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Little Red

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After I painted Grimoire two years ago, I had this idea that I was going to paint this whole series of fairytale-esque girls in the woods type of series, but of course I basically stopped drawing during that period of time and that never happened at the time. It makes me feel a little better that even though I am so out of practice because I very rarely even doodle nowadays I can compare this to Grimoire and see where I've matured since then in terms of technique and color palette.
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It's Perfect and such an amazing drawing! *-* Can I use it as my avatar on a webside? I would Link u of course *^*
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Such a beautiful background. Soooo pretty !! I love how you painted her dress!
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May I ask what brushes you use in your paintings?
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beautiful work ! :)
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I really like your use of colors (orange and teal/red and green). Did you use a custom brushes for the leaves? The shapes are really intriguing. :D
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Those were painted by hand.
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Stunning. Simply stunning.
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It's always great to see your art, however infrequent it is. I don't think you've ever painted anything I didn't adore.
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great to see some of your work again c: it's beautiful, i love the intricate details and colours
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she looks like sweet girl, but she wear the wolf as a hoodie
Llama Emoji-38 (Confused) [V2] 
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This a gorgeous piece of art. I love it. 
Red Riding Hood is one of my favorite fairy tales. c:
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I really like this concept...
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'Ol Big Bad got wrecked!
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What a beautiful painting, I love your style and the colors!Heart 
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