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Shioh (LDD) by Toaoflight3690 Shioh (LDD) :icontoaoflight3690:Toaoflight3690 2 3 It didn't really happen by Toaoflight3690 It didn't really happen :icontoaoflight3690:Toaoflight3690 8 10 R.i.p. Pua Magasiva by Toaoflight3690 R.i.p. Pua Magasiva :icontoaoflight3690:Toaoflight3690 23 11 Maligorn scares Anais by Toaoflight3690 Maligorn scares Anais :icontoaoflight3690:Toaoflight3690 18 10 AT: Bree by Toaoflight3690 AT: Bree :icontoaoflight3690:Toaoflight3690 4 14 Rogue Rangers by Toaoflight3690 Rogue Rangers :icontoaoflight3690:Toaoflight3690 8 5 AT: Firerage Ranger VS Governor Savior by Toaoflight3690 AT: Firerage Ranger VS Governor Savior :icontoaoflight3690:Toaoflight3690 11 5 Richard and Richard by Toaoflight3690 Richard and Richard :icontoaoflight3690:Toaoflight3690 28 11 Nicole and Hawkodile by Toaoflight3690 Nicole and Hawkodile :icontoaoflight3690:Toaoflight3690 20 4 Anais and Dr. Fox by Toaoflight3690 Anais and Dr. Fox :icontoaoflight3690:Toaoflight3690 21 5 Darwin and Puppycorn by Toaoflight3690 Darwin and Puppycorn :icontoaoflight3690:Toaoflight3690 31 9 AT: Flint and Melissa by Toaoflight3690 AT: Flint and Melissa :icontoaoflight3690:Toaoflight3690 5 3 Gumball and Unikitty by Toaoflight3690 Gumball and Unikitty :icontoaoflight3690:Toaoflight3690 36 19 Unikitty and Friends by Toaoflight3690 Unikitty and Friends :icontoaoflight3690:Toaoflight3690 26 9
PR Pokeball in Tawog: The Mistake Epilogue B
Epilogue B
A few months after the Inorbit invasion in Tawog, Captain Cayde-7 sits patiently in a relaxed posture in his homeworld.  Occasionally he would be in some covert-op mission off-world or sitting on his desk writing his latest mission reports to his superiors.  However, a few days ago he received an invitation by the President of the Rapture Federation to congratulate him in person.  Normally he would decline any invitation he gets due to his line of profession, but since he got invited by his greatest superior, he couldn’t refuse.
Later, aboard a ship and on his way to see the President, Cayde adjusts his elegant uniform, making sure nothing looks ragged for such an important occasion, he listens to the news on the radio.  “Thank you Delala for your report,” says the reporter.  “It has been two months since the Inorbit invasion in the dimension known as Tawog.  With the demise of Governor Savior, Inorbit activity is at an a
:icontoaoflight3690:Toaoflight3690 6 7
So much for the engagement by Toaoflight3690 So much for the engagement :icontoaoflight3690:Toaoflight3690 10 25

Random Favourites

TAWOG and HeroFactory crossover by henrykhaung TAWOG and HeroFactory crossover :iconhenrykhaung:henrykhaung 22 25 Have You Ever Had Catnip, Gumball? by benson-fangirl31 Have You Ever Had Catnip, Gumball? :iconbenson-fangirl31:benson-fangirl31 46 16 3 Favorite OC`s by gumballcariedarwin 3 Favorite OC`s :icongumballcariedarwin:gumballcariedarwin 7 12 Blank Ranger Key by RAatWTEN Blank Ranger Key :iconraatwten:RAatWTEN 47 66 Kentyth's Army of Kenneth- TAWoG (colored) by TAWoGFan2000 Kentyth's Army of Kenneth- TAWoG (colored) :icontawogfan2000:TAWoGFan2000 14 28 Gumball Doodles by animyx Gumball Doodles :iconanimyx:animyx 62 2 [FLASH] Kamen Rider GAIM Arms Change v17.61.5 BETA by crimes0n [FLASH] Kamen Rider GAIM Arms Change v17.61.5 BETA :iconcrimes0n:crimes0n 1,392 2,324 Team Good vs. Team Evil by StealthNinja5 Team Good vs. Team Evil :iconstealthninja5:StealthNinja5 24 4 Lego Mini Dairenoh/Thunder Megazord by StealthNinja5 Lego Mini Dairenoh/Thunder Megazord :iconstealthninja5:StealthNinja5 25 1 AWoG: Sneak Attack by animyx AWoG: Sneak Attack :iconanimyx:animyx 29 9 Kentyth's Army of Kenneth (uncolored) by TAWoGFan2000 Kentyth's Army of Kenneth (uncolored) :icontawogfan2000:TAWoGFan2000 13 23 Devin Watterson1 by NamyGaga Devin Watterson1 :iconnamygaga:NamyGaga 39 26 The Three Mega Evolutioneers by WaniRamirez The Three Mega Evolutioneers :iconwaniramirez:WaniRamirez 117 53 Gumball And Anais by Alexdream12 Gumball And Anais :iconalexdream12:Alexdream12 60 12 Warriors Who Fight For Light Of Hope by StealthNinja5 Warriors Who Fight For Light Of Hope :iconstealthninja5:StealthNinja5 42 6 point RQ by NEO-Lexamus-Prime point RQ :iconneo-lexamus-prime:NEO-Lexamus-Prime 7 6


Shioh (LDD)
My third picture created using Lego Digital Designer.  This is a modal of a character I've been meaning to create.  I give you my Unikitty OC Shioh, a lion/phoenix hybrid samurai warrior.  I will be making a drawn version of this character, but I wanted to build him using LDD so I can get a rough idea on how I should draw him.   I will include a character bio once the drawing is up, so stay tuned.

Unikitty! belongs to :iconlegoplz: and :iconwarnerbrosplz:.  Shioh belongs to :icontoaoflight3690: (me).

It didn't really happen
During my time avoiding spoilers from Endgame, I've been catching up on new episodes of The Amazing World of Gumball.  As some of you may know, the season one episodes titled The Microwave gave me a heart attack, (as in scared the living daylights out of me).  The exact point in the episode that triggered the heart attack shall not be spoken, but I will say it did motivate me to write my first fan fiction titled The War.

What does all this have to do with this new drawing of mine?  Well, As traumatizing as The Microwave was for me, it only gave me one heart attack.  The new episode The Master on the other hand..............GAVE ME TWO!!!!!!!!!!!  So here's the thing, most of what happened in The Master didn't happen in real life, (as in the show's real life) it was only a part of a fantasy role playing game.  But that wouldn't mean I couldn't possibly have a heart attack if the events didn't really happen, right?  WRONG!!!!!!  The episode provided visual aid, and it was not helpful one bit!  So basically, this drawing describes the state I was in after watching it.  I'm arguing with myself about the situation.  One part of me says that I have nothing to worry about because it didn't really happen, while the other part of me says "Reality, fantasy, make believe, dreams or otherwise doesn't matter.  It's unacceptable and those responsible for making it happen must pay!"

The fact that I'm talking to myself in a fetal position was actually and inspiration from an episode of Spongebob Squarepants where the background character named Harold was in the same position saying, and I quote "You brought yourself, Harold.  I did not, Harold.  Yes you did, Harold.  Harold, I did not."  Anyway, because what happens in The Master isn't as tragic as what happens in the Microwave, but it did give me inspiration for another drawing.  Whether or not I'm actually gonna do it, I'm not sure because the idea is really difficult.  And that ends my drawing for the day, now it's off to bed.

The Amazing World of Gumball belongs to Ben Bocquelet.  :icondevinwattersonplz: belongs to :icontoaoflight3690: (me).

Silver Ranger Tribute
And last, but certainly not least, my tribute to all Silver Rangers!  Funny thing about the Silver Rangers, most of them here aren't named Silver, and those are the Titanium Ranger of Lightspeed Rescue, the  Lunar Wolf Ranger of Wild Force, Nova Ranger of S.P.D, Mercury Ranger of Operation Overdrive, and Robo Knight of Megaforce, he of course was the hardest to draw.  This also has my fan made Silver Ranger of Pokéball.  And so, that concludes the tributes in colors.  Who knows, maybe in the future, I'll do tributes of the Rangers I couldn't fit in, and maybe tributes of the full teams.  That would be cool.

Update 9-2-15: I've added the new Dino Charge Graphite Ranger!  I did post a journal regarding the fact that I needed help on how I should add the Graphite Ranger since he's the first and probably only gray colored Ranger.  And get this, I did not get one single comment from that journal, not even a comment that says that they'll think about it.  FEELING IGNORED HERE!!!!!  Anyway, I eventually got some help from someone I knew personally.  She said that the Graphite Ranger should go in the Silver Ranger category. Even though his suit doesn't shine like silver, it's close enough.  So I went with that.  And Kyoryuger fans, I know that there's going to be an actual Dino Charge Silver Ranger coming at some point.  He'll be added here once he's been officially announced.

Update 10-4-16: Added the new Dino Charge Silver Ranger!

Update 4-8-18: Made S.P.D Nova and RPM Silver taller.

Update 12-20-18: Corrected the color on the Titanium Ranger.  Though he is Silver like most of the others, his is actually a little darker.

Update 5-11-19: Added the new Beast Morphers Silver Ranger! Let's see, first RPM, then Dino Charge, and now Beast Morphers.  That makes three teams with both Gold and Silver Rangers.

All canon Silver Rangers and Power Rangers belong to :iconhasbroplz:.  The Pokéball Silver Ranger and Power Rangers Pokéball belong to :icontoaoflight3690: (me).

R.i.p. Pua Magasiva
My fellow Power Ranger fans and I are all mourning.  Pua Magasiva, the actor who played the role of Shane Clarke, the Ninja Storm Red Wind Ranger, was found dead in New Zealand yesterday morning.   It's hard for everyone when a member of the Power Ranger legacy passes on, especially when it's an actual Power Ranger.  As a tribute to a Ranger who earned his spot as a legend, I've drawn up this tribute of myself in my Pokéball Red Ranger uniform holding the Helmet Pua Magasiva wore as Shane Clarke and paying my last respect to him.  He will be missed, but his legacy will live on, like all great heroes.

Power Rangers belongs to :iconhasbroplz:  Pokémon belongs to :iconnintendoplz: and Game Freak.  The Pokéball Red Ranger and Power Rangers Pokéball belong to :icontoaoflight3690: (me).

Gold Ranger Tribute
And now, shining in the brightness of the sun, we have the Gold Rangers, which include The Mystic Force Solaris Knight and the Pokéball Gold Warrior Ranger, who was created by yours truly.  Super Sentai fans, don't even think about yapping about King Ranger from Ohranger is supposed to be in the black category, because this is a Power Ranger tribe.  And in Zeo, King Ranger is known as the Gold Ranger, which means in Power Rangers, he belongs in the Gold category, so your argument is invalid.

Update 8-30-15: Added the new Dino Charge Gold Ranger!

Update 3-19-17: Added the new Ninja Steel Gold Ranger!  Wow!  No sixth Ranger has ever joined a Power Ranger team faster than this one did.  It's only March and the Dino Charge Gold Ranger didn't appear till August in 2015.  Ninja Steel must've wanted their sixth Ranger fast.  Also, as you can tell, Ninja Steel is a ninja theme team, like Ninja Storm and the Alien Rangers.  But as for this Gold Ranger, even though he's a Ninja Steel Ranger, for reasons beyond my knowledge, he's more of a cowboy than a Ninja.

Update 5-6-19: Added the new Beast Morphers Gold Ranger!  Whoa, three Power Ranger in a row that have a Gold Ranger!

All canon Gold Rangers and Power Rangers belong to :iconhasbroplz:.  The Pokéball Gold Warrior Ranger and Power Rangers Pokéball belong to :icontoaoflight3690: (me).




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Dude to some complications, we were not able to see Avengers Endgame on Monday like we planned, but we did see it today.  It wasn't easy (without going mad with boredom) but I managed to avoid spoilers.  Now I'm back with not worries of spoilers.  In between being logged off and logged back in today, I received inspiration for some drawing ideas I hope to do soon, so stay tuned.
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