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A Year without Puppies by ToaChristor A Year without Puppies :icontoachristor:ToaChristor 1 0 A Time without Indifference by ToaChristor A Time without Indifference :icontoachristor:ToaChristor 1 0 The Romance and The Doorways by ToaChristor The Romance and The Doorways :icontoachristor:ToaChristor 1 0
Tahu's Journal: Epilogue
Tahu's Journal
We stood once again in the large chamber with the elder's. We were all gathered around a large table, and on it was a large map showing the regions we'd explored, as well as the other Teams sent out from the United City.
It was about a week after we'd returned; I'd spent it by, first, having my foot taken care of; it was as good as new. The rest of my time involved me exploring the city, to see how much had changed. As things would have it, a lot had changed.
They'd started to truly fortify the city, for one thing; guards lined up all along the walls, watchtowers were built, and multiple kinds of weapons were all around the border.  I assumed this was the Agori elders response to the rogue Skrall sightings we'd heard about since we returned.
The other big change was the Agori and Matoran themselves. They'd apparently had some... problems, getting along, in the time we'd been gone. There'd been fights, arguments, and apparently a couple of riots by some
:icontoachristor:ToaChristor 2 4
Tahu's Journal: Chapter 20
Tahu's Journal
Chapter 20
After a night's worth of driving, we came to find the others camped out along the jungle's southern edge. They'd stopped for the night, while we'd continued on to make up for the lost time. When we arrived, the sun was beginning to rise, and they were preparing to move on in search for us.
"We were hoping you'd catch up before we got going again," Tarix said to us when we stopped our vehicles next to them.
Pohatu was the one who voiced the question all of us had in mind; "None of you happened to notice any... Skrall, one your side of the jungle, did you?"
After he said it, they all gave him a questioning stare. "Why, did you?" Gali asked, looking at each of us for an answer.
"We wouldn't be asking if we had no reason to," Kopaka replied.
"What he means to say..." Vastus cut in. "Is that, yes, we did."
"But last we saw them-" Tarix began, before I finished for him.
"They were headed in the completely opposite direction, we know. That's what's been bothering us
:icontoachristor:ToaChristor 2 4
Pippin the Rabbit-Thing by ToaChristor Pippin the Rabbit-Thing :icontoachristor:ToaChristor 1 0
Tahu's Journal: Chapter 19
Tahu's Journal
Chapter 19
We sped across the sands, rounding the jungle's edge. We were a long way from it, but it was still visible in the east. On the other side was the other half of our team, working on a makeshift map of the visible region. We were going to meet after passing the entire length of the jungle, planning on running into eachother and once again heading south together once we finished our seperate maps.
In the west were some dunes, same as the ones I'd seen before Bara Magna and the moons had been restored to one planet. We didn't need to go too close to the region to tell it was just another desert. The curious thing of it, though, was that there was a single random sand storm going through it, seemingly in our direction. We shrugged it off, though, knowing it to be no more than your average desert weather.
As we continued on, the sand storm still seemed to trail us, but began to dissipate as it neared the desert's edge. As the sun set, it outlined what remained of th
:icontoachristor:ToaChristor 2 5
Tahu's Journal: Chapter 18
Tahu's Journal
Chapter 18
We were heading home.
Back to the United Village, after all our time travelling out here, we were going home, back to the Matoran, Turaga, the other Toa, and everyone else in the city. Takanuva had all of our findings, in written and drawn forms, for most, as well as the map Tarduk had taken from the Sisters of the Skrall. We had everything that the Agori elders and the Turaga had asked for.
So, our job complete, we'd turned around and headed back to the incomplete city. There were other reasons we were glad to have turned around finally, like running low on supplies, hopes that we wouldn't have to deal with any more enemies like the Skrall and iptasaer, and my need of a new weapon, after the iptasaer shredded my rotator blade.
We'd escaped the Sisters' Tower just a short while before sunrise, so it was the perfect timing for us to head off. We'd climbed aboard the chariots, Crotesius on his Cendox, and we were on our way. We were making good time, too. By the
:icontoachristor:ToaChristor 2 2
Tahu's Journal 17
Tahu's Journal
Chapter 17
We stood in a circle in the mountain valley, trying to pass the time. After coming to the realization that we were all in an illusion,  we started thinking of possible ways to get out of it. We couldn't manage to come up with any, though. All we could think of was Tarduk pulling a trick like he had a short while ago.
Kopaka had thought of trying to use his Kanohi Akaku to try seeing out of the illusion. We were skeptical, as it was a Mask of X-Ray vision, rather than a Mask of Truth like Axxon's, which I could imagine working. We decided to give it a shot though, and we were surprised to find that it had actually worked.
Kopaka was able to see through the dream that the Sisters had created, able to see the cell bars and the Sisters outside the illusion; the closest thing to seeing reality we had so far, other than the flash.
We twiddled our thumbs for a little while, until the illusion started to flash in and out, in and out...
"What's going on?" Lew
:icontoachristor:ToaChristor 3 1
Winged Teridax by ToaChristor Winged Teridax :icontoachristor:ToaChristor 8 3 Vahklaw by ToaChristor Vahklaw :icontoachristor:ToaChristor 1 7 Collection of Canisters 3 by ToaChristor Collection of Canisters 3 :icontoachristor:ToaChristor 3 6 Collection of Canisters 2 by ToaChristor Collection of Canisters 2 :icontoachristor:ToaChristor 5 3 Collection of Canisters 1 by ToaChristor Collection of Canisters 1 :icontoachristor:ToaChristor 3 4
Tahu's Journal: Chapter 16
Tahu's Journal
Chapter 16
Tarduk moved silently along the wall, keeping his attention on all directions around him should a guard appear. These dungeon corridors were directly below the tower above, and covered a much larger area. The tower had looked to be fairly new, and also a little unstable, as if it had been built to be used as a stop for a day or so. But, these tunnels said otherwise.
Tarduk came to a fork in the tunnels, and listened at both sides to try predicting what he'd find at either end. On his left, he heard nothing, and it was silent. On the right, he heard a faint sound of what he thought was snoring. He looked down the right corridor and could see the outline of two Skrall sitting on a wore robes similar to the guards the Toa'd fought outside the tower entrance.
He guessed that if there were guards down here, there'd be prisoners: the others. He had to think of some way to get rid of the guards and get them out. But how?
Tahu's P.O.V.
I woke up again, this time findi
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Toonie the Space-Monkey by ToaChristor Toonie the Space-Monkey :icontoachristor:ToaChristor 1 6

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Still not much of a community for Bionicle RP to be found.
I need this in my life.


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