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Wario Come at Me Bro Emoticon

By Toad900
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Yes, I WILL make a 3rd post in the Rio Series. This time, it will be light hearted. (Minus this, cause emoticons don't count. XD)
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Is his dick sparkling?
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That looks cool, and I'm really looking forward to the huge roster that seems to have spawned.
It looks like Cream might be playable after all, as well as Diddy Kong and Rosalina, so that makes three out of four on my wish list! The fourth one was Chip, but I don't think that will ever happen. It also looks like a lot of events are similar to London, but it also looks like they're bringing back the Dream Events. I love those! Can't wait for this game!
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Same here! ^W^

The dream events are a little bit "stale" like without the M/S backgrounds but again, this is the 3DS version so some events are different at least.
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Glad you like it! Thank Nintendo for the majestic Wario animation. XD

Also, did you see the link from the desc?
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Okay, I will. XD

Yes, but I will see it later because I am on my mother's tap let.
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Alright. It's the trailer for the Rio Olympics. And all I can say is... Double the Roster. :3
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Oh. Okay, awesome. :3
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Have you seen the Japanese Trailer yet for Rio Olympic of Mario and Sonic yet?
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If I didn't, this emoticon wouldn't exist!


AND I'll make a 3rd comic with a light hearted ending with it too! ^^ I wonder if Nintendo and Sega put in special animations like Sonic and Amy, Mario and Peach. That way they can add in new ones like Luigi and Daisy, Zavok and Zazz, DK and Diddy, Tai- *you get the idea for this one. XD*, Shadow and Rouge, Jet and Wave, etc.
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