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Path of Development: Upchuck

By tnperkins
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Here is some of the work that I did while developing the character Upchuck for the Cartoon Network Studios program Ben 10, the episode The Visitor. Many possiblities were generated for the idea of Upchuck. Some in fact were later to appear in the episodes Ben 10,000 and Ken 10 as both other heroes and villains.

BEN 10 and all related characters are trademarks of and © Cartoon Network.
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I'm glad number 6 became Slampede
tnperkins's avatar
It got used on the show after all? keen!
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No their talking about a fan comic called 5 years later where number 6 was the basis for a fan alien called slampeed
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Design 2 became Spitter.
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Heya! I’m honestly happy to see someone who helped work on one of my favourite cartoon series appearing more and posting art progression. I’ve always loved how some of the designs you made were never forgotten, and how you unintentionally created one of my favourite aliens- arcticguana!
heck, I even based an alien I made off of the 8 guy because of how unique he is
im a big fan of your work, and I hope some day they bring you back for another rendition of Ben 10
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Nice! I like 1 aka Sploot, 2 aka Spitter, 5 aka Gullet, 6, 8, 9 aka a member of the planet X'Nelli and concept art for Arctiguana, and 10a.
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Alot of Fans were kinda hoping that Ben unlocked Uxorite DNA along with Gourmand DNA. It'd actually be pretty interesting to know what Ben as a Uxorite would be like. Was there any Concept for that?
MmZxWolblade2412's avatar
These all look so cool! Number 8 sort of reminds me of Alien Force's Echo Echo , maybe they took a bit of inspiration from this concept? XD 

Who knows , love your work man! Keep it up! 
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they all look awesome but i love number 2 for upchuck! (wasnt that in Ben 10,000?)
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Actually 1, 2, 5 and 9 were all used in Ben 10,000. :)
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VERY NICE! although the other retentions of Upchuck  could be used for another alien form in the  ben 10 series :) 
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#9 kinda looks like Articguana :O
tnperkins's avatar
#9 is what became Arctiguana and #2 is what became Spitter.
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aww man i dred sploot and the red buff guy (#5) a while back and i found the top pic on the internet a while back too and drew some of them and now i find it hear and you say that people cant draw them. :( in a shorter story i was wondering if i could upload the ones i derw.
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You can always do what fan art you wish. All I mean is that though I designed these characters, I do not own them. They are properties of Cartoon Network, so I have no power to give anyone the permission to do anything with them. I say you should draw what ever you like.
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thank you very much kind sir =D and i have one more question how do you get the insperation to draw the aliens that you have made.
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One of them looks like Spitter from Ben 10000 and Ken 10
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Yup.... becuase I recycled him to be that character later on. The is also early vesions of Arctiguana, Sploot and Gullet in there too.
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Cool I didn't see that
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2 looks familiar.....i think they used this sometime......cant put my finger on it.....
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Some of them are just too...out there to be on Ben 10, design-wise
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the first one looks like "ooz" from ben 10n:af
and the 7th one looks like ploodo... or however u spell it from the ben 10 movie.. I LOVE YOUR WORK btw!
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