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'Gimmie Some Skin: Tutorial

By toadz
This image is is the final render of a tutorial that is located to the right as a download.

It is a tutorial for DAZ Studio on using UberSurfaceShader with your characters skin. It's the first part of a series where we will be wrking on ALL the materials in the scene, not just the skin. It'also includes all the details of the lighting for the scene.

I've hit a document limit in Photoshop so I've had stop at this point of the tutorial and will be carrying on with the rest once I am done posting this. Part two will be up when it finished, or when I hit the limit again for the next part.

Save your scene once you have followed the tutorial though because you will need it for the next parts, then have a play with the settings in you might have learned about in a second save of the scene for experimenting with, such as changing a few colours, strengths etc to get a feel for it all, but you will need to save original for the rest of the tutorial.

This tutorial is aimed at people who are new to using UberSurfaceShader and want too see what some of it settings and options do.

Please feel free to drop any critique or comments on the tutorials as it is my first DAZ Studio tutorial.
© 2012 - 2021 toadz
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The skin looks great, I'm going to give it a shot. How about a tutorial all about hair ?
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I used your tutorial. I think the outcome looks very nice. Great tutorial.
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A question about skin tiny hairs...?
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Thank you, hope the tutorial comes in handy!
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That was a great tutorial! do we make a "Apply these tutorial settings in one click" button? :p

I bought that Injection product ages ago and NEVER use it, except for the eye reflections, which are great. Even with his advice in the forums, I can't get rid of that goddamn redness. Your tutorial helped me understand what it does though. Thank you! I might try it again...

I'm really looking forward to your next tutorials now! This was a VERY easy tut to follow and if something wasn't obvious, you explained it. I like that. Thanks again! I might start using Daz for rendering again (I'm preferring Reality/Luxrender these days...)
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thnk you very much....
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which version of DAZ, are you using?

I cannot find some of the items mentioned, ie: Trace Displacements
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Great tutorial Toadz I've been looking for a skin tutorial for ages
I'm looking forwards to loads more

Hugz Oakelfglimmer
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Enjoy! I also have a few mini tutorials posted that cover skin again, as well as different surfaces like hair, cottong, leather etc. Have fun! :D
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Nice tutorial, Have you played with any actual SSS maps?
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I've tried making my own but I've never gone out and purchased any SSS maps. I've heard Dreamlight have a good set though.
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k - I started last year playing with normal maps and I heard a rumor that DS might support weight maps but not seen anything yet. The ability to use SSS maps have been there but not seen any really yet.
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DS does have weight mapping. If you get DS4 Pro while it's free, you get the ability to add weight mapping through the Content Creation Tools.
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I have DS4 Pro and been experminting with it - just have not figured out were to the weight map so I was wondering if it even existed. Nor do I even know what a weight map should look like or how to build. Will go look there. Research time. I have seen some great effects in Poser were they say a weight map has been used.
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A weight map is not actualy a map like something such as a displacement or spec map, it's a tool that adds bend and wieght to items. It's not something I have tried my self yet I am afraid so I can't give you any tips :( How ever, I did manage to find this tut for you ;) [link] Hope it helps :D
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That was excellent. Worth the 15minutes to watch that tut - looks like a non-trivial effort to do as well. I can see though for those poses were things just wont behave that this could be a great solution. I will have to play more with the genisis figure - not done so yet. Appreciate it.
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No worries. I am glad it was usefull for you. There are quite a few good DAZ tutorials on You Tube. It's worth looking through there uploads for anything that might take your attention. Smoothing modifiers and auto fit etc are really usefull and are explained in their vids.
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If your character is turnning white, it means you are over writting the mats when you are applying USS. Select your mat zones, and make sure you have V4 selected. Now hold Ctrl and double click the USS icon and from the Map Settings, click Ignore. Now your character will keep it's mats. Applying USS how ever will reset your strengths, gloss etc and the ones I use in the tut are just a rough guide to play with.

As for the last two bits you mentioned about displacement strength and percentages, I am not entirely sure what you mean. Displacements always need a mat file to work, and things such as it strength should always have a percentage to change whether is USS or the basic shader.
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I follow your instructions exactly, and she still comes up white. Vicky without any mats comes up a pale blue, and UV Maps, Smoothing and General are the only surface controls that come up. I suspect that I may be missing some USS files. The .dsa file is there, but there may be some others missing. No worries, I used the other part of the tutorial and they worked great!

Thanks for your help.
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Hmmm, if you are following my tut correctly then you should have no problems. Maybe it's something with your USS as you mentioned :(
twosheds1's avatar
Thanks for this. I converted this to a pdf for easier use... I tried it, and when I applied USS, Vicky turned all white, like all mats were gone. Then, on some models, the settings that are there for USS seemed to be already present, but some are a little different than what you have mentioned. Displacement strength, for example, looks for a file. There isn't a percentage to change. Any advice?
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