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Getting Him Back Ch2
WereLeo woke up to the sound of combat. His head perked up and he growled, seeing his master preparing for combat; more, putting his suit on to look intimidating and have sharp weapons.
"Foot Ninja! Get to where the hotel has been breached!" Saki commanded into his communicator as he put his helmet on.
WereLeo sat at attention, waiting for orders. Shredder turned to him. "Come!" he yelled in frustration, running to the door. WereLeo followed right behind.
Donatello, Raphael, and Michelangelo defended themselves against the Foot Ninja and Elites that had attacked them almost as soon as they got into the hotel through the window.
Raph grunted, split-kicking 2 ninja and blocking one Elite's trident. "Don't they usually save the big guns for lata afta we beat the jokers first!?" he demanded of Don, who was fighting an Elite, as well.
"Shredder did *grunt* say he had a new guard!"
"Yeah, but wouldn't it just be a huge Purple Dragon or something?! Or even Hun?!" Mike asked as he knocked out
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I Didn't Even Touch It.. by TMNTLovingLeo I Didn't Even Touch It.. :icontmntlovingleo:TMNTLovingLeo 5 4 Older Raph TMNT 2012 Colored by TMNTLovingLeo Older Raph TMNT 2012 Colored :icontmntlovingleo:TMNTLovingLeo 4 2 Leo Redraw by TMNTLovingLeo Leo Redraw :icontmntlovingleo:TMNTLovingLeo 7 3 Leorai Week Day 5: Anything You Want/Free Day by TMNTLovingLeo Leorai Week Day 5: Anything You Want/Free Day :icontmntlovingleo:TMNTLovingLeo 1 3 Leorai Week Day 4: Romantic Trip by TMNTLovingLeo Leorai Week Day 4: Romantic Trip :icontmntlovingleo:TMNTLovingLeo 6 3
Leorai Week Day 3: Secrets
Leo smiled, running across the rooftops. He was meeting with Karai tonight. He hadn't seen her in weeks!
He landed on their usual meeting rooftop, waiting for her and trying not to look too eager.
He glanced at his T-Phone; she was a few minutes late, but that wasn't strange, as she was probably waiting for a good opportunity to sneak out without her normal combat clothes on.
Leo looked around as he leaned against a wall, crossing his arms. 10 more minutes passed, and worry started to eat at him. As he was about to leave, he heard a rock being kicked from another rooftop and looked to his right. His face brightened for a second as he saw Karai approaching, but it faltered as he saw the deep sadness on her face.
Leo immediately went to her as she landed on the roof, grabbing her biceps gently. "Karai, are you OK? What's with the sweater?"
Karai usually wore a black tank top and leggings with her normal arm guards in case to their meetings, but today she had a large red sweater that was
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Older Raph TMNT 2012 by TMNTLovingLeo Older Raph TMNT 2012 :icontmntlovingleo:TMNTLovingLeo 3 0 Leorai Week Day 2: Children by TMNTLovingLeo Leorai Week Day 2: Children :icontmntlovingleo:TMNTLovingLeo 6 3
Captured Ch37

Leo slowly awakened from the haze he was stuck in, and the first thing he realized was that he was surrounded by his family. The next thing he realized was that his throat had a searing pain in it. He cried out silently, grabbing at his throat.
"Easy, bro…" Mike soothed gently, rubbing circles on his brother's shells as Don opened Leo's mouth so he could inspect his throat, much to Leo's displeasure.
Leo forced his mouth shut, looking back down at the dojo rug, trying to remember how he'd gotten here and why he was crying.
"Leo. Leo, calm down. I just wanna see. I won't hurt you," a familiar voice said to him, and Leo realized it was Don's. Hesitantly, he opened his mouth, putting his head up as far as he could without it hurting too bad so Don could look.
Mikey was talking to Raph, telling him what Leo had said to him, as Don inspected Leo's throat thoroughly.
"Well, you'll be OK, but try not to say anything for at least 2 days. I'll get some honey
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Leorai Week Day 1: Getting Married by TMNTLovingLeo Leorai Week Day 1: Getting Married :icontmntlovingleo:TMNTLovingLeo 4 0 TMNT 2012 Mikey Scared (I think XD) by TMNTLovingLeo TMNT 2012 Mikey Scared (I think XD) :icontmntlovingleo:TMNTLovingLeo 10 3 Happy B-Day, Hummerhouse! by TMNTLovingLeo Happy B-Day, Hummerhouse! :icontmntlovingleo:TMNTLovingLeo 11 11 TMNT 2018 Raphael by TMNTLovingLeo TMNT 2018 Raphael :icontmntlovingleo:TMNTLovingLeo 9 3 Momma Leo by TMNTLovingLeo Momma Leo :icontmntlovingleo:TMNTLovingLeo 4 6 TMNT Chibi April by TMNTLovingLeo TMNT Chibi April :icontmntlovingleo:TMNTLovingLeo 5 5


SPIN by 8-BitSpiderMUSIC
Just for fun, if you've scrolled down enough to care. :)


My stories!

Wolf Bites Prologue: Wolf Bites: PrologueLeo sighed as he ran across the rooftops. He'd needed this run. This was the one day where they didn't do patrol, so he'd decided to go out for a little bit after the sun had gone down.
As he had just started to make his way home, though, he heard something that sounded between a bark and a growl from an alley below. Curious, he peeked down and, when seeing nothing, he jumped down after making absolutely sure there were no humans around.
What he saw shocked him. There was a giant dog in the middle of the alley, and there were Foot Soldiers trying to restrain it. The blue-clad turtle growled and easily knocked out the Foot Ninja in 5 minutes before turning his attention back to the dog--a wolf, now that he got a better look at it.
The giant creature barked at him with the same growl in it somehow. He took a cautious step closer to the wolf, but it growled, loud and feral, at him. Before the teenage turtle knew it, the wolf had bitten him on the left hand.
"OW! Orokana inu! (Stupid dog!)

First TMNT Headcanon: TMNT Headcanon #1Leo is a really, really good liar. Unless he's talking to his family, since his conscience makes him really uncomfortable if he tries. He usually only lies to his enemies.
9-year-old Leo gasped as his katana flew from his hand and landed in the straight middle of Splinter's shelf with his prized possessions. The shelf collapsed after a second, and Leo ran over. He picked the stuff up and stood it up, then gasped again as he realized one of the Drauma dolls was split in half.
"Oh, no... Sensei's gonna kill me!" he muttered to himself, putting the pieces together as if it would magically fix.
He put everything the way it went, except on the floor, and strolled out, taking out his katana from the wall and erasing all evidence that he was there.
A few hours later, when Leo was watching Space Heroes, Splinter's voice rang out from the dojo. "BOYS! GET IN HERE!"
Leo and his brothers immediately dashed to the dojo, kneeling in front of their pissed teacher. "What happen
(gallery in description)

(Two-Shot) The Future Without Him: The Future Without HimRated T for language and sad
He woke up in an alley. He knew it was the alley next to April's apartment, because it had that same marking on the building that no one except him and his brothers noticed.
But it looked... cleaner?
Rubbing his head, he stood up, looking around. He sighed and went to a rooftop. It was daytime, so he couldn't be spotted.
What he saw shocked him. There were aliens, mutants, such as Triceratons and D'Hoonibbians, and Utroms, to name a few. He couldn't place a lot of them. Some of Jhanna's race were among them, he was sure.
He jumped down the fire escape and hastily made his way to his old friend. The crocodile seemed to have hardly aged, but there were distinct differences. "My friend?!" the crocodile asked, breaking out into a grin. "It has been so long!" he exclaimed, giving the ninja a bone-crushing hug. "We thought you dead!"
"Um - can't - BREATHE!"
LH smiled sheepishly. "Come. We shall go to my apartmen

Captured: Captured Ch1: Coming Home
Leo sighed an exhausted sigh as he stopped to take a break from his pursuit from the Foot. He' hadn't meant to trip that alarm as he escaped from Foot HQ. He tried on instinct to feel for his Shell Cell, only to remember that it had been smashed months ago when they'd ambushed him. He held his bleeding left leg, where a shuriken had hit it. Still bleeding. Great. He also had a cut on his head, plus many other scars he'd earned over the months, and he knew he was going to get quite a few more before somehow his brothers miraculously came or he defeated all of the Foot soldiers.
He was sincerely hoping it was the former, because he'd probably pass out from exhaustion before he defeated the entire Foot army after him. He spotted them and started running again.
How the hell was he supposed to defeat over 50 soldiers AND four Elites in his already-fatigued condition?
He ran and ran, but they just kept gaining on him. He finally realized that he'd have to fight


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