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Armour Update 3 (Cloud Strife)

By TMProjection
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Final Fantasy 7 Advent Children Cloud Strife

put leatherette on and hand stitching seams
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Okay, so this is my second attempt at writing a critique because my computer crashed, so sorry if I seem snappy in any way.
The leather looks very nice and looks like a great material to use for this. I think that it would look great as part of a cosplay/costume, and it looks very sleek. It doesn't look like it'll be too heavy when it is worn, so that's fine. There's one thing though, if you use it a lot, the stitching may fray? It's not too likely, but Im just saying to look out for it, so that you can keep this looking as great as it does here.
Nice stitching by the way. Did it take absolutely ages? I understand that leather is a tough material to work with, but yes. Congrats, it looks great. I'm looking forward to more updates.
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Can't believe I'm getting so excited about this prop, it already looks pretty amazing
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Wow. But, how long did it take ya?
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Want... so much want |3 Excellent job
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looking great so far! 
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Eeee how exciting to see you putting everything together so well and fast! Im really excited to see the whole thing come out amazing which i know you'll be able to do at this rate!! <3
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well done the armour pieces
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I wish I had my friends email and or his devian art user name cause he is good e made god of war 1 2 and 3 costumes and assians creed and he has REAL blades
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I wub it... I need that for my biker armor! 
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Everything is coming together quite nicely, cher!
Not like I didn't have faith you'd get it right! :giggle:
I knew you'd get it!
Awesome work!
Akari Akazaki (Good Job) [V3] 
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Ohhh! That's lovely!! Awesome job!
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Nicely done man! its coming along swell.
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Oops! Clap :eager: by darkmoon3636 :squee: Winner  Awesome!
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My brother said this is a really good armor pad.^^ (He's a big FF fan)
Wow this is really pretty!!!
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