her way.  “HIT THE DECK!!!!” she shouts.  Everyone drops to the floor, and the missile hits the ground near the store, causing debris to fly through the windows.
Killer, unaware of the battle taking place, remains unfazed.  “I’m gonna get a refill,” he s
:icontoaoflight3690:Toaoflight3690 7 20
Run, Frosty, RUN!!!! by Toaoflight3690 Run, Frosty, RUN!!!! :icontoaoflight3690:Toaoflight3690 10 25 AT: Devin meets Nova by Toaoflight3690 AT: Devin meets Nova :icontoaoflight3690:Toaoflight3690 9 45 Richard's Captain Underpants costume by Toaoflight3690 Richard's Captain Underpants costume :icontoaoflight3690:Toaoflight3690 23 33 Darwin's Monkey costume by Toaoflight3690 Darwin's Monkey costume :icontoaoflight3690:Toaoflight3690 14 6 Gumball's Freakazoid costume by Toaoflight3690 Gumball's Freakazoid costume :icontoaoflight3690:Toaoflight3690 10 10 Devin's Darkwing Duck costume by Toaoflight3690 Devin's Darkwing Duck costume :icontoaoflight3690:Toaoflight3690 9 24
PR Pokeball in Tawog: The Mistake Chapter 14
Chapter 14, The Primal
Back in Elmore, the Rangers and Team Omega slowly make their way to the shopping center.  The Wattersons are still being protected within the circle that is formed.  The Inorbit Soldiers persist in their attack while the Power Rangers continue to fend them off.
Two ground soldiers stealthily approach the group, ready to attack.  Dan puts his elemental power of Metal to work.  He reaches out to a nearby car.  The hood flies off and soars toward the soldiers.  Unable to move quickly enough to escape, the metal hood wraps itself tightly around them.  They fall to the ground and roll away in their metal capsule.
Dan enjoys his victory as he says, “That’s one way to hit the road!”  The Rangers and Team Omega groan at the cheesy pun.  “Yeah, I agree.  That joke needs a little work,” he admits.
Another troop of Inorbit Soldiers arrives to give battle to the team.  Dustin, powering up hi
:icontoaoflight3690:Toaoflight3690 8 38
Sea Chicken Attack by Toaoflight3690 Sea Chicken Attack :icontoaoflight3690:Toaoflight3690 8 34

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Chapter 17, The Diversion

Devin runs up to Nicole, shouting, “What just happened?”

“I don’t know!  The boys and Richard got in the car with the sheriff and suddenly, they disappeared!”

“Mom, didn’t you notice that huge laser shooting from the aircraft?  The impact was so strong it flung the car through the air and out of sight!” exclaims Anais.

“Well, considering the many unlikely things I’ve seen happen in this town, they probably landed back at home,” Devin remarks.  “Since you can’t get back home, you two better stay clear and out of the way, while we take care of business.”

As Devin leaves to rejoin the other Rangers, Nicole ponders what to do.  “Hey, Killer, come over here,” she says.

“How can I help you?” asks Killer.

“Well first off, what are you doing with that lighter and that stick of dynamite?” Nicole asks.

Killer looks back and forth between the lit lighter and dynamite and then just stuffs them in his mouth.  “Nuffin,” he says.  Suddenly his head briefly inflates from a bang inside, followed by smoke coming out his ears.

“Uh huh,” says Nicole.  “Secondly, you can shapeshift into anything, right?”

“Uhhhhh, I think so.”

“Well, do you think you can shapeshift into an impenetrable shield?”

“Oh sure.”  Killer takes on the shape of a shield with his face in the center.  “See?  I can be a shield.”

“Good.”  Nicole picks up the shield-shaped Killer and hands him to Anais.  “Then you will use that form to protect my daughter.”

“Wait, Mom, what about you?” asks Anais, concerned.

“Don’t worry about me, honey, I’m all the protection I need,” answers Nicole.

As Devin regroups with his team, he says, “Alright, Rangers, set Evolution Sabers to Blaster mode!”  The whole team does just as instructed.  “Charge up blasters!”  Each Ranger touches the Mega Stone on their Blasters, charging them for a power-up attack.  “Aim, and fire!”  With that, the Rangers fire their weapons at the aircraft hovering above them aided by Groudon with his Flamethrower attack and Kyogre with his Hydro Pump move.

“Sir, the Rangers are firing at us!” says a crew member.

“Damage report!” orders Savior.

“Shields are still at optimum efficiency, sir,” says the crew member, “however, those shots are just strong enough to throw the ship off balance.”

“So they can flip my craft over, but they can’t penetrate the shield,” Savior says to himself.  “Ha, so much for ‘Mega Evolution.’  Return fire on the Rangers, don’t let them reach the bomb!  And dispatch the droids to bring Nicole Watterson into custody.  We’re not leaving this wretched world without her.”

“Yes, sir, firing and deploying,” responds the crew member.

The aircraft’s guns take aim and fire.

“Incoming!” Nicolas calls out.

Everyone dodges the blasts coming down with backflips, summersaults, and other acrobatic moves.  “Everyone alright?” Devin calls out.  They all respond to him that no one was harmed.  “Alright, keep firing , we have to buy as much time as we can!”

“You know, Devin,” calls out Tracey, “this would be a lot easier if we used our Zords!”

“You’re not wrong, Tracey,” Devin replies, “But with the disrupter field up, we can’t summon the Zords.  Well, technically we can, but they won’t be able to get here before the bomb goes off.  Besides, once the aircraft is disabled, we won’t need the Zords, not when we’ve got Rayquaza.”

Nicole uses the same acrobatic moves to avoid the shots, while Anais uses Killer’s shield form for cover.

“Ow!  My eye!” says Killer, after getting hit by a laser.  “Ow!  My other eye!  Oooo-ooo-ooow!  My whole face!”

“Oh give it a rest!” exclaims Anais.  “It’s not like their using water cannons or electric guns, you’re fine!”

As the battle presses forward, Ash notices a swarm of droids coming out of the aircraft.  “Uh oh, we got droids incoming!” he calls to his fellow Rangers.

“Oh great.  Evasive maneuver!” orders Devin.

The Rangers prepare to face off against the incoming droids, but to their surprise, they find the droids flying over them rather than at them.

“Wait, where are they going?” asks Dustin.

Dan watches one of the droids fly over him and finds where they are headed.  Oh no!  They’re headed right for Nicole and Anais!” he says as he starts to shoot the droids down.

“Don’t let them get near them!” says Ash as he and the others join in the shooting.

The Rangers slowly stop shooting when they notice that Nicole is handling the droids just fine.  Smashing them, crushing them, tearing them apart, and even prying their heads off with her teeth.

“Whoa, I guess Nicole’s got this one,” comments Michael.

“It’s amazing that she can handle so many droids at once,” adds Nicolas.

“What’s amazing is despite the many times you guys have seen her in action, you’re still surprised by what she can do,” remarks Devin.  “Now let’s get back to distracting Savior!”  With that, he and his team return fire on the aircraft.

As Nicole reduces the droids to scrap metal, she hears her cell phone ringing.  “Oh who could be calling me at a time like this?!” she exclaims.  She answers it while continuing to fight one-handed.  “HELLO!!!!!  Oh, Richard, is that you?  You and the boys landed back home?  Oh, thank goodness.  Looks like Devin called it.  Oh, don’t worry, Richard, we’re fine.  Anais is using Killer as a shield and I’m tearing apart some rust bucket droids.  No, no, no, you and the boys stay home, we can handle this.  No, Richard, listen to me, you are not to go beyond the property line till we get home, understand?  Good, sit tight and we’ll be home eventually.  And don’t touch the frozen chicken, it’s for dinner tonight.”

The Rangers press forward with their diversion as time slowly slips from them.

“We don’t have much time left!” Devin calls out.  “We need to bring the aircraft to a complete stop!  Everyone to the front!”  The Rangers gather, facing the front side of the aircraft with Groudon and Kyogre by their side.  “Rangers, power up for the finishing attack!  Groudon, Kyogre, standby for Hyper Beam.”

Each Ranger holds up their left arm in a ready position.  “Evolution Blaster, charge up!” they all say as they make the Megastones on their weapons touch the ones on their wrists, powering up their blasters for a finishing attack, while at the same time, Groudon and Kyogre charge up their Hyper Beam attacks.  The Rangers point their blasters at the aircraft and shout, “Mega Elemental Blast!”  The tip of their weapons glow their corresponding colors as they wait for Devin to give the order to fire.

Devin waits for the right moment as the suspense in the atmosphere intensifies.  “Fire!” he commands.

The Rangers pull the triggers, firing beams of elemental energy.  The beams cross paths with each other, creating one powerful beam.  Upon the same command, Groudon and Kyogre fire off the Hyper Beams.  The impact of these three beams of power causes the aircraft to be tilted straight up.

Inside the aircraft, Savior and a few members of his crew hold on tight to whatever they can while the rest tumble down to the back end of the ship.  “Sir,” says a crew member, “the Rangers and their Pokémon are throwing the ship off balance!  Fortunately, the shields are still holding!”

“I can tell the shields are still holding because if they weren’t, the ship would be blown up rather than tilted!” exclaims Savior out of irritation.  He looks at the monitor and sees that the Rangers are really laying it on, not showing any intentions of letting up.  “If they think they’ve got superior fire power, they haven’t seen anything yet.  Fire the Ultra Cannon!

“Yes…sir,” says the crew member.  While trying very hard not to lose his grip, he reaches for the Ultra Cannon lever and pulls it.

As the Rangers continue using superior fire power, Anais notices a section on the bottom of the aircraft opening and revealing what appears to be a state of the art cannon.  Her assumptions are proven correct when she sees it charging up.  “Oh no, Rangers look out!” she calls.

Too late, the cannon fires.  The explosive impact knocks down Groudon and Kyogre and scatters the Rangers into the air and falling painfully on the hard black pavement.

“No!” exclaims Nicole as she reaches out to her Ranger friends.

Shocked and in pain, the Rangers struggle to get up from the massive blast they took.

“Come on…guys,” Devin groans painfully, “we can’t stop now.”

As the aircraft rebalances itself, everyone can hear the evil laugh of Governor Savior through the loudspeakers.  “I find it rather amusing that you believed your actions were formidable,” he gloats, “but as you can see, neither the super boost of Mega Evolution nor the ancient power of Primal Reversion is any match for the superior minds of the Inorbit Empire!  You feeble heroes cannot stop the bomb from destroying this world and everything in it.  Oh, and speaking of which, it seems we are down to just ten seconds left.”

“NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”  Devin shouts.  He and his weakened comrades shake in fearful anticipation as the seconds slip away.

Savior eagerly watches the timer on the monitor as it counts down the last five seconds.  “Five…four…three…two…ONE…!”  For some reason, the timer just stops at one.  Confused, Savior starts tapping on the timer with his scythe.  “What’s going on?  Why did it stop?  And where’s the explosion?!”

“I don’t know sir, there must be something wrong with the bomb,” says a crew member.

“Zoom in on it!”

“Yes, sir.”

The screen zooms in on the bomb and to the whole crew’s surprise they see Jammer holding a pair of wire cutters and Sync holding two red wires with ends that look as though they‘ve been cut.  The two of them stand as if they’re aware that they’re on camera.

“WHAT?!?!?!?!” shouts Savior.  “The Omega Team defused the bomb!  Wait a minute, the Rangers weren’t trying to take out my ship, they were keeping us busy so the Omega Team could defuse the bomb.  CURSES!!!!!!!”

“What do we do now, sir?” asks a crew member.

“That bomb is gonna blow one way or another,” Savior replies.  “Lock the Ultra Cannon on the bomb and fire.  The blast should be enough to set it off.”

“Yes sir, setting Ultra Cannon to target the…wait…uh oh.  Sir, we’ve got a problem.

“What now?”

“We just lost power to the weapons.”

“That’s not all,” adds another crew member.  “The shields just when offline.”

“No shields?  No weapons?!”  Savior says, irritably.  “You better get them back online this instant, because if the Rangers do that super elementary whatever they call it again, we’re done for!”

“We’re trying, sir, but it’s not working,” says one of the crew members.  “It’s as if the power source has been completely cut off.”

“Sir, incoming call from the engine room.”

“Put it on screen,” orders Savior.

To everyone’s surprise, yet again, they see the caller is none other than Captain Cayde.  “Good day, Governor Savior, long time no see,” he says.

“What the?!  Captain, Cayde?!” says Savior.  “What are you doing on my ship?!  Come to think of it, how did you even get aboard my ship?”

“That, Governor, is classified Rapture information,” answers Cayde.  “But to answer your first question, Kata, Rosk, and I thought we’d stop by and teach you a lesson for double-crossing the Rapture Federation.”

“By disabling my aircrafts shields and weapons?” asks Savior, slightly amused.  “Is that really the best you can do?”

“Oh no,” Cayde answers as Kata and Rosk jump out of the aircraft behind him, “the best is on its way.  Just remember, Savior, you brought this on yourself a long time ago.”  Cayde ends the transmission and jumps out, following his team.

“I don’t like the sound of that,” comments Savior nervously.

As Cayde, Kata, and Rosk parachute down, Rosk fires three flare missiles into the air, catching the attention of the Rangers below.

“That’s the signal, they’ve done it!” says Devin.  “Adam, now!”

Adam nods in response and looks up at the sky.  “Rayquaza, use Dragon Ascent!”

Savior once again looks over the situation.  “Ok, Cayde said that the best is on its way, what does that mean?” he asks himself.  He takes a good look at his enemies down below.  “The Rangers are still trying to get up, and the weather trio isn’t doing any- wait a minute, something’s missing.  There’s Groudon, and there’s Kyogre…where’s Rayquaza?”

“Sir, our sensors are detecting a long, green projectile from above heading straight for us!” says a crew member.

Realizing that the information he just relieved answers both his questions, Savior hopelessly utters, “Oh no.”

With his energy tendrils lined up with the tendrils on his tail, Rayquaza comes speeding down through the sky like a giant arrowhead.  Using the blades on his lower horns, he smashes right through the aircraft’s very core.

“Bullseye!  Way to go, Rayquaza!” Adam calls out.

Inside the aircraft, red lights flash, a loud alarm sounds, sparks fly from every nook and cranny.

“Engine room, damage report,” says Savior, speaking into an intercom.  “Engine room, come in!”

“The engine room can’t respond Sir,” says a crew member, “that dragon that dove through the ship took the entire engine room with it!”

“Sir, all systems critical, she’s gonna blow!” says another crew member.  “What do we do sir?  What do we do?”

Seeing no other option, Savior comes to only one possible conclusion.  “Initiate evacuation protocol!” he orders.  “Instruct all troops to make their way outside of Elmore and lay waste to the rest of Tawog!”

“But sir, what about you?”

“I have a mission of my own to perform.  You have your orders, now carry them out.”

“…Yes, sir.  You heard him, men, evacuation protocol is a go!”

As his men carry out the orders, Savior turns to look out the front window.  “Forgive me, my beloved war vessel,” he says to his aircraft.  “Though captains are supposed to go down with their ships, governors are not.”  His cape starts to go glow a black and purple color.  From the bottom up, it splits in two.  The halves of his cape lift up and change shapes.  The cape is now a pair of dragon-like wings.  Properly ready, he jumps right through the window and flies out of blast range.

Everyone on the ground watches as the entire crew escapes the crippled and detonating aircraft with parachutes.

“Wait, the soldiers are escaping!” points out Nicolas.  “I thought that destroying the aircraft would mark the end of the invasion.”

“No,” says Devin, “destroying the aircraft only makes the invasion easier to deal with.  We still have to deal with the invaders themselves.”

Nicole, Anais, and Killer watch as the aircraft goes up in flames, small explosions bursting from almost every side.

“That thing’s just blowing up here and there,” comments Nicole.  “When is it just gonna blow up altogether?”

“Well, judging by its size and the damage Rayquaza did to it,” answers Anais.  “I’d say right”

Finally, the whole aircraft blows up in a massive explosion, and everyone feels some relief.

“Good news, Rangers,” says Prof. Oak, calling through the communicators, “by destroying the aircraft, you’ve disabled the disrupter field!  Portals can once again be opened within the city!”

“Thanks, Professor, that’s good to know,” Devin responds.  Suddenly, he and his allies turn to see the Inorbit Governor in the air, calling out to them.

“That was a clever plan, Rangers,” Savior says, “distracting me so Team Omega could defuse the bomb and cripple my ship, and then using that overly detailed dragon to finish the job, but it won’t stop the Inorbit Empire!  My men shall take care of worldly demolition, but I will be waiting at the Rainbow Factory for anyone who wishes to face me.”  With an evil laugh, Savior flies off.

“Worldly demolition?  What does he mean by that?” asks Dustin.

“Oh no,” says Tracey, realizing the answer to Dustin’s question.  “The soldiers are gonna march out of Elmore and spread destruction to the rest of Tawog!”

“Well it’s a good thing we’re here to stop them,” comments Dan.  “So what’s the plan, Devmiester?

“First off,” says Devin, “don’t call me Devmiester while we perform our Ranger duties.  Secondly, with the aircraft and all the fighter ships destroyed, the only way the Inorbit Soldiers can get around is on foot.”

“What about portals?  Can’t they get around that way too?” asks Michael.

“Well, yes,” answers Devin, “but when we bring down the thunder on them, they’ll only use portals for escaping, which brings me to my plan.  Elmore has four city limits; we’ll set up a blockade at each one.  Groudon, you’ll go and defend the north side.  Don’t let a single soldier get past you.  Beki and Kyogre will hold down the west side.  Adam and Rayquaza, the east side.”

“I get it, using big Pokémon to block the city limits,” Ash observes.  “But we only have three with us right now.  Who’s gonna defend the south side?”

“I’ve got that covered, Ash,” Devin replies.  “Professor, send Victini and Hoopa to defend the south side, and give Victini the Prison Bottle.”

“You got it, Devin,” Prof. Oak answers through the communicator.

“Prison Bottle?” says Anais curiously.

“Everyone else will battle the soldiers still within the center of Elmore.  With the soldiers trapped and overpowered, they’ll either retreat to their own dimension or fall.  Rangers, move out!”

With that, the Rangers go to carry out their parts of the plan, except for Beki.  “Wait, what about Savior?”

Devin turns away from Beki and the three Tawogians.  “Leave him to me,” he says as he slowly walks away.  “Battlizer Ball, engage.”  Fire suddenly swirls around him as he walks.  When it fades, he is morphed into the Firerage Ranger, equipped with his Battlizer armor, weapons and wings.  Without saying any other commands, his Fire Blade and Magma Blaster detach from his wrists and combine into the Firerage Power Sword which he takes hold of in his right hand, while at the same time, one of his Gatling Flame Blasters appears strapped to his left arm.

“Oh, sure, NOW he goes into Battlizer mode,” remarks Beki.  She turns to Nicole, Anais, and Killer and proceeds to tell them her thoughts.  “You know, it seems that he just can’t get enough out of wearing that armor.  It’s like every time he sees the perfect opportunity to put on that armor and feel super awesome, he will seize it instantly.”

Hearing Beki go on, Devin stops and turns his head.

“I’ll bet he sleeps in it at night,” Beki continues.  “In fact, I’m pretty sure he-” she is cut off when startled by the sound of her older brother’s loud voice.

“BEKI,” shouts Devin, impatiently, “WHY ARE YOU STILL HERE?!  TAKE KYOGRE AND GET GOING!!!!!!!”

“Uh, yes, yes, right away, yes,” Beki says as she rushes to Primal Kyogre and the two of them head for the west side.

“That’s more like it,” says Devin as he moves off again.  But it isn’t long before he is distracted.

“Devin, wait!” says Nicole as she rushes up to him.  “Let me help you, we can take down Savior together.”

“I don’t think so,” says Devin.  “I did not start this battle, but I will end it, and I don’t need any civilians getting in my way.  Besides, now that the aircraft is gone, you and Anais should head back home.”

“But Devin, it’s too far to walk from here,” Anais adds.

“That’s easy to fix,” Devin remarks.  “Killer?”

“Yes, sir?” answers Killer, still in his shield form.

“Take on your car form and safely drive Nicole and her daughter home,” Devin instructs.

“Aye aye, sir,” says Killer as he jumps out of Anais’s hands and returns to normal form.  He gets down on all fours.  His torso extends a little, his hands and feet turn into wheels, his tail becomes a zig-zagged exhaust pipe and his head becomes the hood of the car. “Vroom vroom!”

“Devin, that’s not really an ideal car,” says Nicole.

“It’s the best he can manage,” says Devin.  “Now if you’ll excuse me, I have an evil governor to take down.”

“Devin, please,” Nicole says, stopping him again, “I have to do something, not only to save the city but to also make it up to you.”

“You’ve done enough,” Devin states.  “Just go home and tend to your family while I tend to my duty.”  Devin walks a few steps away, then spreads his wings and takes flight.

“It’s no use, Mom,” says Anais.  “Since Devin knows his team disobeyed him, he’s not going to listen to them when they explain what really happened.  We should just accept the fact that he’s never gonna see us the same way again.”

Nicole feels very depressed about the current situation, thinking that Anais may be right.  But then her fists tighten with a change in emotion.  “No,” she says, “even if he’s given up on us, I’m not giving up on him.  I’m going to help him whether he wants me to or not, even if I have to face Savior myself!”

“What?  No, Mom, you can’t, it’s too dangerous!” says Anais.

“I still have the weapon Ash lent me, remember?”

“Even so, you haven’t seen what he can do.”

“And he hasn’t seen what I can do.”

“Ok, you have a point there, it’s unwise to mess with you, but it’s still too risky, especially when Devin’s fighting him, you might get caught in the line of fire.”

“Um excuse me,” says Killer, “I don’t mean to interrupt, but I was told to take you two home and I’m still waiting for you.”

“There’s been a change of plan, Killer,” says Nicole.  “Instead of taking both of us home, you’ll just be taking Anais home.”

“What?!” exclaims Anais.  “No, I’m not letting you face Savior alone!”

“Yes you are,” says Nicole as she picks her daughter up and walks towards Killer, “because I am your mother.”  She sets Anais on Killer’s back.  “And you will do what I say.  Killer, you are to get Anais safely home.  If you do anything reckless, dangerous, or illegal, I will know instantly, understand?”

“Ye…ye…yes, ma’am,” answers Killer, intimidated by the tone in Nicole’s voice.

“Mom, please, you can’t do this,” Anais says with a worried tone.

“I’m sorry, honey, but I have too,” says Nicole.  “You tell your father and the boys that I’ll be home in time to make dinner.  Or we may go out tonight because I might be too tired to cook after this.”

“No, Mom, please.”

“Take her home Killer.”

“Yes, ma’am,” says Killer.  He revs up and drives away.

“No, wait, Mom!  NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!”  Anais shouts as Killer drives her away.

After taking a moment to watch Killer drive off with Anais, Nicole hurries to get to the Rainbow Factory.

Somewhere nearby, Larry Needlemeyer is sitting next to a dumpster in a fetal  position.  “As long as the Wattersons are around, my life will be nothing but eternal misery,” he mutters to himself.  “I got to find some way to get them away from me for as long as I live.  But how?”  He sits up as he notices Nicole running by.  “Hey, that was Mrs. Watterson running through the mists of all this chaos.”  Getting an idea, Larry stands straight up.  “That’s it!  I know just what to do.  No, wait, I shouldn’t.  After all, I made a vow to myself that I would never do such a thing.  And yet, I must, because if I don’t act now, I may never get another chance at it again.”
It's Morphin Time!
As it was announced a week or two ago by Hasbro, (the new owners of the franchise) today is National Power Rangers Day!  This is because 25 years ago today was when the first episode of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers aired for the first time.  As a tribute to this very day, I've drawn myself and my brother Adam using the original Power Morphers.  Austin St. John is the reason why red is my favorite color, and I'm pretty sure Jason David Frank is the reason why Adam's favorite color is green.  And speaking of Jason David frank, this July, Adam and I got to meet him at the Wizard World Comic Con!  It was a dream come true.  Thanks for taking a gander and Happy National Power Rangers Day!

The Amazing World of Gumball belongs to Ben Bocquelet.  :icondevinwattersonplz: and :iconadamwattersonplz: belong to :icontoaoflight3690: (me).  Power Rangers used to be owned by Saban Brands, but is now own by :iconhasbroplz:.  (I should probably update my previous drawings with this info.)

Thor vs Hulk
I'm back to drawing!  (At least for the moment.)  This one was requested months ago by :iconmicmonjorensfigs:, I couldn't get to it till now.  You would not believe what I've been through.  Anyway, he wanted to see my reaction to the scene in Thor Ragnarok where he's in the gladiator arena and finds that his opponent is the Hulk.  Thor's reaction to this was very funny, but I couldn't leave it at just that, because despite Ragnarok being a viking word meaning "The end of the world" (in case you didn't know), the movie as a whole was super funny.  I'd like to apologize to :iconmicmonjorensfigs: for the long wait, any who anyone else who has been wondering if I was ever coming back.

If you have a movie scene in mind you want to see my reaction to, comment the movie scene in the following link, and remember to first ask if I’ve seen the movie you have in mind.…

The Amazing World of Gumball belongs to Ben Bocquelet.  :icondevinwattersonplz: belongs to :icontoaoflight3690: (me).  Thor and Hulk (mentioned) belong to :icondisneyplz: and :iconmarvelplz:. :iconnot-auth1plz::iconnot-auth2plz::iconnot-auth3plz:
Dusk Rangers redone
I have been suffering some serious writer's block while writing the next chapter of The Mistake.  So I decided to do another redone drawing.  This one featuring something that many of you may not remember me posting before.  The Dusk Rangers.

Now to recap on how these Rangers came to be.  A Shadow Pokémon (one of which has yet to be identified) was sent to collect samples of each Pokéball Rangers' elemental power, which he or she does while battling them.  By fusing his dark power to them, Lord Dark-R uses the samples to create evil clones of the Power Rangers Pokéball known as the Dusk Rangers.  They posses the same powers and abilities as their real counterparts, except for one thing, where the Pokéball Rangers' elemental powers are link to light, the Dusk Rangers' are link to darkness.  In fact, being link to darkness makes them very dangerous, because they cast away, honor, moral ways, and the value of life, all things that true Power Rangers stand for.

So there you have it, a better drawing of the Dusk Rangers than my original one.  I will keep trying to get out of this writer's block and finish The Mistake, so enjoy this drawing in the meantime.

Power Rangers belongs to Saban Brands.  Pokémon belongs to :iconnintendoplz: and Game Freak.  The Dusk Rangers and Power Rangers Pokéball belong to :icontoaoflight3690: (me).

Red Ranger Tribute
At long last, it's done.  In celebration of Power Ranger's 20th anniversary, I've drawn every Red Ranger up to date.  From Mighty Morphin' to Super Megaforce.  This includes the Quantum Ranger from Time Force and Crimson Ranger from Ninja Storm.  You may notice that I've also included myself as my fan made Red Ranger into this drawing, the Pokéball Red Ranger.

I also want to point out that I know the Red Rangers aren't drawn 100% perfect, I didn't intend to because I knew I wouldn't be able to.  I was focusing more on making them recognizable.  The only part I regret in my efforts is how the Mystic Force Red Ranger's Phoenix visor designed turn out.  I wish I could have done better, but it just wasn't easy to do.  So please don't make any comments about them not being perfect, just know I did my best and accept my efforts.

Update: I've added the Mystic Force Wolf Warrior, (I didn't add him before because I thought he was too hard to draw) and the newest Red Ranger who will make history like every Red Ranger before him.  The Dino Charge Red Ranger!
Update (8-16-15): As nontraditional as a female Red Ranger seems, and the fact that this team already has a Red Ranger, I can't stick with tradition any longer.  The Samurai Red Ranger has an older sister, who is also a Red Ranger, one of two female Red Rangers.  The other is another secondary Red Ranger from S.P.D, but she and her team joined forces with the bad guys, so she's unworthy to be a Ranger of any kind.  Anyway, Now this tribute features both the male and the female Samurai Red Rangers, brother and sister.  I'm sure you can tell which is which.  *Hint, you can't tell by looking at the helmets.*

Update 12-28-16: Added the new Ninja Steel Red Ranger!

Update 4/10/18: made the female Samurai Red Ranger taller.  (I couldn't get it to update the first few times I tried.)

All Canon Red Rangers and the Power Rangers Series belong to Saban brands.  Pokémon belongs to :iconnintendoplz:  The Pokéball Red Ranger and Power Rangers Pokéball belong to :icontoaoflight3690: (me).




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