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TDE's OdD Pattern Pack

Note that there was no section
for GIMP patterns so i'm putting it here instead
these files are in the .pat format
so all you need to do is save them to your
Patterns folder which is in the same place as the Brushes folder

Yeah the preview sucks
i didn't want anybody to rip my patterns
so i kinda overlapped them all

Anyways this is my first pack of patterns,
really just me scavenging through my patterns menu
and selecting the ones i used quite a bit
as well as some brand-new ones

Contains 15 patterns ranging from
wiry tubes to grunge stars to snakeskin :D
© 2007 - 2022 ToadsDontExist
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Just Wonderful!!! more please
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thank you! :D
I probably won't release any more pattern packs,
though you may find some in my brush sets
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These are great thanks
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Thanks, and you're welcome! :D
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This will certainly come in handy. Thanks for sharing~!
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I hope it helps! :D
No problem, and thank you! :)
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Oooooh, me likey! Keep a watch on my deviantart page, I'm gonna make something with theses soon!

But this raises a question....why don't we have places for Gimp patterns and maybe even gradients? We should.
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i'll do just that! :D
I can't wait to see it!

Hmm, i'm not quite sure
Guess the dA people aren't quite aware
that GIMP has patterns and gradients and things =P
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=D patterns are good
ToadsDontExist's avatar
thanks! :D

Hope you enjoy them :)
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