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Eowyn and the Nazgul

By tmza
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The warrior keeps the warlord occupied while the rogue sneaks in from behind
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Epic battle epic moment and excellent art work, congratulations!
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secretoflurkmoreHobbyist Writer
I love this, so expressive and emotionally-charged.
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Nerdy-VikingHobbyist Traditional Artist
One of my gripes with the movies was this scene. Granted it was done well, but I always say the Witch King like this, with flaming eyes, a floating black crown and armored like some kind of dark paladin. Minor complaint but anyway this is awesome love this
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ridley100Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I like how your incorporated the Eye of Sauron into the Witch-king's armor. It reminds me a lot of Warhammer 40k. That being said, his eyes seem too small and wrongly-placed on his head.
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I love these poses, and the Witch King's headless design!
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amazing! ^^
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absolutely amazing. The dark atmosphere, Eowyns movement and your interpretation of the Nazgul. I love it
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LydiaKittenHobbyist Digital Artist
This has only 38 comments? You must be shittin' me...
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And awesome reimagining of such a classic scene. Truely love it. Well done.

(and the hobbit in the background which i just noticed. very sneaky :) )
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She certainly looks capable of taking him on... Great painting!
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Lord-RadianHobbyist Traditional Artist
Go eovyn ! You are so amazing :)
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FaceDownDagonHobbyist Traditional Artist
Oh, nice. The details and texture on the armor are great. Though, I do wonder how she managed to stay disguised with such an "accommodating" breastplate. :XD:

No matter, this is great.
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Serth15Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Uh-oh! Look out! That hobbit's gonna shank you! NOOOOOO
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All I can say: [link]
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I LOVE this scene, there are loads of drawings of it too. But I have to say, yours is among the best of the amazing ^__^
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Thank you very much :)
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Heavy battle atmosphere. Intense.
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drumgirlHobbyist General Artist
Incredible work! I really like the details. Thank you for submitting this to :iconeowynclub:! :heart:
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"You bitch cut my face off"
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SenelfyHobbyist Digital Artist
Very impressive!
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Ecthelion44Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Spectacular, and everything according to the book - invisible face, not some cloak and mask, mace instead of morgenstern, robes are very ghost-like, and I love the design of Eowyn's sword :)
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RevenwynHobbyist Artisan Crafter
I think I've decided my favorite aspect of this piece; You made Eowyn a strong woman who doesn't look like she'd break under the weight of her sword and shield. Large, but still not a fatty, beautiful and strong. Just the way I always pictured her.
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