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Andregos (Lupus update 2)

By ToaFeliax
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Long time no update. The idea behind his design is making him both bulkier and more animalistic, like he was always supposed to be. I added pistons to his sides and a gear to his back,  both are classic Toa features. His claws look better as well, now they provide more protection thanks to the wrist guard. The Avohkii-shaped soulder guards are an indicator that he serves the light, despite being a creation of darkness.

He was supposed to be a Toa Hagah of Makuta Miserix, but due to a malfunction during his creation, he escaped Destral to travel around the Matoran Universe to find a place for himself. Unfortunately, a Toa of Shadow was not welcome anywhere. Using his mask power, he summoned a sea Rahi that transported him to Metru Nui, and dwelled in the Archives later on. He rarely showed up, only a few has seen him until the desolation of the city, one of them was Nara, a High Breed Matoran. They became friends, but haven't seen each other for millenia since The Great Cataclysm. While the Matoran were all taken to Mata Nui, he stayed in the ruins of the city and roamed the streets until the Matoran finally returned in 1001 AGC.

He was eventually found by Toa Trona, an Order of Mata Nui agent and invited him to join the Order. He gladly accepted. When Teridax ultimately died, he finally left his hiding place and migrated to Spherus Magna. He helped building a new secret hideout for the Order under the ocean. He has never left the building ever since. He only socialized only with those who were taken to the hideout. When in the year 2010 AGC Toa Feliax was severely injured, he took responsibility of him while he was unable to fight.

Species: Toa

Gender: Male
Element: Light and Shadow
Kanohi: Mask of Rahi Control
Age: unknown
Tools/Weapons: Mechanical Claws, Barbed Sword
Class: Assassin/Commander
Pronunciation: AHN-dre-goss

Potential questions:
Q. Does he feature modded/custom/broken pieces?
A. Yep.
Q. Do I care?
A. Nope.

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I like the Avohkii as shoulder armor, and the mask shape and color complements his design nicely. I would say that you achieved your goal in regards to his build (bulky/bestial)! :clap:
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Thanks for the compliment!
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You are welcome! :)
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Volga: hhmmmm very similar to me in every way......I like it...
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Andregos: Thank you, Master.
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Volga: your welcome
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That font...

Where did you get it from I want it noaw plox :0
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It's called Voya Nui Font. Google it, you'll find it in no time.
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Yeah, I know, I am the only fuckr who ever comments on your stuff, but man, this is awesome! :D 

One question: What's a High Breed Matoran?
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