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Gnarls - Fractals

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Plastic Fractals

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seashells, microcosms

Flux Fractals

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Roman Arcana

GlynnSim Fractals

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zen garden

Hypertile Fractals

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Polar Express

Julian + Julian Disc - Fractals

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all the world's a stage

Foci + Unpolar - Fractals

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Diamond Vein

Glitch Fractals

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Modulus Fractals

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Pixel shading tutorial

Digital Painting - Tutorials

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Behind Schedule

Truchet Fractals

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Duckies - Fractals

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Alligator Eyes

Pareidolia, Familiar Shapes + Creatures - Fractals

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ai ia

Apo-Chaotica Params

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TRANSFIGURATION a branch of magic that focuses on the alteration of the form or appearance of an object, via the alteration of the object's molecular structure. TRANSFIGURATION TODAY was a scholarly journal focusing on the latest news on developments in the field of Transfiguration. Harry Potter Wiki Hello friends!I am happy to announce the 4th big contest timed to the 2nd anniversary of %Art-Revival ( we are celebrating on January 8th! The contest’s title was inspired by Harry Potter books. However it’s not related to Harry, but to magic. Magic of photomanipulation. To enter the contest you will have to turn something (someo


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Ancient Script

cpow + droste + spiral - Fractals

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The Exposure Triangle Tutorial

Aim So, you've got your spiffy new DSLR because you wanted to take your hobby to the next level. You've gone trigger happy and annoyed all your friends with that constant clicking noise and blinding light. You've taken some pretty decent shots in Auto Mode, but they don't always turn out the way you want them too. Your photos are sometimes too bright, too dark, blurry or (unintentionally) grainy. This tutorial aims to help you to explore your camera's Manual Mode in order to improve the quality of your work and to give you much more control over the outcome. The Exposure Triangle The Exposure Triangle consists of three main points: ISO, Ape

Misc. Tutorials

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Stone Age

Fractal dc_image

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Fractal Hearts

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Twilight in the Crystal Desert

Spherical Bubbles, Kleinians, Dragons - Fractals

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Gate Beta of corruption

Best 3D Fractals

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Fractal Inspirations

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Best Fractals

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She is Sleeping

Best Escape Time Fractals

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Celtic Lament

Oh, Oh! I long to be In Celtic lands, so wild and free Oh, Oh! I'll ever see Those green hills spark a fire in me Oh, Oh! Great lands of lore I long to taste that salty shore Oh, Oh! God grant me more! I wish to go, alas, I'm poor!


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Waves of Fire

Double Bubble Fractals

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Burnt Edges

Fractal Dragons + Gaskets

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Blended Nefertiti ...

Best Fractal Manipulations

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Fractal Julias

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To Those in Need

Bwraps Fractals

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In Black (29)

Stock Images

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Murl Fractals

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Chinese New Year - Pattern Pack

Digital Resources

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Tips for (Fractal) Commissions

Art in the Professions Hello! :wave: I've been making fractals for almost 4 years now and it happened that people sent me messages about using my fractals for commercial or personal purposes. These are my two cents on the matter of taking commissions and how to do that in the best way possible, for both you and the client. :D (These tips can be applied to other fields of art too!) I will add an "Additional Tips for Fractals" whenever I will talk about selling fractals in particular. First and foremost: If commissions are not your thing, don't do them. Nobody forces you to take commissions. :) It requires a lot of patience to deal with the


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