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Skyrim landscape

By tnounsy
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some personal speedpainting done today.
i've been playing skyrim last week and i freaking love this game..

i used some screenshots in game as reference

edit: updated wallpaper size on request
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This is awesomeee!! I need a high res version of this to use on my ultrwide monitor as wallpaperrr!!! I'd appreciate if you have a link. Thank you so much!
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this should be the remastered jacket art...
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damn... amazing painting, exemplifies how awesome skyrim's environment is
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I love playing Skyrim, so as soon as I saw this painting I had to have a closer look and it's absolutely beautiful. I can see my Dovahkiin wandering along the shoreline to fight the dragon or tame it with the infamous shout Gol Hah Dov..... the bend will shout off the DB DLC :) thank you for capturing the world of Skyrim.
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Your painting makes me want to fly like that dragon. So beautiful painting.
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I just love your pic so much, you're such an awesome painter. Ok now for the actual reason I'm here: Can you remember where this location is, like which lake is it or what ruin is that in the background? If you can't remember the name maybe you remember a quest that involved the ruin or some landmark that was on the lake. You can use this wiki for help:… Thanks :3
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It could be the Western Watch Tower. Aka, the place where you fight Mirmulnir.
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Hi thanks for the comment,
I dont really remember the exact location but it should be somewhere near the start of the game, maybe Whiterun?
IIRC that ruin was painted from scratch so I dont think you can find it in game :)
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holy holy holy 
This. This is flipping outstanding. I want to drool all over it and frame it forever. KUDOS. 
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Absolutely gorgeous. 
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Hi, I know you've answered this question for someone else recently but may I use this in a Skyrim video I'm making for youtube?
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Hi, as long as it's not for commercial or promotional purpose I'm totally fine with it.
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May I use this in the credits of my youtube video? Ill credit ya
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Hi, I am ok with it as long as it is not used for commercial/promotional purposes
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I was wondering if you have any shop in which we can buy a print or canvas of this? It is absolutely stunning and I desperately want it in my living room.
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Hi thank you for your kind comment, sorry i dont have an online shop for printing at the moment :/ Will keep you guys informed if i get one one day!
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I love skyrim and love this painting as well!
Awesome man
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Thanks a lot! :D
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I featured your awesome painting in my journal! :la:
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Thank you! very lovely layout :)
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