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At the end of my "Man of Steel" journal, I realized how much fun it was to think of ideas for a DC cinematic universe; I cannot stop thinking about it. So this journal is a way for me to put these ideas down somewhere and get them out of my head.
So, I've broken down what I would like to see in the future from DC movies:

Superman: I think it is necessary to have Lex Luthor to have a larger presence in the future; yes, we saw 3 glimpses of LexCorp stuff in "Man of Steel", but after the events at the end of "Man of Steel" (Metropolis in ruins and Superman killing Zod) Lex can step in and be an important figure; he doesn't even need to be the main villain yet, just step up his presence in the next installment. He can help rebuild the city (so now he'll control more of it)…and he will challenge the idea of Superman, and can use the killing of Zod as an excuse to never trust Superman (he killed once, what's stopping him from killing again).

Batman: It is absolutely necessary to establish a Batman that isn't completely grounded in reality, there HAS to be some fantasy involved; I mean, I like Batman for him being the most "realistic" superhero, but without the elements of a fantasy it is not as good as it could be. For example: personally, I am sick of the battle armor look to Batman (that is what he would wear if he existed completely in reality), but he's so good at stealth, he doesn't need all that armor. He should have a suit similar to Superman's in "Man of Steel" (have Bruce base his suit from a sample of a Kryptonian suit found after the events of "Man of Steel"). If Batman can exist in the same universe with Superman, the entirety of Batman's rogues gallery could be opened up and used.

Next, the Robins have to be introduced into this universe; it is necessary to introduce them to show the evolution of characters as time passes. First the new Batman needs to be established (in a few movies by himself), then Dick Grayson can be introduced as Robin, and in a few years (two or three movies) we can see him grow (maybe even a "Teen Titans" movie) and evolve into Nightwing (preferably like in the animated series, where he resents Bruce for manipulating things). Then there's the whole Jason Todd storyline, introduce Jason into the universe and get us to care for him (presence in 2 movies or so), then they yank the rug out from under our feet and do the "Death in the Family" storyline; then we get to see an emotional side to Batman (and we can have Dick come back and be there for Bruce; then he will be a more prominent figure in upcoming movies). Then the audience will worry about Robin and when each new Robin is introduced (Tim, Stephanie, and Damian) they will wonder if they will ever see the death of another Robin (until "Death of the Family"). … The same thing needs to happen with the Batgirls (Barbara, Cassandra and Stephanie); so we can see the evolution from Barbara to Oracle and then have the mantle of Batgirl be passed down.

Wonder Woman: Bringing Wonder Woman to the screen should be a major priority for DC/WB, there has yet to be a successful female superhero movie, and Wonder Woman is the perfect character to pull that off with; but currently there has not been any announcement about a Wonder Woman movie before the release of "Justice League" … and that seems like a terrible mistake. The Wonder Woman universe is a complicated enough and to try and introduce her, along with a villain, the new Green Lantern and the whole formation of the team into "Justice League"…is a lot to introduce in one movie. Wonder Woman needs her own movie.

Green Lantern: I am still unsure how I feel the future of the Green Lantern movies should progress. Growing up watching "Justice League (Unlimited)" John Stewart will always be my go to Green Lantern; but, I feel like it should (re)start with Hal Jordan … But, and I cannot express this any farther, Ryan Reynolds should not return to the role (to me, he is the main reason why the movie didn't work…a "comedic" actor should not have gotten the part). I have a limited knowledge of the Green Lantern universe (Green Lantern, to me, is the weakest of all the characters in the Justice League … But that's the topic for another journal), so I don't really have any clue on how they should progress this movie series.

Flash: I am ecstatic that Flash is finally getting a movie, after seeing how fast the Kryptonians moved during "Man of Steel", I got really excited, because now I can see how a Flash movie could work.

Others: Martian Manhunter, Green Arrow, Aquaman, etc… should be brought in, but only after the universe is thoroughly established.

Now, for my thoughts on the announcement of Ben Affleck being cast as Batman…I am not pleased about this choice; Affleck is too old. Clark was apprehensive about being a hero in "Man of Steel" because there wasn't a hero in the world…so, Batman has not established himself in the world before "Man of Steel", Superman is the first hero (which is as it should be). Affleck is 41, where Cavill is 30 … I have a HUGE problem that Batman has not established himself before age 41; going by "Year One" Batman should be 25 when he establishes himself in the world. If they hadn't already emphasized that Superman was the first hero (because if Batman was around since he was 25, then Jonathan Kent died for nothing (which people already claim, and if this is the route they take then I won't have any credibility in my defense) then they could hire someone older than Cavill.

Personally, I want all the roles to go to unknown actors / actresses that way there is no preconceived image of what that character will be based on their previous works.
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