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Top of the world

tonight's sketch, back to comfort zone but tried something new as well
really like this composition, will find a time to finish it :)
good night world, before my head explodes
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*Cue Imagine Dragons music!*
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I am very interested in seeing this finished. Wow.
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dude, this is juste beautifull, i mean, i only can dream to see an landscape like this! AWESOME!!
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Thank you! glad you like it :)
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Wow.. i have never seen a concept art similar to tjis. Nice one :D
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extremely awesome, I'd appreciate if you could let me know once you finnish it.
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Thank you very much, will let you know if I do! :)
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I would love to use this piece too for my Page, will this be okay? ^^
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If anyone should make money it will be you ^^ I simply love to share art from great artists :) thank you again
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Hi i'm ok with it as long as it's not for commercial use :)

(credit would be much appreciated if possible)
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i really love the clouds.
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you're welcome
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Pics like this make me sad i cant live there or visit :( i live in an ugly dry city 
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same here :(
thank you for your comment!
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I would have loved to have seen this with my own eye's. You make the scenery look so beautiful.
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Thank you! I wish I could see this myself as well.. :D
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Fantastic Scene, Good job !
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