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Leon Captured by TMNTLovingLeo Leon Captured :icontmntlovingleo:TMNTLovingLeo 4 4
Captured Ch40: Operation
Leo stood from his bed, putting his sketchbook back under his bed as he walked out of his room, towards the lab.
"Hey, Leo," Don said absentmindedly, putting a sheet on the operating table and taking his tools out of the boiling water (to disinfect them).
Leo made a small sound in the back of his throat in greeting, sitting in Donnie's lab chair backwards and spinning a few times. Don chuckled to himself. "Usually it's Mikey who's doing that," he observed, putting his tools where they were supposed to go. "I… think that's it. Everything's ready for the surgery. I just need you to let me."
Leo spun around again, thinking it over again briefly. He'd be able to talk. His doppelganger couldn't hold that over his head. He could lead. He could become normal again.
"They don't need you to lead…"
Leo flinched, looking towards his doppelganger, who was next to Donnie, who obviously didn't notice.
"You're just a failure to them. You can't even beat a coupl
:icontmntlovingleo:TMNTLovingLeo 2 2
RoTTMNT Raph by TMNTLovingLeo RoTTMNT Raph :icontmntlovingleo:TMNTLovingLeo 10 0
Getting Him Back Ch4: Return
Don immediately took the collar off Leo's neck, putting it in his belt so he could analyze it. As he grabbed Leo, he noticed how the veins around his eyes had started to recede until you couldn't see them, and the werewolf relaxed considerably in his arms.
"Oh, this is gonna take a while," Don moaned quietly, trying to get Leo into a good position to carry. "I guess I'll take the elevator. If those two knuckleheads didn't break it."
He slowly walked to an elevator, looking for any threats. He pressed the button, and almost walked in when the door opened, only to almost fall forward into a dark abyss of nothingness.
"Of course…" he muttered, grabbing for his grappling hook. He attached it to the inside of the elevator door frame, then started to lower himself and his brother down the shaft.
Leo stirred, and Don cringed, then sighed in relief as Leo fell back into unconsciousness.
He lowered them onto the top of the elevator, which was stuck at the 5th floor for some reason, and cl
:icontmntlovingleo:TMNTLovingLeo 0 0
Commission 3 for Liilaa by TMNTLovingLeo Commission 3 for Liilaa :icontmntlovingleo:TMNTLovingLeo 7 3 Commission 2 for Liilaa by TMNTLovingLeo Commission 2 for Liilaa :icontmntlovingleo:TMNTLovingLeo 7 3 Commission for Sampsonknight by TMNTLovingLeo Commission for Sampsonknight :icontmntlovingleo:TMNTLovingLeo 9 9 (Goes With) 13 Days of Horror: Demon Leo by TMNTLovingLeo (Goes With) 13 Days of Horror: Demon Leo :icontmntlovingleo:TMNTLovingLeo 1 0 Halloween Pic! by TMNTLovingLeo Halloween Pic! :icontmntlovingleo:TMNTLovingLeo 4 2
13 Days of Horror Day 13: Sacrifice
OCT 31st - Sacrifice
Leo couldn't stand this anymore. He couldn't do this to the city, to his family.
He was alone on the rooftop now, having sent Raph home just a minute or 2 ago because he knew that he wouldn't be able to really solve anything, when in reality it was he who had accidentally given the demon information to make Raphael suffer.
'What can I do to get rid of you?' he thought, slowly entering a meditative state to try and contact the demon.
"Nothing you do will help you," the demon said back to him.
'Please… I can't keep hurting my brothers like this. I'll do anything. I'll give you whatever you want. Just don't let me hurt anyone anymore.'
There was a pause, and Leo realized the demon was actually thinking. This could work.
'Yes. Any part of me, just… I want to keep my brothers safe. I want to keep the city safe.'
"...You are unlike the others. You are completely self
:icontmntlovingleo:TMNTLovingLeo 1 6
RoTTMNT Halloween Pic Mike Clown by TMNTLovingLeo RoTTMNT Halloween Pic Mike Clown :icontmntlovingleo:TMNTLovingLeo 3 0
13 Days of Horror Day 12: Feast
OCT 30th - Feast
There was a church down the block. He'd take Raph there. They wouldn't notice him. He needed to calm Raph down. He needed to help his brother.
"Come on, Raphie," he coaxed, trying to get his brother to stand with him. He helped his brother stand; Raph was still a sobbing mess, but he cooperated.
Leo walked his brother to the end of the rooftop, and they jumped after some coaxing from Leo's part. As they made their way to the next edge, Leo looked to the side and gasped, bringing Raph over. "How did this happen?" he asked himself, seeing the chaos only the demon could have created. "I-I was in the trance! I-It was fighting so hard to get out, b-but I didn't let it! O-Or, I thought I didn't!"
Raph looked at his brother. "H-Hey, it's O-OK, Leo. The police'll handle it."
Leo nodded shakily, and they went to the rooftop of the church. They were eating inside. It looked like a celebratory feat, by Leo's scrutinizing eyes.
It didn't matter. He needed to help Raph bef
:icontmntlovingleo:TMNTLovingLeo 2 2
RoTTMNT Halloween Pic Don Vampire by TMNTLovingLeo
Mature content
RoTTMNT Halloween Pic Don Vampire :icontmntlovingleo:TMNTLovingLeo 6 0
13 Days of Horror Day 11: Phobias/Fears
OCT 29th - Phobias/Fears
Raph went up to the rooftops, surveying the damage his brother had done over the past few days. They couldn't stop him. By the time they would realize he was gone - or probably before Leo himself realized he was gone - an entire block would be in panic.
Speaking of…
He took out his Shell Cell, calling Splinter as he ran towards the sounds of the screams. "Masta?!" he asked.
"Yes, Raphael?"
"Leo's still at da Lair, right?"
A pause. "Yes, Raphael. He had not moved."
Raph's eyes widened. "And ya said dat crystal's keepin' da demon at bay?"
"Correct, but what does that have to do with-?"
"Masta, he's causin' havoc right now!"
Below him, there were poles being ripped from the ground, thrown around, the ground cracking, people running away as random blasts of energy shoot around.
"How is that possible?"
"I dunno! Ya didn't say it was dis powerful! Can ya try an' get ta him'er somethin'?"
"I cannot. It blocks
:icontmntlovingleo:TMNTLovingLeo 3 4
RoTTMNT Halloween Pic Raph Zombie by TMNTLovingLeo RoTTMNT Halloween Pic Raph Zombie :icontmntlovingleo:TMNTLovingLeo 3 0 RoTTMNT Leo Toaster by TMNTLovingLeo RoTTMNT Leo Toaster :icontmntlovingleo:TMNTLovingLeo 6 5


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My commission info: Cheap Point Commissions (Updated Again)I'm doing Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles commissions! :squee: YAY! They'll be very cheap because I'm not very good... at anything, actually. XD
Drabble:   20Points 
Normal One-Shot (around 500-1,600 words):  30Points 
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Any of the above: OCs are an extra 10 points to the price and you must give me some kind of bio for them and their personality and appearence
Headshot:    30Points 
Down to plastron:   35

Examples of my works and past commissions: Commission 2 for Liilaa by TMNTLovingLeo RotTMNT Fight by TMNTLovingLeo There is No Hope LeftRated T
2k3'verse; after Enter the Dragons Part 2
The Shredder dragon knocked the purple and orange dragons into buildings. The blue dragon dodged the red and black entity that was briefly shot at him and flew away, the red and black (Shredder) dragon following behind. The blue dragon stopped after a few minutes for breath, and the red and black dragon blew more of the red and black 'fire', unrelenting as the blue dragon tried to block it futilely, as the Shredder's soul seeped more and more into his own with each second of the blast...
"Perception is not always truth. All you think you know about this world, about yourselves, even about reality itself..."
Leo shot up in bed. "All this and more... will be challenged," he muttered, the dream fading within seconds. "Wonder what woke me up," he asked himself as he got out of bed, intent on checking on his brothers and getting some tea. He was very jumpy since they'd gotten back to the Lair after defeati

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Writer Ask Game

Base these off of your own works!

💜- top 3 favorite lines

☕️- favorite passage

👻- 2 or 3 sentences from something you haven’t posted yet

😅- a line that made you feel second hand embarrassment

👁- series or oneshots?

💍- your most underrated story

☺️- a line that made you feel a fluffy happiness

😳- your scariest line

😏- your most risky line

💁‍♀️- reader insert or OC?

👶- advice for new writers

👀- favorite response to one of your works

⭐️- how do you get your inspiration?

🎲- your favorite chapter/part from a multiparty series

💻- three works of yours that are must reads

💊- what is something that you wish you knew before you started writing?

🎈- what’s a spoiler for a wip or series?

😂- a line that made you laugh out loud

🎀- favorite story

👎- if you could change something in one of your works, what would you change and why?

😢- a line that made you cry

💬- describe one of your completed works in three words

💭- any ideas for a possible wip?

💕- opinion on AUs?

💘- what’s your favorite AU? Least favorite?

🔍- does anyone in your personal life know that you write on tumblr/other sites?

✏️- favorite part about writing

Update on my commissions! 
Emojifacechallenge by TMNTLovingLeo
10:points: each! Give character, expression, color scheme, and universe! (TMNT only; I don't do 1987)

EDIT: I changed the color palette, because the other ones were too challenging for a beginner like me (^^;), but those of you who have already purchased commissions, it'll still be the same colors you chose. Same expressions, though! :D


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