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Minimalistic Player for Rainmeter (v1.3)

Hi everyone!
Here is a dark minimalistic player skin Ive been working on for some time, to get to know the basics of Rainmeter. The whole skin is easily resizable due to the Scale and Width parameters added at the start of the skin file.
Standard music player actions are available through the cover art picture (a play button will pop up): Left click to Play/Pause, Right click to play the next track and middle mouse click to play the previous track. Scroll on the album cover to change the volume.

Rainmeter is required to run this skin: . This skin is aplicable to many music players. Visit the Rainmeter manual to see the full list of supported players:… .


Changelog version 1.3:
-    Skin disappears when musicplayer is closed, suggested by
-    New, cleaner cover substitute (for when the albumart is missing/ nothing it playing)
-    More customization options! 
-    Scroll controls for the progressbar

Changelog version 1.2:
-    Color customization
-    Album colors, using Chameleon plugin by Socks the Fox
-    A better quality play/pause button
-    Scroll controls for volume on the album art
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Hey uh... I know this may not be the very best place to ask but I've always noticed something with songs no matter the Rainmeter music player skin I use, Why does, let's say for example, a visualiser or even the play/pause fade effect tend to slow down drastically for some albums (like for example Big Fish Theory by Vince Staples) but on others (like 2001 by Dr. Dre) it appears to be more fluid. Get back to me whenever you can and thanks for such a beautiful music player skin like this

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Hey, I would like to run this skin but idk whats wrong with rainmeter, it does not show up, some other skins do.. 
same problem its not appearing when i load it
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I tried to read through it but I can't find it... How do I make it not disappear even when the player is closed, please? I want it ever-present on the desktop; even if it just says "stopped".
Hey there M-Jae , I'm a tad late, I know... I hope you found the fix and didn't uninstall the skin 'coz of your issue. If you still haven't, well here I are.

/*--I feel like I should be the one to answer this, seeing as it was my suggestion that led to the feature being implemented, despite the (creator | OP)'s misgiving's, 'coz your exact issue. [see comments below]--*/

Anyway, simply:
    1. Open the skin file ==> [Minplayer v1.3.ini] in a text editor,

    2. Scroll to LINE 120 ==> [the "mStatus" measure(s)],

    3. Comment-out the last 3 lines, these are the "if" statements ==> [LINE 125, 126, 127] by adding a semicolon [";"] to the beginning of each i.e.

    4. Save the file and lastly refresh the skin.

That's all, it should now be permanently visible.
Cheers mate..
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Thanks, Chematia. I know it's been over a year since your response, but thanks still :-)
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Thanks for sharing! Works well with iTunes!
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hmm nothing appears when i load the skin. is it outdated?
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It only appears if you have your player (set in the "Player" variable) running
Can someone pls help. I have a glitch using WMP where if i close it, the player glitches and keeps going on and off... pls i would appreciate a fix for this :s
Can you please update to support spotify? Beautiful player btw.
i use music bee 2.5 with it and it shows only the cover art and rating it doesnt show the name of the song or the album or any other info some one help me !
Hey TmrGast , A++ on this! Awesome skin.

Using MusicBee v3 and it works seamlessly, even changing the track ratings works!!
Query though, is there a way to make it automatically disappear when my Player is closed?
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You could implement an if condition where the skin turns invisible when the track information is empty.
I could do that, but some people might complain about a skin suddenly appearing on their screens, Ill probably add it in a variation.
Thanks for the comment!
Yoo!!! Sorry for the late reply, had End of Year Portfolio Submissions, so DeviantArt was the enemy that past week. hehe

Glad to see my suggestion featured and implemented, cheers for this.
Just got v1.3 and YESS!! The variation you added works neatly. Enjoying the new one even more, loving the cleaner look and size.

I stand by my earlier post, A++!! 
For some reason the album art isnt showing up. I'll try restarting my computer to see if that does the trick, but is there any solutions?
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Does the track information show up? title, artist and album?
If that's the case, check if the song your playing actually has an album art, It won't display anything if there's no value for it.

otherwise, if you're simply not getting any information, than you might need to change the playername and/or setup your media player properly.
Can I ask what musicplayer you are using?
I am using iTunes and yes all of the information shows up except for the album art. I'll try updating iTunes and see if that works. 
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read the description
I am trying to play it with musicbee but all I get in the player is Stopped 
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