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I bring the Saturday Morning Goodness...

I am an Emmy Award winning artist working in the animation industry for television and film since 1997. a listing of my screen credits can be found on my IMDB page ( ). I greatly enjoy creating odd folks for strange worlds, as can be seen here. I have a great love of science fiction and fantasy art. I have worked for such animation studios as Starz Animation, Cartoon Network, Warner Bros., Sony Pictures, Porchlight Entertainment, and ImagiUS to name a few. I have also worked in the a number of live action productions as a freelance artist. These projects have included "Without A Trace" for CBS, "Dexter" for Showtime, and "Heroes" for NBC. Welcome to my online portfolio blog.

Favourite Visual Artist
So many to choose from...hhhhmmmm...
A bit of bedtime scribbling: Shin Ultraman
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Good day, folks. If your bookshelf was feeling a bit bereft of Perkinsian monster goodness, may I recommend checking out my shop page over at!shop/zhczs ...I have coppies of my first sketchbook available there and if you wanted me to add a original sketch in the front the drop me a line and we shall see that it could happen too. :) Have a grand day.
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Do you like to read interviews by folks in The Arts?

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Indeed I do! I always want to learn about the folks who make the art I enjoy!
BAH!!!! Mere Piffle! Don't waste my time!
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Happy Awesome Birthday, Thomas!

Hey tnperkins, If you reading this. I've watched Ben 10 for years. I just wanna say I'm a huge fan of your work.

But the reason I'm writing this is because I'm actually making my own Ben 10 story. and I'm making fan aliens for it.

I wanna let you know that one of the alien I'm making is based on one of your Upchuck designs (Figure 8 to be exact)

Basically my version is a 'living woodchipper/industrial shredder'

I just wanna let you know.

I'm making OC characters based off of the aliens that Gwen and Kevin became whether mutation or via Ben's Omnitrix/Ultimatrix... not to mention Kev's Antitrix as well.


- Cannonbolt, Clockwork, Diamondhead, and Upgrade (Female)

- Four Arms, Rath, Wildmutt, and Wildvine (Male)

- Goop, Heatblast, Stinkfly, and Upchuck (Female)

- Grey Matter, Humungousaur, Ripjaws, and XLR8 (Male)

* I might redo these as there is a limited yet infinite possibilities of potential.


- Ampfibian, Bootleg, and Ghostfreak

- Bashmouth, Nanomech, Thornblade, and Wildmutt

- Crystalfist, Way Big, and Wreckingbolt

- Dark Matter, Ripjaws, and Undertow

- Hotshot, Quadsmack, and Skunkmoth

- Humungoraptor, Jetray, and Rush

* I've also done:

- Bashmouth, Quadsmack, Wildmutt, and Wreckingbolt

- Crystalfist, Dark Matter, and Hotshot

I'm thinking about doing:

- Humungoraptor, Nanomech, and (Upgrade?)

What would you do if you were to do something like this?

Would Alien X be accessible to Kevin because Vilgax became "Alien V" when he took Kevin's Antitrix.

Excuse me, I have a question for you, do you have any full body concept of the U-Foes, their final design from avengers earth mightiest heroes, because I can't find any full pictures of their design from the show, (except for vapor) barely

Hello. Will you allow CreaturemasterProds to redesign the rest of unreleased aliens? What I mean is do the same thing he did with Crabtastic? I just wanna read on his page about Decagon Vreedle, Snark Tanque, Kringl the Summoner, Invincible and the rest

Hello there! Have you done anything more with your amazing Kid Kthulhu retro comics covers? I believe you once intimated you might continue those into a full story line. I can't seem to find the comics covers on deviantart...did you move them? If so, where? Thanks, and keep up the good work!

could you do my 2 separate requests for 2 separate groupshots since I figured I would ask bro: The League of Super Evil (Dark Shadow (Leader) (Looks Like a fusion of Kingdom Hearts's The Master of Masters and Scooby-Doo 2 Monsters Unleashed's The Evil Masked Figure) and Catwoman (Wife and Co-Leader) (DC Super Hero Girls G2 Season 3) and Tiger Claw (Second in Command) (TMNT 2012/TMNT VS Batman) and Dick Dastardly and Muttley (The Dark Heart) (Scoob/Scooby-Doo Mystery Incorporated) and Hercules (The Half God) (The God of War) and Black Beetle (The Living Tech) (Young Justice/Batman The Brave and The Bold) and Lilth (The Demon) (Darksiders) and Dr. Eggman (The Mad Genius) (Sonic The Hedgehog 2 Live Action/Sonic X/Video Games) and The Green Goblin (The Maniac) (Spider-Man The New Animated Series 2003/Marvel's Ultimate Alliance 3/Patrick Brown's Spider-Man) and Tomura Shigaraki (The Rookie) (MHA) and Planton (The Fry Cook) (SpongeBob SquarePants) Inspired by The Mean 8 (MLP FIM) and The Legion of Doom (DCAU) and The Sinister Six (Spider-Man No Way Home) and The Foot Clan (TMNT 2012) and The League of Villains (MHA) and The Guardians of The Globe (Mischief (Leader) (Looks Like a fusion of The Mask The Animated Series's The Mask and Jim Carrey's The Mask) and Batgirl (Wife and Co-Leader) (DC Super Hero Girls G2 Season 3) and Leo (Second in Command) (TMNT 2012/TMNT VS Batman) and Shaggy Rogers and Scooby-Doo (The Heart) (What's New Scooby-Doo/Scoob) and Kratos (Half God) (The God of War) and Blue Beetle (The Living Tech) (Batman The Brave and The Bold/Young Justice) and Bayonetta (The Witch) (Bayonetta) and Sonic The Hedgehog (The Blue Blur) (Sonic The Hedgehog Live Action/Sonic X) and Spider-Man (The Web Head) (PS4's Spider-Man/Patrick Brown's Spider-Man/Spider-Man The New Animated Series 2003) and Deku (The Rookie) (MHA) and SpongeBob SquarePants (The Fry Cook) (SpongeBob SquarePants) Inspired by The Mane 8 (MLP FIM) and Justice League (DCAU) and The Web Warriors (Into The Spider-Verse) and The Hamato Clan (TMNT 2012) and Class 1-A (MHA)