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Cloud Strife Cosplay Update

By TMProjection
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Purchased the right trousers, and already had the boots, armour, emblem, vest, completely hand made.

Brought the correct belt buckles, and crepe wool for side skirt and sleeve, which is next to do.
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Nice job! Love it 😊
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HAYATO-01Student Traditional Artist
This is amazing.
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RindaliaHobbyist Artist
Wow, you're gonna make a hot Cloud XD 

great work~
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NaheaHobbyist Digital Artist
Honestly, if I could cosplay I would totally walk around in public with that on.
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Fantastic job on the cosplay so far! I applaud you making it all by hand :) armour looks smooth, emblem seems accurate from what I can see, as does the clothing. Overall looks great and I anxiously await finished product! :heart:
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Sooooooo cool!!!!!!! :happybounce: 
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Sampel-16Hobbyist General Artist
Nice, it looks realy cool!
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LightArcIndumatiHobbyist Writer
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THE unstoppable guy, good work
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DamnMulletDesignProfessional General Artist
That shoulder piece looks sick, how durable did it turn out to be? Send me step by step instructions when you get a little time, would you? I would like to know the techniques and supplies used. Am thinking of making a mock, folded down convertible top for my current project ( a 18V 4WD, 4WS, Power Wheels Jeep with air shocks, 12" of lift, and lawn tractor tires!!!)
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TMProjectionProfessional Digital Artist
its very strong, plastic coated, ill make a pic compilation eventually

eva foam
hot glue gun and sticks
pva glue
polyurethane resin
sand paper
silver spray paint
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DamnMulletDesignProfessional General Artist
k, you did the foam prep and shaping, then you treated with the pvc/pva cement, then hit it with resin, right? I had an idea for this project of mine and am going to run it by you: I am thinking of taking cushion foam that's heavily porous, and trim it down til it looks like a folded down convertible top, and create a sand mold around it, bottom of the convertible top facing up (side that will attach to the Power Wheels Jeep). I am going to run 3 8" pieces of all-thread 4" into the foam. I plan to use this,…. I think I can mix enough to permeate the top well by thinning it with denatured alcohol (personal experience - it thins bondo, so it should thin casting materials but I will test. FYI- bondo is talc powder and cheap poly resin). Then take out of the mold once cured, coating the top by brush til a good surface is built up. If this works like I think, it will be a springy material that will yield with pressure, but has a durable, car tire surface. Your thoughts? I can imagine it would be excellent for many of the things you create... I will send a couple pics of the project. I am in the process of engineering the 4 wheel steering and 4wd wiring
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BriannaHendrickson Traditional Artist
That's epic
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RoxasFlurryHobbyist General Artist
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JessiLin15Hobbyist General Artist
Very, and I mean VERY, nicely done!
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ArclightsFangirl10Hobbyist Traditional Artist
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Kiki-koibito-chanHobbyist General Artist
I have reason to believe that your real name is Cloud Strife... ;) Great job. ^-^
LORD-OF-ALL's avatar
Nice!Great job man!
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Dragon-star23Hobbyist General Artist
This is going to be awesome when you finish it. It looks awesome anyway and you still have stuff to do for it. :D Very nice!
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You're going to make a great Cloud, I bet.  You already look like him!
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SurrealMimeHobbyist Digital Artist
Looks nice.
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awesome job atmp :) (Smile) 
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