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Percy Eric Jackson
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My name is Percy Eric Jackson but I prefer to be called Eric. I've been an artist since I was young and I'm in College for Video Game Design. I prefer to do my art on paper but I'm starting to do it on photoshop. I'm also a Kung Fu artist and do many styles so if you have a pose to request please do and I'll get it for you as soon as I can.Styles I train that I'm willing to do request for are:Ch'ang Style Taijiquan (Tai Chi), Hung Gar, Ba Gua, Northern Shaolin, and many animal styles.

Feel free to use my stock photo's. That is what they are there for. Just credit me and if you can let me know cause I do enjoy seeing work people come up with.

Please look at my work and let me know of what changes I need to work on.

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The Holocron of Darth Sheik part 12

Journal Entry: Mon Dec 27, 2010, 2:34 PM

~Thoughts and Mission notes~

::Effects and Holocron uses::

Year 3,656 BBY (The past is erased along with a friendship)

            As Sheik sat within his cell meditating the lasers on his cell door then opened.

"Get up Sith scum it's time for your judgment" Said the Trooper

::Sheik got up and walked with them giving no resistance::

::Guards talk while taking Sheik::

            They then get to a long hallway and as they walk down it Sheik is able to feel powerful Force users in the next room. That alone told him what they were planning to do to him. He knew that with powerful Force users they have them killed or have their memories erased as they did to Darth Revan those years ago.

"After extensive study we found that it was Darth Vemon who posed as you for those crimes but with even more study we found your DNA around many other crimes in the past." Said Satele Shan

"Yo bitch can we just speed this up. I'd rather not sit here and listen to all you're blabbing" Shouted Vemon

"Very well if that's what you wish" Said Satele

::Sheiks mind calmed::

            The Jedi High Council then surrounded Sheik first since they deemed him more dangerous and told him that were going to erase his mind and sever his connection to the Force so he would have a 2nd chance. As they started Sheik willingly gave in but as they went on something opened in his mind.

::New Holocron entry::

::Inserted on 3,656BBY::

Year 3,666 BBY (Predestined Friendship Fated Enemies, Someone's hand at work)


::The Emperor has ordered the destruction of the Jedi Seer's along a group of Jedi Initiates called Sei Gi on Tatooine (Japanese for Justice) who will become the new Jedi Seer's. Their Force Visions have gotten in the way of the Emperor for the last time::





~Agents on the Mission~

Sith Acolyte- Aorui Zhang- Twi'lek- Potential Sith Assassin

Sith Acolyte- Ophaniel- Umbaran- Potential Sith Sorcerer

Sith Acolyte- Catlin Wheeler- Lorrdian- Potential Sith Juggernaut

Sith Acolyte- Mika Christopher- Miraluka- Potential Sith Marauder

Sith Acolyte- Trini Quinn- Nagai- Potential Sith Sorcerer

Sith Acolyte- Eric Musco- Human- Potential Sorcerer

Sith Acolyte- Vincent- Human- Potential Sith Marauder

Sith Acolyte- Sharaza- Theelin- Potential Sorcerer

Sith Acolyte- Vasantanesa- Human- Potential Sith Assassin

Sith Acolyte- Eduardo Vemon- Twi'lek- Potential Sith Assassin

Imperial Agent- Code name God Killer- Chagrian- Imperial Operative Program

Imperial Agent- Code name TagUrIt- Imperial Sniper Program

Imperial Agent- Code name Shadow Tierney- Imperial Sniper Program

Imperial Agent- Code name Triaii- Imperial Operative Program

~Overseers of the Mission~

Sith Juggernaut- Darth Malgus

Sith Sorcerer- Darth Baras

Sith Warrior- Darth Angral





Mission failure will result in death, so failure is not an option.

            Upon receiving orders Aorui's master handed him his information and sent him on his way. Aorui went to docking bay X3-84 and boarded the ship. When he placed his equipment down in the locker room he then was greeted by a friend he's known for a while, Ophaniel. After Ophaniel put his equipment away also they went to the mess hall to eat while they wait to start the mission. While eating all the other Sith Acolyte's came to the table to sit with them and talk about the mission. Everyone but Eduardo Vemon.

            Aorui noticed that and went over to Edward to speak with him for a little while. When he was talking to him Edward was rather rude and then ignored him. Aorui then got up upset and walked back other to the others. Aorui got to know the others really well and was happy to get to work with them. Aorui also told them about a team he wants to put together someday with only the best and hopes they would join him. Everyone but Sharaza and Eric Musco agreed. Eric planned to have the same thing but agreed to make it an allied group.

            Over the intercom Darth Malgus called for Aorui to come to the training room. While in the training room Darth Malgus told Aorui…

::Data corruption::

::Data deleted via Force user::

::Locating data stream::

            After entering Tatooine the battlecruiser used remained high yet low enough to not be detected by enemy forces. After Darth Baras reminded them of the orders everyone ran off the ship and used Force Push to make a safe landing. Everyone remained by themselves to avoid problems and they each had their own talents and others would just get in the way. Aorui eventually entered into a Hutt Fortress that they believed to be the front for the Jedi operation. After searching for 5 minutes Aorui came onto a vent leading down were he saw two people in Jedi robes talking.

"One of the children had a vision last night of the base being attacked by the Sith" The Jedi said

"That's impossible, how would a meer child see what we have not"

"You know you have become quite arrogant and brash lately you may want to meditate on this"

"I'm fine there is no problem with having confidence in your skill"

"That's not what was taught to us"….

~O my goodness these guys just keep talking and talking and talking. I'ma go check somewhere else~

::Aorui turns to start moving::

~The Dark Side is heavy here. Though its not coming from us. I wonder if some other Sith has come here. Couldn't be because he would know how to hide his presence. Well whatever I'll just look around~

"Did you see that on the screen"

"No…what did you see?"

"It looked like a Theelin"

"Hahaha you're just seeing things"

::Aorui goes back to see the door open::

            When Aorui looked into the room he then saw the Theelin Sharaza entering the room and started to fight the Jedi. Aorui saw that he was able to hold his own but was not able to finish them off. Aorui then opens the vent and leaped cutting off the head of one Jedi. Aorui then Force pushed the other one off of Sharaza who then used Force Pull and impaled the Jedi.

"Idiot don't go rushing into a room if you cannot handle them" Aorui said

"I can handle my own. I was just testing them to see the strength of the Jedi here"

"Whatever fool you keep going around creating agro and I'll kill you myself."

            Aorui then left Sharaza and went back into the vents to search some more. Aorui then found the main security room and saw 4 Republic guards within it. As he dropped down to plan his kill the guards then noticed someone hacking into the door for the room. As they gathered to the door Aorui walked up and impaled two of the guards. When the other 2 turned to shoot the door opened and down went the guards as they were shot.

::As the bodies drop it revealed to be the Chagrian God Killer::

"Yo thanks for the assist Aorui"

"No problem I was looking for a distraction to kill them anyway"

"Well let's get back to work shall we?"

            The two then worked on the systems to locate the people they were looking for. Aorui found the Jedi Seer's who were 5 floors down and while he was looking over the layout of the building God Killer found the Sei Gi who were training on the 4th floor. Just as they uploaded the building schematics and locations to everyone else Aorui felt the Force within the room.

::Force Push used on God Killer by Aorui and Computer slashed by lightsaber::

            Aorui saved God Killers life from the Jedi that snuck into the room. God Killer started firing off as the Jedi Watchmen who kept knocking the blast back at him. The Jedi Force Pushed Aorui back and closed in on God Killer but just as he got within 1 foot of him the Jedi then started to raise off the ground and his whole body started to crash in on itself. The Jedi was sent flying towards Aorui who then cut off the Jedi's head.

"Thanks Ophaniel for the help" Aorui said

"No problem buddy I feel not all Sith should work alone. Sometimes we have to stick together"

"Yea no doubt…wait- Aorui what's that on the screen?" God Killer said

            When they looked onto the monitor screen they noticed a stasis Kelto Tank with a Zabrak in it. God Killer also noticed 80% of the power was being routed to his room. More importantly it was two stasis Kelto Tanks. Aorui looked at the room number but noticed it's within the room with the Jedi Seer's.  Aorui, Ophaniel, and God Killer were met up by the others other than Eduardo and Sharaza. Aorui asked where TagUrIt is and God Killer told him that he was killed on his way in and that God Killer killed his killers.

~I think what I've felt is coming from those tanks. We'll need to hurry so I can find out if I'm right~

            Towards getting down to the Sei Gi's training room Aorui started to get an odd feeling. His feeling was confirmed when he saw that the door was slightly open and no sound was coming from the room. He taught the system said this was their training time but yet he hears nothing.

::Wa…Watch yo..self….in the room…Aorui…Save me…Your my only hope..::

~What the heck just happened… bah never mind that I got a job to take care of~

"Maybe this is just me but I feel as if something is amidst" Vasantanesa Said

"It's not just you Vasantanesa, I lost transmission with Sharaza a while ago and I think we are about to find out why" Aorui Stated

"We'll that's what he gets for always aggroing things" Ophaniel said jokingly

::Door slams::

            When they walked into the room the lights turned on and the door shut tight. After their eye's adjusted to the light they saw a group of 20 kids ranging from 8-14 standing there.

"Sei Gi I'd assume?" Aorui said

"Yes Sith spawn we are Sei Gi..We are justice…We are your redeemers"

"1. We are not Sith yet. And 2. Whoever gets in my way will be cut down." Aorui stated with battle lust in his eyes

            Everyone then started fighting with Aorui taking on the 2 biggest at the same time. Both of the guys used Force Push towards Aorui who tossed his saber into the air and used Force Push back at them. The attack wasn't causing anyone to win but Aorui started to move towards them making the attack that much harder to hold. When he got within 1 foot of them it caused them to fly back towards Trini who did a back flip over them and Force Pushed them into the ground. Aorui then heard someone tell him to duck and as he did one of the Sei Gi fell to the ground dead.

            Aorui looked back with a smile towards God Killer for having his back. Aorui and Musco then used Force Pull on Catlin who then plowed through two of the female Sei Gi. As Aorui looked over to Ophaniel to see if he needed help he noticed he was using Force Drain on one of them. Ophaniel then picked up the person and used Lightning Grenade on them then tossed them at the person going towards Mika and they exploded.

            Aorui saw that everything was going well and since there weren't many of them left he just continued into the next room and hopefully find the tanks holding the people he saw on the screen. But when he walked into the room the door closed and sealed behind him. Before he even had a chance to try and hide the lights turned on and 5 cloaked people then came walking out to him.

"We've known about your coming for some time now Aorui Zhang" Said Seer 1

"If our vision is correct then a lot will happen to you in the future but it will not be to harm the Republic" Said Seer 3

"What are you blabbing about Jedi filth"

::Loud pounding at the door::

"They won't make it in here until we are finished Aorui or should I call you Darth Sheik" Said Seer 2

"I'm not a full Sith yet but thank you for letting me know you all will die by my hands"

"Silence Sith the balance of the future is in your hands. You are well known even among the Sith for your mind and skills. But you should know that you are but a puppet of the Emperor" Said Seer 4

"Puppet? What are you talking about?"

"The Emperor has been creating…babies to…:: Memory wipe in effect::






            As all but one Seer lay in defeat the last one alive was surrounded by the potential Sith units, but before they could attack the door to the room was ripped off its hinge's and all of the overseeing Darth's came walking into the room.

"Good job potentials we'll handle it from here. Leave and go back to the ship" Said Darth Malgus

            While the others started to leave the room Aorui began to question why he was following the Sith at all. So at that very moment something changed. He told his plan to the others who wanted to follow him and everyone listened. Everyone but Vemon that is. As they ran back into the room everyone used a group Force Push while Ophaniel, Trini, and Musco used Force Shock to stun the Darth's. While they were holding them back the Seer activated the tanks for Aorui. When the tanks finished coming from out of the floor he felt the Dark Side strongly emitting from the two within the tanks.

"This tank holds a powerful young Zabrak Sith named Valegor but the Zeltron next to him we just figured out today and her name is Beatrix Blue. Both are from the time Revan was known as Darth Revan…The Old Sith Wars. We haven't figured out as to why this happened to them but when you open the tank maybe you can figure that out"


            Just then Darth Baras erupted in Force power knocking down the young Sith's. As that happened the Seer then turned and used what is now known as Force Harmony which caused every non Light Side user to lose touch with the Dark Side but not fully. Darth Malgus fought someone using this before and was able to fight through it. Aorui told the others to leave as he instructed and await their time. The Seer then let down his Force power since Aorui was not able to help seeing as he was still far into the Dark Side.

::Aorui run leave this place::

            After the Force Harmony was let down Aorui attacked Malgus but was promptly overtaken. Malgus sent him flying into Valegors tank putting a slight crack into it. And just after the Seer was killed by the Darth's Aorui knew he was all alone but still fought with the determination to win.

::Run Aorui do not worry about me in this tank::

"You cost the Emperor a lot of resources young one, but your time with us is not over yet." Said Darth Baras

"I'm no longer you pawn so you'll have to find someone else. I have my own vision and plans"

"No you don't….."

Aorui faintly remembers the three Sith raising their hands to him which is now understood that they wiped his mind and rewrote it. But the voice of that female always stayed within his mind. That and the meaning behind his ships name… The Black Hand

::Back to present day::

            As they were 20 seconds into wiping his brain the roof of the building was ripped off. When the dust cleared and the roof dropped onto the ground outside Sheik then saw Datenshi standing there. Datenshi raised one hand and the rest of his main soliders circled along with him. Along with that Beatrix's fleet ship came flying down and as it stopped she and her crew came jumping out and as they landed they pushed the Jedi away from Sheik.

"Are you ok Lord Sheik?" Said the Lorrdian Sith

"Catlin? that you?"

"Yes it is my Lord I did as you requested all those years ago and became a Jedi and kept tabs on them all this time" Said Catlin

"Haha (gasping for air) good good. Let's gather the forces and get out of here"

"Yes my Lord we'll stay back and finish off these Sith"

"No leave them be. They are not our enemy this day"

:: Satele then put away her lightsaber and walked forward::

"You are defiantly not a common Sith. Everyone let them go we are dealing with a Grey Sith here." Said Satele

            As Vemon heard the convocation he tried to make his exit but Satele used Force Pull to bring him back down. Sheik then told them to act quickly or he will get away. Vemon gave Sheik a very evil look as he was leaving with his army. Datenshi placed the roof back on and the fleet left back to Mustafar. While Sheik was in his room trying to rest he could only think about his regained memories. But then Beatrix came walking into the room with a surprise for Sheik.

            Just as Sheik looked up and saw her holding a pinkish red baby Twi'lek Valegor came running into the room and told Sheik that he is getting reports that the base has been found and is under attack by both a Sith force and the Republic. Sheiks happiness was short lived and he prepared for combat to regain what is his now that he is not only protecting his soldiers but his child.

            As he was putting on his clothes Sheik was then visited by someone he never expected to see…Asuka Kobayashi's Force Ghost.

"You lead my friend to my death but I've come with a warning"

  • Listening to: Talking to Catlin Wheeler
  • Drinking: Jasmin Tea


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